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Totally Random Tuesday

Totally random tuesday 2

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Totally Random Tuesday, but today I seem to have a bunch of unrelated things to share, so it seemed fitting to bring it back today.

1.  In case you missed it, I hit a Clean & Jerk PR yesterdayFinally got 100lbs over my head.  My celebration was pretty subdued…a big smile and gave myself small little applause, then I unloaded my bar and got ready for Annie.  Today, I have a constant reminder of my epic feat of strength:  photo 1 (3)Pretty sexy bruise, huh!  It’s a bit tender.  I had a feeling I would have a bruise today since I could feel it last night as every clean pretty much landed in that one spot.  Still, it surprised me this morning when I saw it in the mirror as I got ready for my shower.  While it sucks to have the bruise, it tells me a few things about my cleans. 
-  The bruise is dead centre, so I’m pretty sure I am well balanced left to right on my lift. 
-  I think the bruise is a tad on the low side…I feel like I should be catching the bar higher.  I will try to remember to ask my coach when I’m back to CrossFit.  I’ve got a crazy week, so I’m not back to CrossFit until Friday.  Hopefully the bruise will be gone by then, although, if it’s still there it will be a good reminder for me to ask! 

2.  Today’s Elf For Health challenge is to Unsubscribe.  God knows we all probably get too much email.  I know I do.  While I can’t really cut back on the work-related email I get, I can for sure cut back on the other email that seems to clutter my Inbox.  To help me tackle this challenge, I went to  This is a nifty little site that gathers all your email subscriptions and then you decide if you want to keep it or get rid of it.  I did 2 of my non-work accounts.  In total I had 169 subscriptions!  I unsubscribed to 64 of them, and put another 25 of them into what’s called a “rollup” that will lump them all together into one daily email.  I’ll see how this rollup works and then might change it up a bit.  For now, it feels good to purge a little, and maybe I won’t have so many unread email cluttering up my inbox.
photo (42)Yes, that really is 870 unread emails in my Gmail account!  Maybe I need to be a little harsher in what I unsubscribe from..I’m obviously not reading most of what gets sent to me!

3.  Tuesday sucks…not as badly as Monday, but it still sucks!
photo 1 (4)

4.  Tuesday will suck a little less tonight at 6:15.  That’s when I will be getting a much needed and well-earned massage.  I’ve got a few aches and pains from CrossFit and hockey, and I can’t wait until my massage therapist Alaina works her magic on my poor old bod.  Here’s a neat infographic I found about massage:
Benefits_of_massage_Infographic_600 (1)
How’s Tuesday going for you so far?

Do you need to de-clutter your Inbox? 


A Good Night

Hey peeps! Here is a very quick update on my night.

Dinner was awesome! Clean Eating African Peanut Stew

So tasty and I’ve got at least 5 or 6 leftover meals in the fridge.

CrossFit was awesome! Tonight was the night I finally got 100lbs over my head. Clean & Jerk PR!!


I took 4 minutes off my Annie time.


And, If that all weren’t enough, I got 38 double unders in a row during warm up. My goal of 50 unbroken doesn’t seem that far out of reach now.


How was your night? Anything good happen in your world?


Elf For Health 2013 – Day 1

Holiday season is starting and right in step with it comes this year’s Elf For Health Challenge. 

Lindsay and Elle are our head elves, and they have put together 4 weeks of challenges to help keep us on track over the holiday season.  There are over 800 elves participating this year!  Each one of us has been paired with another Elf to cheer on during the challenge.  I look forward to getting to know my first Elf, Suzanne, over the next couple of weeks, and cheering her on as she is in the final stages of training for a full marathon that she will run in 3 weeks!  Go Suzanne

Over the 4 weeks that Elf for Health runs, there are small daily challenges to help us eat healthy, stay active, and not forget about ourselves during this busy time.  Here’s what we have in store for the next 4 weeks:

elf for health 2013

Today’s challenge is to go meatless.  Meatless Monday has become a regular part of many people’s food regime.  I haven’t converted completely to it, but every once in a while will do a meatless meal.  It’s purely accidental if it falls on a Monday. 

