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The Friday Five

on September 20, 2013

So, I’m just a bit late getting this post up on the blog.  I started Friday afternoon and then just didn’t get back to finishing it.  Oh well, better late than never, right?

#1-3 were written on Friday.

hello friday

Another week is in the books, and it’s the weekend and time for this week’s edition of:

1.  I’ve had a good week with the Whole Life Challenge.  I’ve worked out, stretched, taken my fish oil, and drank at least half my body weight in ounces of water every day this week.  I’ve been close to perfect with my food as well.  I realized after I ate something that I probably isn’t a WLC approved food…but it was so good, it was worth the point!   The culprit is on the plate below:
dinner sept 18
It was the prosciutto I wrapped the asparagus in.  I totally forgot it isn’t allowed.  At least I assume it isn’t allowed due to the curing process.  I’m not sure what exactly that process is, but I would imagine there are some preservatives and artificial things done to the meat…so I will take the point hit and move on.

This week we celebrated a birthday at my office.  We have a tradition, that for your birthday, you get to pick the restaurant we go to for lunch.  Well, the birthday boy picked Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill.  We’ve been there before for other lunches, and I knew I was going to need some will power or adventure to make it through this lunch without losing a bunch of points.  I’m not a huge fan of seafood, so I stick to pretty safe things when we go here.  Usually I get crab cakes to start (they have the best Spicy Aioli that they serve with them!) and then fish and chips as my main.  Both of those items are not WLC compliant.  So, I had to find something else to eat.  I took a step in the adventure direction and chose to have Lobster!  I’ve only ever had one lobster in my life before – at a dinner in a church basement while we were on vacation in PEI about 15 years ago.  I was okay, but I didn’t love it, so I’ve never had it again.  Until Tuesday.
This thing was huge!  Just over 2lbs, and it was awesome!  So sweet and tasty…I’m pretty sure the warm garlic butter helped, but it was really good.  I pretty much only ate the claws, legs and tail.  I stayed away from the “green stuff”.  I wasn’t quite ready to get that adventurous!

2.  I’ve discovered LarabarsI knew these were some kind of snack bar, but I didn’t realize that they are made with only “real” ingredients.  No artificial flavours or preservatives.  They are pretty much just dates and nuts & seeds.
cashew cookie larabarcoconut chew
I tried these two flavours and liked them both.  At $2.50 a bar, they are a tad on the expensive side.  So, I am going to make my own.  In the past I’ve made dark chocolate date bars…which are pretty much larabars!  To make them WLC compliant, I will skip the honey and just go with dates and whatever nuts and seeds I can find in my cupboard.

MONDAY UPDATE:  Larabars were on sale at Costco for $12.99 for a box of 18.  So, I just bought 2 boxes rather than make my own.  I’m lazy!  Smile

3.  Tonight I’m going Bingo Bowling!
Hubs and I are going to a hockey fundraiser for my friend Toni’s nephew’s Triple A hockey team.  Bingo Bowling is bowling (with the lanes lit up in fluorescent and black light), but instead of keeping individual scores, you play in teams and try to clear a “bingo card” with various shots on it.  So, you could need a strike, spare, just the centre pin, only the back corners, etc.  First team to clear their card wins.  This isn’t about bowling talent, it’s about strategy and speed.  I went last year and had a blast.  This year, we thought we would include the boys, so hubbies and boyfriends are coming too.  Last year I did enjoy a few Corona, which I’m pretty sure added to the bowling enjoyment, but tonight, there will be no Corona for me Sad smile  This Whole Life Challenge is definitely testing my will power!

MONDAY update:  Bowling was a blast. Our team won the first game (which we also did last year) and we were in contention in just about every game that was played.  If you haven’t tried Bingo Bowling, give it a shot….it’s a ton of fun if you have a few groups of people.  I managed to stick to the Whole Life Challenge.  I drank water all night and only had fruit and veggies from the buffet.  I resisted meatballs, deli meats, cheese and amazing looking desserts and treats.

#4 and #5 were added Monday morning!

4.  I have graduated our of CrossFit Fundamentals.  My Box, CrossFit Newmarket Central, starts CrossFit newbs in a Fundamentals class.  This class does the exact same WODs as the full CrossFit classes, but takes a bit more time breaking down each lift/move to be sure we all learn proper technique.  Since I started back in February, I have been doing the Fundamentals only or combined CrossFit/Fundamentals classes.  Last weekend I took a Saturday morning Fundamentals only class and my coach said I should take the test and graduate to full fledged CrossFit.  I was getting too good for Fundamentals, and she thought I would progress more if I moved on to full CrossFit classes.  I was excited to hear this, and nervous.  I’m not young or strong like many of the CrossFit peeps.  Fundamentals was “safe” CrossFit for me.

I went to class Friday after work – a Fundamentals only class – and after class my coach did my CrossFit test. It is not a big test.  It’s basically performing each lift with a PVC pipe to show we know hat the lifts are and how to perform them with proper technique.  We went through all the lifts, and I passed with flying colours!  I am now a full on CrossFitter.  No more Fundamentals only classes for me.  In the big scheme of things, this doesn’t change much.  Most of the classes I went to were combined CrossFit/Fundamentals classes anyways.  But, now, I will be able to attend the CrossFit only classes.  It just opens up a few more options to me…and should be a bit more challenging – at least I hope it will!

5. There is a new lifestyle challenge piece in the Whole Life Challenge.  For the first two weeks of the challenge, we had to drink half our body weight in ounces of water.  This was an easy challenge for me.  I already drink a lot of water, so it wasn’t that hard to hit the required level every day.  Starting Friday night, a new lifestyle challenge went into effect for the next 2 weeks.  We need to get 7 hours of sleep every day.  This one is going to be tough.  Most nights I’m not even in bed for 7 hours, let alone asleep for 7 hours.  They did say it is total sleep in the day – so the amount you sleep at night, plus any napping during the day, must add up to 7 hours.

I found this graphic online that might help to explain why they want us to get at least 7 hours:
Friday and Saturday night weren’t a problem, since I could sleep in on the weekend mornings.  Today, I had to get up at my usual time and did not hit 7 hours.  I got about 6 hours last night.  I actually don’t remember the last time I got 7 hours of sleep on a weeknight.  Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a nap after work to get me up to the magic 7 hours for the day.  I’m not sure it will happen.

So, there it is, my late edition of the Friday Five.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Let’s hope the week flies by!

Do you regularly get 7 hours of sleep a night?

2 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. Lil Mama says:

    Congratulations on graduating!! Are you really excited to start the standard classes? also those asparagus look AMAZING…mm i’m thinking some asparagus wrapped in bacon tonight. I usually get 7 hours but it’s fairly broken-I wake up throughout the night because my husband turns the fan off and I wake up in a sweat lol


    • cathyo says:

      Thanks. Big picture going to full CrossFit isn’t that big of a difference from fundamentals. I think they might push me more, which will be good. I feel confident in the lifts so I’m up for the challenge!

      Seriously try the asparagus. It is sooooo good! I’m going to try it with bacon this week too since bacon is okay on WLC.

      I’m not sure 7 hours will happen for me. I will give it my best shot! Good luck in the battle with hubs and the fan. 😃


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