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I Need To Start Planning!

on August 29, 2013

We are coming up to the last long weekend of the summer. 


While I’m sad that summer is coming to an end, I’m also a bit glad as now I can hopefully get back into a good meal planning, food prep, and workout routine.

Over the summer I have definitely kept up with my workouts.  Most weeks I had 3 CrossFit classes, 2 ball hockey games, and nine holes of golf.  What fell by the wayside was any sort of meal planning or healthy eating. 

Summer has come to an end and I feel like a big old blob of fat.  I think I’m only up maybe 4 pounds, but I hate it. 

eat crap feel fat

September brings a clean slate and a chance to get back to healthier choices.  I will get some added help with this starting Sept 7 when the Whole Life Challenge starts.  I won’t lie…I’m a little stressed about this.  There is a big list of things that I can’t eat.  I’ve decided to do the Intermediate level.  Here’s what that means:

WLC intermediate

So, if I’m going to stick to this plan for 8 weeks (and I really want to!), then I need to get my act together and start planning.  Tomorrow we are heading to the cottage for one last summer long weekend, and I’m taking my iPad, which is loaded with Clean Eating magazines and lots of cookbooks.  I will be spending some time browsing through recipes and planning out some menus. Hopefully I will find lots of quick, easy, delicious recipes that meet all the above requirements.  Fingers crossed!

Tonight I am back to the box for my second WOD this week.  It looks like a good one:
WOD aug 29

I haven’t been practicing my double unders, but hopefully tonight I will be able to get through them without too much trouble…or bodily damage!  Last time we did them, I got pretty beat up!
DU slashes
If I’m lucky I will string together 20 in a row somewhere in that 100 and be able to cross that summer CrossFit goal off my list too.  You may remember that I was able to cross “do an unassisted pull up” off my CrossFit summer goal list up before I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago.  If you missed it, be sure to check it out here…I’m still pretty excited about getting them!

Do you have any great recipes that will meet all those WLC Yes/No requirements?  If you do, please share them with me.  With 8 weeks of this ahead of me, I’ll have lots of opportunity to try them out!



4 responses to “I Need To Start Planning!

  1. Congrats again on your chin up! That meal challenge sounds like a bodybuilding diet, almost 🙂 Here is a vegan recipe you might like:


    • cathyo says:

      Thanks Lisa! I have yet to repeat the chin ups. Hopefully I will get a chance tomorrow before class and before my arms get too tired! I will check out the recipe and trait out. Hopefully it will make it into the weekly rotation! Thx.


  2. OUCH!! That looks painful—at least I’m not the only one who leaves CF with bruises and marks 🙂
    When I did Whole 30, I kinda kept it simple, but there are random recipes on my blog


    • cathyo says:

      My arms are pretty bruised again, but not quite as bad as last time since they put a 2 minute time cap on the double under portion of the WOD so I just didn’t have enough time to get too beat up! I will have apple around your blog for some good recipes. Thx 😃


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