I planned out my meals, snacks, workouts, and home life schedule yesterday.  Then I remembered today was supposed to be meatless for the challenge.  I had to shift a few things around, and we will now be having a meatless meal tonight, instead of Wednesday night.  We will be having one of my favourites from Clean Eating magazine: African Peanut Stew
photo (40)
I’ve made this a few times before and hubs and the kids like it.  I love it!  The spicy peanut flavour is just so good.  I usually skip the rice as the stew is quite filling all on its own.  At this point I use the recipe as a guide, so it’s always just a bit different, but always delicious.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out tonight!

Breakfast wasn’t meatless, as I had sausage alongside my eggs and sweet potato hash.  Lunch became meatless as I picked out the chicken from my leftover chicken and veggie stir-fry, adding it to tomorrow’s lunch.  Today’s was still delicious and still very filling. 

photo (41)
I’m back to CrossFit tonight at 8:30.  I can’t wait!  We are doing a benchmark WOD that we did back in March, when I was still very new to CrossFit.  We are doing Annie for the MetCon:
Nov 25The first time we did this it took me 15 minutes.  I can’t wait to see how long it takes me tonight.  I’m hoping I can take a couple of minutes off my time, at least!  Fingers crossed!

I’m looking forward to the Clean & Jerk’s as well.  Last time we did C&J, I got up to 90lbs.  I’m dying to get 100lbs over my head.  Maybe tonight is the night??!!??

Well, lunch is over and I should get back to work.  I will update you later on dinner, my C&J’s, and Annie!

Are you going meatless today?
What’s on the menu?


Who Wore It Best?

Happy Saturday! 

Not much happened in my world today…but for lack of anything else to write about, I’ll fill you in on my day!  Smile

It’s Saturday, so that means hockey in my world.  Senior kid had a game at noon, and Junior kid had a practice at 2:15…and this is what happened in between:
photo 2 (1)

Yep, that’s a Quarter Pounder with Chees meal, no pickles, add tomato and lettuce.  i know it’s not good for me, but it sure was tasty.   Especially those fries!  Love them.  Oh well, I’m going Clean on Monday, so I’m not going to feel guilty about this little treat.

After hockey not too much happened.  Ran an errand for my sister, picked up a few things so I could make a new dish for dinner, and then I’ve been watching the Leafs game while writing this post. 

I found a new recipe yesterday that The Paleo Parents featured on their Facebook pageSpaghetti Squash alla Carbonara.  I had a spaghetti squash sitting on the counter, but didn’t have any bacon or full fat coconut milk, so after my sister’s errand, we hit the grocery store to pick up the things I needed to try this recipe.  This was a pretty easy dish to prepare and within 20 minutes or so, we were sitting at the table, enjoying a delicious meal. 
photo 3

This was a hit with the whole family.  Hubs had seconds and the boys cleaned their bowls.  I’m happy because there was enough leftover for a lunch this week. 

It got a bit cold in our neck of the woods today, and snowed quite a bit tonight.  The kids were looking for hats and mitts and they found some headbands.  Nick rocked his headband all afternoon.  Of course, we teased him quite a bit, and then hubs hit Google to find some other headband sporting dudes. What do you think?  Who wore it best?
photo 1 (2)

Nick was on a role with the style today.  His track pants got wet while he was out playing in the snow, so in typical kid fashion, just stripped and left them in a heap on the floor.  But then he wanted a hot chocolate from Timmie’s.  In another typical kid move, he was too lazy to get new pants, so went to Timmie’s in his boxers, ski jacket, hat, headband and runners.  Fashion disaster!
photo 5

To make up for my unhealthy lunch, I’m having a healthy snack while watching the Leafs shootout. 
photo 3 (1)

Reimer just made a great save, and the Leafs just beat the Washington Capitals 2-1. Way to go boys!

