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My Disappearing Act

on July 31, 2013

Wow!  I really have been a horrible blogger lately.  Looking at my blog, the last post I wrote was way back on July 19!  I don’t really have an excuse for it, other than my life is just too freaking busy!

too busy

Since I last posted, I have:

1.  Spent a wonderful weekend at the cottage, complete with tubing, bonfires, boat rides to town for ice cream, kite flying, frog catching, reading in the sunshine, celebrated hubby’s birthday, and did some general relaxing.

Image (2)

2.  Completed 4 CrossFit workouts, including:

    • Helen (3 round for time:  400m run, 21 KB swings, 12 pull-ups)
    • Tabata Box jumps, sit-ups, push-ups
    • 4 rounds for time: 8 One arm DB Thruster Right Side, 10 Burpees, 8 One arm DB Thruster Left Side, 10 Burpees
    • Fran – 21-15-9 of: Thrustrers #95/65, Pull-ups

These workouts were all killer and man, what a sweatfest.  I love it! and hopefully they are all making me….

stronger-than-yesterdayI”m back at the box tomorrow for another fun workout….we get to use the new airdynes…oh joy!

3.  Gone to Ohio for our EWGA sectional championships.  I headed down to Ohio last Thursday and played a practice round Thursday afternoon.  This was the BEST golf game of my life!  I broke 100!!  Wohoo!  I had a 51 on the front and somehow managed a 42 on the back for a 93, with only 32 putts.  Insane! 

photo (9)

I only wonder what my score would have been without those two blow up holes on the front 9???

I”m going to devote a whole post to the golf weekend, but here is a shot of my scramble team in our matching outfits.  We were, by far, the best dressed team in the Championships!
photo (12)
Now, i need to run. Hubs and I are going out for a date night.  I picked up a Groupon for a 3 course dinner special with wine at a local Italian restaurant.  It expires in a few weeks, so we are off to use it tonight. 

Once again, I am sorry for being such a bad blogger.  It’s just with 3 CrossFit workouts, 2 ball hockey games, and 9 holes of golf each week, and heading to the cottage most weekends, by the time I sit down at the end of the day it is either too late or I am just too tired to write.  Ball hockey is over now, so hopefully my schedule won’t be so crazy and I can post more regularly.  Fingers crossed!

How do you fit blogging into your hectic schedules?

Do anything exciting these last few weeks?


2 responses to “My Disappearing Act

  1. j! ayson says:

    I’m not doing very well blogging with my hectic schedule too. Not much going on though. Just can’t believe it’s already August. Hoping to get back to more regular updates soon. Awesome job on golf! I wish I were better at it.


    • cathyo says:

      I’m feeling guilty about not blogging more. Every day I think about it, but it’s usually so late and I just want to go to bed! I suppose if something has to suffer it’s better that it’s my blog and not my workouts.

      I’m still loving CrossFit…I assume you are too?


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