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A Busy Sunday In the Kitchen

on September 8, 2013

Holy Cow!  What a busy day I had.  I spent most of the day cooking…and it was awesome!

After a nice sleep in, I got up an made a delicious, Whole Life Challenge compliant brunch for the family.  I had seen a few recipes online for sweet potato hash that all sounded really good, so figured I would try one of them out.  I used this recipe from Nom Nom Paleo.

The kids helped to turn the sweet potato into hash…using my new spiral slicer.  This thing is amazing!  In no time at all we had lovely shredded sweet potato.  I fried up some hot Italian sausage to go with the sweet potatoes and everyone had some over-easy eggs to round out the meal. 

photo (20)This was so good!  The hash was amazing.  I will definitely be making this again.

After brunch we went out and did a few errands, and then I got right down to Sunday Food Prep.  I was on fire!  I made:

  • Mexican meatballs – we will have these in some marinara sauce and served over pasta on Thursday night.  I will make zoodles for me and likely regular pasta for the rest of the gang.
  • Turkey breakfast sausage patties – I will take these to work with me for breakfast each day, and the kids have their eye on them too
  • Roasted a butternut squash – this will probably be used as a side dish for my lunches at work, and maybe even to snack on
  • Turkey Zucchini Burgers, tahini sauce, and cucumber tomato salsa – we are having this for dinner tomorrow and the kids are really looking forward to it.  We had these this summer and they were a huge hit.  I’m looking forward to leftovers for lunch on Wednesday!
  • Hard boiled eggs – for snacks
  • Baked eggs wrapped in bacon – for breakfasts at work this week
  • Cut up veggies for everyone’s lunches this week – green peppers, celery and heirloom carrots – all from this week’s Harvest Share box
    photo (22)

photo (21)photo (23)

I think we are going to eat very well this week!

I was going to make Wednesday night’s Orange Chicken, but it looks pretty quick, so I will just make it when I get home from work. 

Tonight for dinner we had a repeat of a Clean Eating magazine recipe that we like – Spaghetti Squash with Chicken and Pears.  This is really simple and quite tasty, and I have a leftover meal for lunch tomorrow.  Gotta love leftovers!  I forgot to take a picture of it, but did manage to get a shot of Jacko’s before he finished.  He has some parmesan cheese on his – which I did not have since dairy is one of the “not allowed” foods on the Whole Life Challenge. 

photo (24)
So far the Whole Life Challenge has been going very well.  I’m not really tempted to eat anything I’m not supposed to, what I am eating is all tasting very good and keeping me satisfied, and I’m drinking lots of water.  I still have to do 10 minutes of activity and 10 minutes of mobility before I go to bed.  I’m hoping to do 5 minutes of kettlebell swings and 5 minutes of double under practice.  Then I’m going to spend some time with my foam roller and hit the sack. 

I’m back at the box tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to the WOD.  It is a repeat of one we did back in May – Nancy.  5 rounds for time, 400m run, 15 Overhead Squats.  Back in May, I used 35 lbs for the OHS and it took me 22:19.  I’m looking forward to seeing how I do tomorrow.  Hopefully there is some improvement – either in the weight I can lift, or in the time it takes to finish.  Fingers crossed!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here’s looking forward to a good week ahead!

Did you do any Sunday Food Prep?
What did you make? 

4 responses to “A Busy Sunday In the Kitchen

  1. I usually grill up a bunch of ground turkey burgers to use in my salads for the week and then I cut up and grill up some veggies.


  2. Nice food prepping 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying your food challenge. Sometimes a bit of structure does a world of good.


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