I mentioned it snowed today…just a bit.  This morning the backyard was green grass.  Now the Muskoka chairs look out over a sea of white. It’s quite pretty! 
photo 2 (2)

Now that the Leafs game is over, we are going to watch The Life of Pi.  Nick has seen it and says it’s really good, so that’s our pick for family movie night.  Hopefully we can all stay awake long enough to watch the whole thing!

Did you do anything exciting today?
Can you name all the hunky headband-toting dudes in the pic above?


The Friday Five

Hello kids, and welcome to the weekend!  Wohoo!!!!

Let’s get right to this week’s Friday Five!

1. it’s time once again for Elf for Health.  Last year I joined the Elf for Health challenge run by Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean and Elle of Nutritionella.  Elf for Health is a 4 week challenge that pairs “elves” together and has daily challenges that focus on healthy living and kindness.  I really enjoyed the challenge last year and have signed up again.  The challenge starts Monday and I should receive my first elf pairing over the weekend some time.  I can’t wait to meet my elf and start doing the daily challenges.  There is still time to join, so if you are interested, just go to Lindsay or Elle’s blogs and sign up.  Here’s a peek at the challenges that I will be doing for the next 4 weeks.
elf for health 2013

2.  I’m doing my own mini-whole life challenge.  It’s been about 3 weeks since the Whole Life Challenge ended, and I’m noticing that since I stopped following the food rules, I’ve had days when my stomach is upset and I just don’t feel that great.  So, I am going to challenge myself to follow the WLC rules for the next 4 weeks, starting on Monday.  Hopefully starting tomorrow, but officially starting on Monday.  Here’s a summary of what is in and what’s out.

I’m going to follow the intermediate level again, but I will also allow a few things that weren’t WLC compliant to be okay for my 4 week mini-challenge.  I am giving the okay to honey, maple syrup and alcohol.  I want the honey and maple syrup since so many of the great paleo recipes I found during the challenge use honey and maple syrup as sweeteners.  I will still try to skip sugar, unless it’s in a savoury sauce…same as was allowed for the WLC.  I’m going to allow alcohol for special occasions and parties.  We are coming into the holiday season and we’ve got a few parties to attend and I want to be able to enjoy a cocktail or two if I so choose. 

Hubs has built me an excel program for me to track my scores, and I will keep a reflection every day as well…just like I did during the real challenge. I will give myself bonus points for reflecting for 5 days in a row…just like the real challenge did.  I’m hoping that by having some accountability again, even if it is just to myself, that i will stay on track and keep to the clean, healthy way of eating.  I am going to figure out a little reward to give myself if I manage to stick to the challenge and finish with a certain number of points.  I’m wondering about a pair of Lulu workout capris!  Wish me luck!

3.  I got a B12 shot yesterday.  The naturopathic Doctor that is affiliated with my CrossFit gym was offering B12 shots.  Here is the info that my CrossFit shared about B12:

I decided to try the shot mainly because I am always feeling tired.  Anything that could help give me some more energy is worth a try.  The Doctor will be back in 2 weeks to give another shot.  She recommends for people getting the shots the first time that they get a “top up” 2 weeks later.  I may book an appointment with her at her office to see what else she would recommend. I’m putting my body through a lot of stress at CrossFit.  I need to make sure I’m feeding it properly and that it has the nutrients it needs to perform it’s best.

4.  I had a few PR’s tonight!  Today’s WOD was a good one. 

nov 22 wodI can’t do an unassisted dead hang pull up yet, so I had to use a band.  I used a purple band and did rounds of 7-5-4-3-4.  It may not seem like many, but I had never done that many dead hangs before, so I’m slowly getting stronger. 

For the MetCon I wasn’t able to do 135# squat clean.  Not even close!  Coach Ryan said we should use 65-75% of our 1 rep max.  I’ve done a 90lb squat clean for 2 reps before.  I often struggle with squat things, so I decided not to go too heavy, and used 65# for the WOD.  It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible, so I figured it was the right weight to use.  Ryan was also encouraging us to use our hips to “upper cut” the bar up.  This was similar to what Coach Justin was getting us to do in Wednesday’s clean work.  I like it.  When you do it right, the bar almost seems weightless and it just flies up.  It feels great! 

