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I Didn’t Believe It!

on July 10, 2013

Yesterday was my usual Tuesday night golf league.  The weather was sketchy all day, and they were calling for thundershowers in the afternoon, but we got lucky and the rain didn’t show up.  It was hot and sticky and eventually the sun even showed up, making it a great night to be out on the course.

I was golfing with Kathy (aka Jack Rabbit) and two other friends – Jo and Trish.  We started our round with a nice cold Coors Light!  It was just that kind of night.  I was playing fairly well, but really just enjoying the walk and the talk as we made our way around the course.

The cart girl found us on the 6th tee, and by then the sun was out and it was pretty hot, so another ice cold Coors was in order (they didn’t have any Corona left, or I would have been enjoying one of those instead Smile!).

We finished the round and I was adding up my score. I figured I must have added wrong…forgot to carry a 1 or something…but no….this was my score:

photo (29)

That’s right….I shot a 46!  I finally broke 50!  And did it with authority! 

I was so excited, I started jumping up and down saying “46!! 46!!”  I think Kathy, Jo and Trish thought I was a bit crazy, but I didn’t care.  46 is huge for me.  I still can’t believe it.  I totally didn’t realize I was playing so well. I was just marking each score and number of putts (the little numbers to the top right of the score for each hole) and just playing each hole as it came.  I honestly added it twice because I couldn’t believe I really shot a 46. 

I hope I have saved some good golf for next week when I play my second match play game! 

After golf we grabbed a bit to eat at the RedCrest Bistro and then headed off to our ball hockey game.  Jo and Trish play on my team too.  Kathy used to, but isn’t playing this year since she usually misses a lot of games due to her running schedule. 

We ended up losing our game 5-3 I think.  We played okay, had lots of chances, but their goalie was really good.  I did manage to get 1 of our goals.  It was a good workout, and a good sweat. It was hot, hot, hot inside the arena and the sweat started flowing pretty much after the first shift.  Love it! 

Between walking the golf course and ball hockey, I had no problem reaching my 10,000 step goal yesterday (I’m loving my FitBit Flex, by the way):

FBflex july 9

Tonight Jacko and I both have ball hockey.  He is at 6 and I’m at 9.  It should be another hot night in the rink.  Can’t wait to get my sweat on!


Have you ever had a round of golf where you didn’t realize how well you were playing?

Is your day complete without sweating?  LOL

Happy Hump Day!!  Only 2 more days until the weekend!!!


15 responses to “I Didn’t Believe It!

  1. Suzanne C says:

    That is fantastic Cathy! I shot a 54 once and thought I had died and gone to heaven, and that was just at Kettle Creek! lol….great job!


    • cathyo says:

      you should come out one night to my ladies league. we can bring guests whenever we like. let’s see if we can make it work. how goes CF for runners? I see Adam all the time at class. He’s given me lots of pointers along the way.


  2. j! ayson says:

    Woo hoo! Love those unexpected awesome moments. Good job. And the day definitely isn’t complete without sweating. Yay! Halfway through the week.


  3. leannenalani says:

    Congrats on 46! I know nothing about golf but the lower the better, right? At least that’s how mini golf works… lol
    FitBit is the best!


  4. […] Break 50 on my EWGA golf league night:  ACCOMPLISHED!  I managed to shoot a 46 one night…see here for the details. […]


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