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The Friday Five

on August 2, 2013

This may be my favourite Friday of the whole year so far.  Why?  Because as of today I am on vacation for a week and we are heading to the cottage for the entire time!  I can’t wait to pack up the cars (yes, likely taking 2 cars since we have so much stuff and the kids want to ride in the Miata!) and hit the road!.

But, before then, I’ve got half a day of work, one CrossFit workout and this post to write!  Let’s get to it.


1.  I am addicted to this song – I Remember You, by Queens of DogTown.  Every day this week I have been listening to this song on repeat on my drive home, just cranked, and singing at the top of my lungs.  I just can’t get enough of it.  I always liked the original Skid Row version, as I am a huge Sebastian Bach fan (ever since he was on Gilmore Girls!).  Then the song was featured on Californication as a cover sung by Hank’s daughter’s band.  I downloaded the soundtrack that night and have loved it ever since.  But this week, I just can’t seem to get enough of it.  Love, Love, Love.

Love this song.

2.  I joined the Whole Life Challenge. 
whole life challenge

This is a worldwide challenge that runs from September 7th to November 1st.  I’m still not exactly sure what is involved, but I know there is a certain diet to follow, workouts to do, tasks to complete, and measurements to be taken.  I have been curious about the Paleo diet and knew that I needed to become more focused on my diet to see better results at the gym.  This challenge came along at just the right time.  My Box is participating and I have joined their team.  I’m hoping that the motivation and encouragement I get during my WOD’s will also transfer over to this challenge.  I’ve got 35 days to figure it all out and psych myself up.

3. The AirDyne really is Satan’s Tricycle!
My Box recently purchased 4 of these bad boys and have been working them in to quite a few WODs lately.  This is one tough machine. Last night’s WOD had 6 rounds of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off….and it was hell!  They have also started monthly challenges at the Box.  This month’s is 5 min max cals on the AirDyne.  We get entered into a monthly draw for a proshop gift card for each time we complete the challenge and the best men’s and women’s scores also get a prize.  I may skip this month’s challenge since I’m not sure I could do 5 whole minutes.  30 secs on 30 secs off just about killed me last night!

4.  I need to get back to planning my meals and eating clean.  Things have been so hectic this summer that my meal planning and food prep has really suffered.  Hopefully now that ball hockey is finished and things are settling down a bit, I can get back to it.  I should use August to try and get ready for the Whole Life Challenge because that has a whole list of food restrictions – no grains or starchy carbs, no dairy, no sugar or sweeteners, no alcohol, soda or juice, no artificial ingredients or processed foods, – and I really should try to cut back on those things now, so I don’t need to go cold turkey September 7th.
Plan your meals ahead

5.  I will try to post while on vacation…but they might just be quick posts of awesome cottage shots like these!

photo (28)photo (34)IMG_2748IMG_2744

I will be missing a week of CrossFit while I’m up at the cottage, but I will be bringing my kettlebells and my sister and I will be doing a few swing workouts next week.  I’d also like to get a few walks around the point in, just to help make sure I get some exercise in between the Corona’s and s’mores!

Hope you all have a great weekend.  It’s a long weekend for us here in Canada…and it blends right into my vacation.  I can’t wait to get up there!

Happy Friday!
Got any big plans for you regular or long weekend?


4 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. leannenalani says:

    Have fun! My big plans are white water rafting and hanging out in Montana on vacation. Good times. 🙂


  2. j! ayson says:

    I’m working this weekend 😥 we had no plans anyway. But I’m really hoping we can get away to the park or beach.


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