The other part of the WOD was Box Jumps.  High box jumps!  Before today, the highest box jump I had done was 24 inches. I was a bit nervous about doing a 30inch box jump.  That’s high!  We got some new soft boxes at the gym that help ease your fear of wrecking your shins…softplyobox…so I figured I would give it a try.  It took a few tries to get my head around jumping this high, but in practice I was able to do it!  So, i figured what the hell, let’s go Rx for the WOD and do 30 30inch box jumps! 

We were able to break up the WOD however we wanted, so I broke it up like this:  10 box jumps, 5 squat cleans, 10 box jumps, 5 squat cleans, 10 box jumps, and 5 squat cleans.  I was fairly slow at the box jumps as I had to psych myself up to jump each time.  I had a few no-reps in there.  Usually the fist jump of each set.  The squat cleans were okay.  I need to work on keeping my knees out on my way back up.  They tend to cave in a bit.  My form did get better as I went on.  Even though there was a 10 minute time cap, I took slightly longer than that, finishing in 10:29.  Last again!

After the WOD, one of the other girls had added another layer to the box to get it to 34inches.  She wanted to try it, but was nervous.  One of the other guys and I convinced her to give it a go.  She baulked the first time, but the second time, she nailed it!  I also gave it a try, and got up there the first time!  We both tried it once more and succeeded again.  So, from never jumping higher than 24inches, I did 30 reps at 30 inches and then did 2 at 34 inches.  Not bad!

Before all of this even started, we started out with some double unders to do some warm-ups.  I don’t know what happened, but tonight I got 27 in a row, and then 25 in a row.  New records for double unders for me.  Before this, the most I’d gotten in a row was 17 I think. I finally got my goal of 20 in a row.  Next goal:  50 in a row!  I will get to give that a shot on Monday, when we do Annie:
nov 25 wod
5.  I took a trip back to my childhood tonight.  I’m not sure where hubs got it, but when I got home from CrossFit, there was a box of Mackintosh’s Toffee on the kitchen counter. 
photo (39)
I hadn’t seen this stuff for ages.  We used to eat it as kids when we were at the arena for public skating.  We would buy it, put it in our pockets and go for a skate.  After a few laps so the toffee would have a chance to get cold, we would take it out of our pockets and smash it against the boards to break it into pieces.  Then we would suck on pieces of toffee while we skated.  It was so smooth and creamy.  It was awesome.  it has probably been at least 30 years since I’ve had this toffee.  Tonight I smashed it on the kitchen table and ate the whole pack while I was writing this post.  It wasn’t quite as good as I remember it being, but it sure was a nice treat.  It is also likely the last sugar thing I will have for the next 4 weeks…unless I treat myself to one last chai latte at the rink while I watch my kids play hockey this weekend! 

How was your Friday?  Get any PR’s as the box?
Don’t forget to check out Elf for Health!

Happy weekend!


Back To It

After a much needed day off yesterday, I headed back to the box today.  I was a bit worried about whether I could actually do a WOD today.  I am sore everywhere.  My abs hurt when I laugh or cough.  My arms hurt to reach for things or turn the steering wheel.  My legs hurt getting out of a chair, climbing stairs and even just walking.  I hurt, and it’s awesome!
no pain no gain
Tonight’s WOD was:
wod nov 20

When I saw this I was a bit worried.  My arms are still sore from the pull-ups and push-ups and I wasn’t sure I could swing a 1 pood kettlebell.  Plus, my hand tear is still tender and 50 swings wouldn’t be making them any better. At least the lifts didn’t have any squatting in them.

This was the first time I had done good mornings.  I had done them only with a PVC in a warm up once before.  Today was the first time I did them with a bar and weight.  I did 55#, 65# and the last set with 75#.  They were okay.  I think they are a bit weird. 

