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The Friday Five

on July 19, 2013

Hello Weekend!!!  I love you!

Let’s get right to it.

1.  I got beat up at the Box again this week. Wednesday’s workout kicked my ass…actually my ass was probably the only things it didn’t kick!
july 17 wod

Since I still can’t do an unassisted dead hang pull-up (not many people in my class actually could!), the strength part of the WOD was scaled a bit.  Instead of doing weighted dead hangs, we did 5 rounds of max effort negative pull-ups (Justin, the coach, had a different word for them), but basically you jump up to the top of the pull up and slowly lower yourself back down to the box.  This is just what my pull-up program (that I have yet to start) starts with.  These were killer!  I think I did 3 the first set, and then after that I could only do one at a time.  I was shaking like a leaf when I was lowering myself down.  I hope that means the muscles were working!

After the strength, it was onto the Met Con portion.  I have finally figured out how to do a proper GHD sit up.  People were telling me to snap my legs, and it just wasn’t working for me.  I would do them but my back would hurt.  Then someone else said “squeeze your ass”….WOW…what a difference that makes!  You pop right up and the leg snap is almost automatic.  And no back pain!!! I actually kind of like GHD sit ups now!

Once the GHD’s were done it was onto the killer part of the WOD….double unders and dead hang pull-ups.  This was a fun WOD and I really liked it.  I hadn’t done double unders in a while, but I’m getting better at them.  I was one of the few people in the class who did this part of the WOD Rx.  I still can’t do 20 in a row yet, but I’m fairly consistent at 7 or 8, and every once in a while I bust out a stretch of 16 or 17.  For the Met Con we were able to use bands to help with the dead hangs, but they were still killer.  I used a purple and black band, and had to add a thin beige one for the last set…ugh.  Anyways, about 16 minutes later, the torture was over…but it left it’s mark! My arms got a bit slashed up and my knuckle has a pretty good bruise on it!
DU slashes

These all still look pretty bad today…and my lats are killing me from the pull ups…but that just let’s me know it’s all working!

2. It has been HOT HOT HOT here lately.  And I guess it’s not just here.  A lot of Canada and the US are experiencing a pretty good heat wave.  I don’t mind the heat…we deal with a long, cold winter up here, so when summer and the warm weather comes, I love it.  At times it can get a bit much, and it doesn’t make for great sleeping weather, but it usually doesn’t last too long and we just deal.  Well, it seems the heat got to be a bit much for this woman somewhere in the US.  She has posted a fantastic heat rant to YouTube.  I saw it on a friend’s Facebook page and had to steal it for my blog.  WARNING….there is some pretty foul language, but she sure is funny!

Heat Rant!

As I was typing this post a HUGE storm just went through.  Hopefully it is taking a bit of the heat with it!

3.  I had another good round of golf this week!  I wasn’t too sure what this week would be like after shooting my record 46 (for 9 holes) last week.  This week I was playing another match play game from our ladder.  This week’s match was against a golfer who I am much better matched with, so she only had to give me one stroke.  Turns out I didn’t need it…on the hole I got the stroke I beat her anyway.  I won the match and I shot a 50….and that includes an 8 and a 9.  I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but my game, although still quite awful, is getting better!  My handicap has improved by almost  2 points, and I am now in the third flight instead of the 4th.  All that being said, my handicap is still a whopping 31.6, but that’s a lot better than the 33.3 I started the year at!  Hopefully I can keep this streak going.

most important golf shot
4.  Next week I will have lots of opportunity to work on that “next shot”.  Next weekend I will be going to Avalon Lakes Golf Club in Warren, Ohio with my scramble team to play in the next level of my EWGA league championships.  I’m heading down bright and early Thursday morning and will play a round of golf Thursday afternoon with my car pool buddy, Karen.  Then on Friday, my scramble team has a practice round booked so we can all play the course together and think about strategy for Saturday’s competition.  That will be a lot of golf for me – 3 rounds in 3 days – not sure I’ve ever done that before.  Hopefully all my CrossFit will give me some good strength and endurance to play 3 good rounds of golf!  Fingers crossed!  Hopefully I will have another photo of us accepting our trophies next weekend.  (this was from our chapter championships in June).
photo (23)

We went shopping last night for our team outfit, and we are going to look good!  Will definitely post a pic of that next weekend.

5.  I am counting down the hours until I get to enjoy a beer at the cottage!  Just need hubs to get home from work, one kid to get home from his buddies cottage, and everyone to get organized once we are all in the same place!  The weather is supposed to become much more bearable with nice temps of 25 degrees Celsius, which will be just lovely.  We don’t have much planned aside from a birthday dinner for hubs and some time chilling on the dock.  I can’t wait for this view to make me forget about all the craziness of the past week!
photo (34)

Now I need to go pack for the cottage.

Happy Weekend, everyone!
Got any big plans?
Whatever you do, stay cool!


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  1. Jill says:

    I love you too! 🙂


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