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My CrossFit Kid

on July 8, 2013

Last week Jacko came to my CrossFit class on Thursday night to watch and see what CrossFit is all about.  He was so curious. He watched everything so closely and asked so many questions.  The coach got a bit of a kick out of him.  Jacko wanted to climb the rope and the coach said he could.  So, up he went…piece of cake.  He actually did 4 rope climbs!  He also did some pull-ups – a few strict and a few with kips.  He loved it.

My box offers a CrossFit Kids class Monday and Wednesday at 5pm. Jacko would love to go to those classes, but I’m not really able to get him to a class at 5pm.  It just doesn’t work since I don’t get home from work most days before 5:30 at the earliest.  There is talk that there may be some additional kids classes added to the Box schedule in the fall, and hopefully one of those will work out for Jacko.

Having said all that, today was a bit of a slow day at work, and I worked through my lunch, so was able to sneak out early and get Jacko to the Box for tonight’s CrossFit Kids class.  He was so excited.  When I got home from work, he was already in his workout gear and ready to go!  I managed to switch my class from the 8:30 class to the 5:30 class, so I didn’t have to go back to the gym later tonight. 

We watched a bit of the class before his, and then Jacko was off to his first CrossFit class.  They started with a 4 minute warm up row, and then played some CrossFit baseball.  CrossFit baseball is 4 stations (bases), with each base having a different exercise to be done at it.  1st base – push-ups, 2nd base – tire box jumps, 3rd base – sit ups, home plate – air squats.  I was able to snap a few pics of Jacko doing his warm-up. 

photo (1)photo (2)

After their warm up they were onto the WOD.  They did squat cleans, and although I didn’t see much of this, since my WOD had started by then, I was told after class that Jacko was a natural and did very well for his first class. 

Jack loved his first class and has already told me that I should just leave work early every Monday and Wednesday so he can go to all the CrossFit Kids classes.  If only it were that easy!  Hopefully we will be able to figure something out since he loved it so much.  He couldn’t stop talking about it all the way home from the Box. 

My WOD was a good one as well.  It was “pec day” – which meant bench press with some pull-ups for kicks!  5 rounds max body weight bench press and max pull-ups.  Since I was in a fundamentals class, we can’t do body weight yet, so we were to find a weight that we could do 5-8 reps.  I ended up at 75lbs, and managed to do 9 reps for all but the last round, when I only did 7.  For the pull ups, we had to do dead hang pull-ups, so no kipping to help.  I had to use a purple and black band together, and managed to do 8 for the first 3 rounds and then 6 and 7.  Dead hang pull ups are so much harder than kipping.  When I first started CrossFit I was using the thickest band there was and could only do about 3 at a time.  Now I can do 9 with a smaller band.  Slowly getter stronger!!

Tomorrow afternoon I’m supposed to golf, although it’s supposed to rain, so that might not happen. I’ve also got ball hockey after golf, so I will at least get a good workout with that.  Wednesday, Jacko and I both have ball hockey.  Thursday I’m back at the Box. No idea what the WOD is yet, it will be announced Wednesday.  Fingers crossed it isn’t too tough! 

How was your Monday?

Do your kids do CrossFit kids?  Do they love it?


5 responses to “My CrossFit Kid

  1. jsresults says:

    That’s awesome for jACKO!! And congrats on the bands. Started with the thickest one, now your down to two smaller ones, there you go progress progress progress!


    • cathyo says:

      Jack had such a great time. Hopefully he can get back somewhat regularly. I’m starting to feel like I am making some good progress. Feeling stronger and more solid with the lifts and movements. I need to get my ass in gear for my pull up practice or my goal of an unassisted pull up by the end of the summer will not happen!


  2. […] me, and my youngest has gone to a CrossFit kids class and loved it.  Read about his first class here.  Despite asking for 2 years now, I have never been able to convince hubby to come to the gym with […]


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