After the Good Mornings we warmed up our cleans.  I like cleans.  Tonight we learned a bit of a different technique..not so much of a jump, shrug, high pull, but more pulling the bar into our hips and using our hips to lift the bar up.  It took a few tries to get this motion as it’s a bit different than what I’m used to, but once I figured it out, I really liked this new way.  The bar just seems to fly up to the rack position.  Anything to make these lifts easier is alright by me!

The Sumo Deadlift High Pulls were next.  I had only done these once before.  They are okay, a bit weird with the grip so close together.  I need to remember to use my “jump” to get the bar up on the high pull. 

After warming up the individual moves, it was onto the WOD.  I did the WOD Rx!  1 pood kettlebell and 65# for the hang cleans and SDHP.  I was worried about the kettlebell swings but they were actually okay.  I think I even may have done 5 extra swings because when I got to 50 I was done and no one else was, so I figured I must have counted wrong and did another 5 just to be sure!  I’m never the first one finished anything at CrossFit!  I managed to get through the 50 swings and 3 rounds +8 in the 9 minutes.  Then we had to take the weight off the bar and do as many push presses as we could do in a minute, with stripping the bar taking up some of the time.  I was able to get 17 push presses done, so a total score of 55 for the WOD.  Not great, but it is what it is.  I was just happy I could do the WOD given how sore I still was from Barbara on Monday. work hard

Tomorrow I have hockey and then I’m back to CrossFit on Friday.  I’ll find out what the WOD is tomorrow.  Hopefully it’s a good one and I can work hard.

Since the end of the Whole Life Challenge back on November 7, I haven’t been the greatest with my eating.  I enjoyed a few treats the first week after and then really wanted to stick to my new way of eating.  I felt good, had more energy and the scale was moving in the right direction. Last week was good since I had planned and shopped to eat clean/paleo, but this week I didn’t get to planning and didn’t shop to a menu and my week has been crap.  I’m eating too much of the wrong things…and feeling it.  I’m tired, hungry all the time, and my stomach has been a bit upset for the last 3 days.  I am definitely going to plan my menu and do a good grocery shop this weekend so next week I can be prepared for success. 

Happy Hump Day!
How has your week been so far?  Are you on track with your workouts and meals?


My Toughest WOD

So last week on Tuesday I was complaining about how it was a day off from CrossFit and I hated it. Today, I am so glad I have a day off!  My body is killing me.  I’m not sure I could do a WOD today. 

Last night’s WOD wrecked me.  We did Barbara:

I’ve done with particular WOD once before – back on April 1 when I was still fairly new to CrossFit.  I was still in the Fundamentals class and we were given a time cap of 35 minutes.  I don’t really remember doing the WOD, but from my WODBook I saw I got through 3 rounds, plus the pull-ups and 28 sit-ups.  At that point, I would have been using the thick green band for the pull-ups.  My goal last night was to finish the WOD. 

I was a bit worried about how long it might take me since the times posted on the board were over half an hour, even for the really good CrossFitters.  There were a few times well over 40 minutes as well.  I think the longest time was 49:00.

We did our usual warm up stuff and then set up our stations so we could get right into the WOD.  I set up my pull-up station with a thin black band.  That’s the band that I’ve been using lately for pull-ups in WODs so I figured it would be what I needed for Barbara.  That was my first mistake.  Sure, I can crank out 8-10 pull-ups using the black band, but this WOD had 20…and 5 friggin’ rounds of them!  The pull-ups killed me.  Each round I could do fewer and fewer in a row, and by the third round, I was lucky if I could string together 2 in a row.  Most of them in that 3rd set were singles, then drop off the bar to shake out my arms, jump back up for one more, over and over and over.  It was AWFUL! 

And if the pull-ups weren’t bad enough, once I finally did all 20 of them, I had to drop to the floor and use many of those same muscles for the push-ups!  I ended up starting with full proper pushups from my toes, but only did about 5 like that, before realizing this would probably lead to the same issue as the pull-ups, so I made the call to drop to my knees.  I made sure that I had good “CrossFit form” for my push-ups, with my elbows tight by my sides.  They were hard and I had to take breaks, but they were no where as bad as those f’ing pull-ups.

