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The Friday Five

on September 13, 2013

Holy cow!  TGIF!  I can’t tell you how happy I am that it is the weekend! 
hey friday

Let’s get right to it.

1.  I love breakfast!  Up until the last week, I have been having an Isagenix shake for breakfast every day.  I have a Magic Bullet in my office at work, and each morning when I got to work, would throw some ice, water, and the protein powder into the bullet and whip up a shake.  It was pretty good, and I had convinced myself that it tasted like a chocolate milkshake.  My sister thought i was nuts as she thinks it is not even close to a milkshake.  She is probably right Smile 

Since starting the Whole Life Challenge, I have been eating real food for breakfast!  And I have been LOVING it!  On Sunday I made a bunch of baked eggs, made some spicy turkey sausage patties from scratch, and roasted up some acorn squash.  Now every day when I get to work, I heat up a plate of deliciousness!  I add a half of a grapefruit to round out my meal.

IMG_3679This meal not only tastes great, it keeps me full all morning long.  This weekend I’m going to experiment with some more egg creations so I can eat just as well next week.

2.  I am the EWGA York-Simcoe Match Play Champion!  I played my final match of the year this past Tuesday.  It was a hot day, but I felt good.  I didn’t play my best game of the year, but I played pretty well (for me at least) shooting a 50 on the front 9.  I had a couple of bad holes, but the rest of my game was pretty good.  My playing partner, Nycole, had to give me 5 strokes since her handicap is better than mine. 
In the end I won 5 holes, she won 2 and we tied 2.  I had actually won the match on the 7th hole since I was up by enough she couldn’t win even if she won the last 2 holes.  It was night to have the pressure taken off for the rest of the round.  In the end, she won the 8th hole and I won 9th with a fantastic, long 1-putt for par!  Love finishing strong! 

Perhaps even more exciting than winning the match, I beat my friend George for the first time ever.  She did probably play one of her worst rounds of golf ever, but I don’t care.  I beat her, and did it without playing my best golf either.  Sure it was only by 1 stroke as I shot 50 and she shot 51, but a stroke is a stroke..and I won!  I need to soak up that little victory for as long as I can, because it may never happen again!  

3.  I’m doing well with the Whole Life Challenge.  So far I have a perfect score.  I have eaten challenge compliant for every meal and snack so far, taken my fish oil supplement every day, done at least 10 minutes of exercise every day (more on WOD, golf and hockey days), and done 10 minutes of mobility/stretching every day.  I even have 2 bonus points stored up for reflecting on how the challenge is going every day.  I am loving this challenge. It makes me think about what I am eating and has gotten me back on track with my food.  I’m planning menus and cooking again, and I’m loving it.  I can’t wait for Sunday when I can drag out my cookbooks and plan another week’s worth of tasty, healthy meals for me and my family. 
4.  My perfect WLC score may end tomorrow!  While I have been completely on track this week, tomorrow will be a true challenge.  It is the Magna HoeDown, and I will likely eat things that I shouldn’t and drink things I shouldn’t.  The HoeDown is a giant fundraiser put on by Magna to raise fund for local charities and organizations.  We went last year with a big group of friends and had an AWESOME time!  It was so much fun.  We had a photo scavenger hunt that turned out to be the best time ever.  Amongst our group, we would spot someone in the crowd and tell one of the gang they had to go get a picture taken with the random stranger – wearing their hat, jacket, or whatever it is that caught our attention.  And just to keep it a friendly competition, the winner of the scavenger hunt would be whoever got their picture taken with one of the Stronachs (Frank or Belinda, with Frank being the goal), would be the winner.  Part way through the night one of the girls came back and declared herself the winner, since she had her picture taken with Belinda.  Well, the night was not over, and on one of out tours of the tent (the event is held on the Magna compound under a GIANT tent), my friend Suzanne and I spotted Frank.  We’d had a few beverages by this point, so got him to stop, explained out photo scavenger hunt contest, and convinced him he needed to get his picture taken with us.  And that is how we won the inaugural photo scavenger hunt!
photo (13)

Maybe this year we can get one with him with his shirt off!  Seems he’s into that lately!  LOL  Click here to see what I mean. 

5.  I can’t wait to do nothing tonight!  My life is pretty busy and I don’t get many days where I don’t have something going on, so I am really looking forward to tonight.  Other than doing my WLC exercise and mobility activities, I have nothing planned for tonight.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I plan to sit on the couch, in my comfies and watch TV.  Hubs and I have a few episodes of Orange is the New Black left to watch, hopefully we can finish the season off tonight.

Once we finish this series we will need find something else to watch.  I’ve head House of Cards is pretty good, and Sons of Anarchy.  Maybe we will start watching one of them next. 

Well, that’s 5, and now I should go make dinner.  Tonight I am making Chick Pea Curry.  I don’t really have a recipe, so I am going it.  Wish me luck! 

Are you watching Orange is the New Black? Do you love it?

Do you have any recommendations as to what we should watch next?

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!

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