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Shopping and Filth

on November 11, 2013

This past weekend hubs and I hit the mall with the kids.  We had specific things we wanted to shop for and the kids didn’t really want to be there.  So, we did our first split up mall visit.  We gave the kids $20 spending money – to get a treat at Tim’s or popcorn or whatever – and told them to meet us back at the entrance we came in through in one hour.  We all checked our phones and noted the time and we went off into our separate directions.

Hubs needed a new fall jacket since he has worn his other one out.  None of the zippers closed and it was looking rather ratty.  He found a nice North Face jacket in SportChek and also picked up a couple of toques.  He shaves his head, so he gets a bit chilly now that the weather has turned colder!

After SportChek it was off to Roots.  I have been eyeing up a pair of boots for over a year.

roll over tribe roots

I tried to get them one day last week at the mall near my office, but they didn’t have any left.  I was hopeful that the Roots in the mall at home would have them.  It was my lucky day!  They did!  I snagged them up as soon as I found my size.

I also found a nice wallet.  For the last 15 years or so, I have been using a little card holder as my wallet.
photo 1 (3)photo 2 (4)
It was also Roots and was nice and tiny, but I was starting to feel like I needed a “grown up” wallet.  The one I got matches my Roots purse quite nicely.  I did have to do a major purse clean out to make room for it, but all is good now, and I’m happy with this Roots purchase too!


Saturday night my sister went to a Friends and Family sale at Lululemon.  You might remember that until about a month or so ago, I didn’t own much Lulu.  Then I finally spent my mother’s day gift card and got a few things:
first lulu

Well, now that I have the Lulu Bug…i love the stuff.  It all fits so well and is so comfortable.  So, when Erin asked if I wanted her to pick me up anything from the sale, I gave her a list!  She sent a few pics while she was shopping and said what was and wasn’t on the big sales.  In the end I think I did alright!  I should have my Lulu fix for quite some time now!

I got 2 pairs of lined studio pants.  The one on the left is a grey pair, just like the colour they look in the pic.  The pair on the right, the colour is funny.  They are actually bright blue in colour.  Almost the same light blue of the bra below them.  Not sure why they look so off in the pic.  Oh well.  They are bright for sure.  People will see me coming when I wear them!  I love my hot pink sweatshirt.  I seem to have a thing for bright colours these days!  My final piece is another Energy bra.  I really like the first one I got, and this blue was was on big discount, so I got Erin to grab it for me too.

I wore my grey pants yesterday.  They are so comfortable.  I may never wear real pants on the weekend again!

Today I’ve got my awesome boots on.  I love them!  I can see these being my everyday footwear option for work. 
boots at work

After work, dinner was easy.  I had thrown a pork shoulder into the crock pot to make pulled pork.  We us a stupid easy recipe. Following along with the 4 pics below:  1.  Put pork into crock pot.  Add one 2L bottle of Root Beer, and cook on low all day. 2.  At the end of the day, remove pork from crock pot, dump out the root beer, shred pork and 3. return to crock pot and dump in a bottle of your favourite Bar-B-Q sauce.  Stir and let sit for 15-20 minutes so the pork and BBQ sauce get a chance to get friendly.  4.  Serve on buns, or if going low carb or paleo-ish, just enjoy on its own.  Super easy and super tasty!
photo 1 (2)photo 2 (3)photo 3photo 4

Tonight was Filthy Fifty night at CrossFit.  Just to remind you…this is the nastiness that is the Filthy Fifty.
We last did this workout on May 13, on the first day at the new gym location.  Last time I got through 7 stations in the 35 minute time cap.  See here for my first Filthy Fifty WOD recap.  I was nervous and excited to see how I would do tonight.  I was really hoping that I would see some significant improvement.

Tonight, Coach Andrew put a 30 minute time cap on the WOD..probably because by the time we got through the warm up and did some skill work there were only 30 minutes left in the class. We had a pretty big class, so we broke into groups and started at different parts of the workout.  My group started a Wall balls, then burpees, double-unders and back to the top of the list and onward from there. 

At the end of 30 minutes, I had completed 8 stations!  That’s a definite improvement from the 7 stations I completed in 35 minutes last time, and although Andrew had a time cap, I kept going through my last 2 stations and finished the full WOD in 37:33.  It was killer, and I felt horrible when I finished, but I finished!  Wohoo!!!  I friggin’ LOVE CrossFit!

Now, I’m exhausted and all I want to do is shower up and hit the sack.  My poor old bod needs a good night’s sleep!


How was your Monday?
Are you feeling strong?  Don’t you just love that feeling?

4 responses to “Shopping and Filth

  1. Congrats on all the new togs! I love those boots. And as for studio pants… WE TOLD YOU SO


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