After the push-ups were done, the WOD got much better.  I was able to keep a steady pace through most of the sit-ups and the squats.  It was easy to keep moving through the squats because I knew as soon as I finished them, I got to rest for 3 minutes. 

Before the 4th round I switched my band from black to purple for the pull-ups.  That was a smart move.  I think if I didn’t do that, I might still be there trying to finish!  Once I switched to the purple band, I was able to crank out 10 solid pull-ups in a row and then did 2 sets of 5 to finish off the 20.  They were still tough and I could feel every muscle working to pull my chin over that bar, but they were so much easier and with much better form than with the black band.  I probably should have used purple for the whole thing.  The pull-ups with the black band were SO SLOW!  It killed me. 

Despite picking up the pace a bit with the purple banded pull-ups, I was BY FAR, the last one to finish the WOD.  I was the only one left for my whole last round.  Coach Andrew kept the positive comments coming.  He was getting the gym ready to close up, putting all the equipment back where it belonged.  He would put something away, and then come back and tell me to keep going or how well I was doing.  A couple of the other class members sat and watched me finish up and also cheered me on. 

By the time I finally got to the last set up sit-ups even they were tough.  I had my eyes closed and it was all I could do to get myself up for the last 10 or so.  Everything hurt.  It was all I could do to not cry.  Seriously, I was so close to tears. I just kept breathing and willing the tears to stay in. 

Finally, I was on my last set of squats.  Surprisingly, they weren’t too bad.  By then I was on a mission to just finish this damn workout.  I just kept moving up and down, up and down, and even tried to think about giving a good squeeze on the way up.  I may as well make these last 50 count!

And then, after the longest 58 minutes and 26 seconds of my life, it was over. That’s right.  It took me almost an hour to finish the WOD.  I think this was the toughest WOD I have done at CrossFit so far.  It was physically challenging because of all the pull-ups and push-ups, but even more than that, it was mentally challenging.  To keep going for that long took every ounce of determination and mental strength. 

Even when I was finished and walking around the gym after the WOD, trying to catch my breath, I had to be strong and fight back the tears.  I don’t think they were tears of pain.  In a weird way, they were tears of joy.  It took a long time, but I finished the WOD….and I was happy and proud of that.  I could have easily quit when the pull-ups became so tough or when my hand ripped during the 4th round.  I could have quit at 9:30pm, the official end of the class.  I could have only done 3 rounds as coach suggested might be a good idea.  But I didn’t quit.  I kept going.  It was hard, but I did it…and I’m proud of that.

I now know I can put myself through hell for 58 minutes and 26 seconds and survive!

Now I’m enjoying my day off, and psyching myself up to go back tomorrow.  I’ll be ready!

i am a crossfit woman
I love that quote. 

Have you had a tough WOD that you didn’t think you could get through?
Have you ever wanted to cry during a WOD?


Blogging by Candlelight

I was in the middle of writing a post and the power went out, taking my internet with it. Now I can’t get easy access to my pics and videos I want to post. 😩

It looks like I will have to wait until tomorrow morning to finish up.

For now, here I am blogging by candlelight.



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The Sunday Seven

Well, this post was originally planned for Friday, and then Friday came and went, life got busy and the post didn’t happen.  So, welcome to the first ever, Sunday Seven!

NOTE:  even the Sunday Seven was delayed due to a power outage last night.  Power went out about 9:30pm and didn’t come back on until 5:30 this morning!


1.  I had a few more great WODs last week.  After hating my off day last week, I was very happy to get back to CrossFit on Wednesday with this WOD. 
wod-nov-13 (1)

I have to admit, those snatches were not my favourite things.  I actually like to snatch…but when you add the squat in there too, it gets into my head.  Coach Justin kept telling me to get out of my head and just lift.  Eventually I got better, but still have a long ways to go with this lift.  The actual WOD was good.  I used 115# for the deadlifts, did the 20’ box jumps and used a black band for the ring dips.  I was the last one done…again…but it was 11 minutes and 12 seconds of awesome.

Friday’s WOD was the Baseline WOD. 
wod nov 15

This was the very first thing I ever did at CrossFit.  You can read about that very first CrossFit workout here.  I was excited to do this WOD again so I could see how much I have improved since I started CrossFit.  The first time I did this WOD, I used the thickest band for the pull-ups and did the push-ups with a hand-release.  It took me 9:23.  On Friday, I did the push-ups using the thin black band on the rack so I could do them with proper CrossFit form and not need to do hand-release.  I can do a few perfect CrossFit push-ups, but still can’t crank out 20 in a row yet, so Coach Ryan suggested I used the band.  I was super excited that I was able to do the pull-ups Rx.  They weren’t all pretty, since we did push press strength work before the MetCon WOD and my shoulders were tired, but I did them!  I was last, again, but I did it in 7:08!  That’s 2 minutes and 15 seconds better than my initial test.  Yeah baby!  I friggin’ love CrossFit!

2.  I found a great app to track/log my CrossFit workouts.  I follow the Paleo Parents website and blog, and Stacy, the Paleo Parents Mom also does CrossFit and Strong Woman training.  In a recent post she showed her deadlift progress.  I asked her what app it was, and she told me it was called MyWOD.  So…I am not the proud owner of MyWOD too! 

I spent quite a few hours this past week and weekend entering all of my WODs into it.  I now have a quick reference for every lift and WOD I’ve done since starting CrossFit.  Each WOD is recorded, and you can add in your strength work as well.  For each lift, you can track your progress over time.  My jerk has come a long way.  I can’t wait until I can throw 100lbs over my head! 
photo 1photo 2photo (1)

There is also a feature where you can search for specific WODs and see previous scores.  Tomorrow we are doing Barbara. A quick search and I can see that I last did Barbara back on April 1st. 
photo 3
It looks like there was a max of 35 minutes and I didn’t quite finish.  My goal tomorrow is to get this bitch DONE!

3.  We’ve started playing ping pong for chores!  A few years ago – maybe even 5 or 6 – hubs and I got the kids a ping pong table for Christmas.  They liked it and played a bit, but they may have been a bit little for it.  Well, this past week, the table was dusted off, moved to a better spot in the basement, had some special lighting put up and stadium seating put in (not really, but sort of – we have IKEA chairs sitting on the wooden base of a futon!), and we’ve been playing ping pong like mad around here.  What fun!  The kids are playing to see who does little chores around the house. Who clears the table, who unloads the dishwasher, who goes to get the mail…little things like that.  They are having a good time, and little tasks are getting done without me having to do them.  It’s brilliant! Here’s a little clip from our Friday night ping pong fun.

4.  Toronto made the opening skit of SNL last night.  As I’m sure you have heard by now, Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, has been making headlines for the last little while….and all for the wrong reasons.  Turns out he has a few problems…like with alcohol and crack, and saying things – so many things – he shouldn’t.  He has been the topic of so many late night talk show monologues these last few weeks, and last night he made the big time.  Saturday Night Live opened with a Rob Ford skit.  It was awesome. 

5.  I’ve been enjoying pomegranate as a snack this week.  I really like pomegranate, but it is such a pain in the ass to get the seeds out to eat.  That is, it was a pain in the ass, until I discovered this YouTube video.  All you need is a small knife, a bowl, and a wooden spoon. 

You may have doubts, but trust me, I’ve done it 4 times this week…it works! 

6.  We went to the Raptor’s game today.  Hubs won awesome tickets through a United Way campaign at his office.  We were in the corner, in the 5th row.  Not too bad.  I sure wouldn’t have paid the $137 face price per ticket for them, but we were quite happy to win them!  We aren’t really  basketball people, but it was fun to go to the game.  These guys are HUGE!  I tried to take some pictures of them, but we weren’t quite close enough for them to turn out that well.  Here are a few anyways! 
photo (36)photo (35)photo (37)

That last one is of the Raptor mascot Stripes climbing up the railing beside us to say hi to Jack!  Jacko was lucky enough to catch a t-shirt that the Raptor’s dancers tossed into the crowd during one of the breaks in the game. 
photo (38)
The game was tied at the end of regulation, but they couldn’t quite keep up during overtime, and ended up losing 118-110.  Despite the loss, we had a fun afternoon at the game. 

7.  I’m writing this blog by candlelight.  It is now about 10:45pm Sunday night, and a little over an hour ago, the power went out.  At first it just went out for a minute, then came back on. Then it went out for good.  We lit all the candles we could find so it’s not pitch black in the house, and I’ve continued to type away. 
photo 1
Hubs and the kids went out for a drive to see how extensive the black out is.  Seems like the whole town is out.  While they were on their drive, the radio said that all of Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford and Keswick are all without power.  That’s quite a big area.  Hopefully it comes back soon so I can get onto the internet and post this blog!  Here’s a pic hubs took of me writing this post.  He tried to frame it so you could see all the candles. Please ignore the disaster you see in my kitchen behind me! 
photo 2

There it is…the post that was late, and got even later thanks to the power outage! 

Do you have an app to track your workouts?  Which one do you use?

Here’s looking forward to a good week ahead.


A Day Off From CrossFit….and I HATE It!

Today is a rest day for me.  And all I keep thinking about is that I’m missing a WOD that looks killer.  I’m not going, but this is what the WOD is today:
wod nov 12

We did this same Back Squat strength WOD on Oct 23rd.  I got to 115# for the back squat and did 75# for the 20 reps.  All I can think of is how I would do against those numbers if I did the WOD tonight.

Lately I’m determined to improve at CrossFit.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been trying to improve, but lately I’m really conscious of it.  I think seeing improvement in my Whole Life Challenge workout score showed me it really is possible. (Not to mention the big improvement in my Filthy Fifty time last night…) And now, I’m becoming obsessed with it. I want to keep getting stronger and beating my max loads and times.  And I want to be at CrossFit when I’m not.


Tonight is killing me.  It’s my rest day and I wish I was at the Box.  This is really making me consider increasing the number of WODs I do in a week.  Currently my membership let’s me go 3 times a week.  I’d love to go to unlimited, but realistically I don’t think I can go every day.  My body could likely take it, I just don’t think I have the time to go every day.  So, I’m seriously considering upping from my current Silver 3 times a week membership to the Gold 4 times a week membership.  I will have to talk to the coaches and see what they say about the benefits of adding one more WOD a week to my schedule.  Will it help results?  I sure hope so!

Thankfully I am back to CrossFit tomorrow.   Here’s what I have to look forward to.  I can’t wait!

wod nov 13

Since I didn’t have CrossFit tonight, I had a bit more time to prepare dinner.  I tried out a new recipe from Eat Drink Paleo – Finger Lickin’ Chipotle Meatballs.  I served it over Lime Cauli-Rice (shredded cauliflower sautéed in a bit of olive oil, with the juice of one lime squeezed over it).  This was delicious!  Nice flavour, but not too spicy, and thumbs up from everyone at the table. 

photo (29)And, I’ve got 3 leftover meals in the fridge.  Wohoo!

After dinner I made myself a little Paleo treat.  I’d had the recipe saved in my Pocket account for a while now, and finally picked up some gelatin so I could make it.  This one is from Stupid Easy PaleoDairy Free Dark Chocolate Coconut Pudding.  Four ingredients, 5 minutes prep time…and 2 hours waiting for it to chill.  It’s actually been longer than 2 hours, but it hasn’t quite set yet.  I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to do the taste test. 
photo (30)
Today, I had a surprise email from Zinio.  Clean Eating is back and my new digital issue was ready for download.  I can’t wait to get reading and find some more new, healthy, delicious recipes. 
photo (31)

So, I will sign off and go look for my next new recipe!

Hope your Tuesday was a good one.

Do you miss CrossFit on your days off? 

Have you tried any new and delicious recipes?   Feel free to share!


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