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Back To It

on November 20, 2013

After a much needed day off yesterday, I headed back to the box today.  I was a bit worried about whether I could actually do a WOD today.  I am sore everywhere.  My abs hurt when I laugh or cough.  My arms hurt to reach for things or turn the steering wheel.  My legs hurt getting out of a chair, climbing stairs and even just walking.  I hurt, and it’s awesome!
no pain no gain
Tonight’s WOD was:
wod nov 20

When I saw this I was a bit worried.  My arms are still sore from the pull-ups and push-ups and I wasn’t sure I could swing a 1 pood kettlebell.  Plus, my hand tear is still tender and 50 swings wouldn’t be making them any better. At least the lifts didn’t have any squatting in them.

This was the first time I had done good mornings.  I had done them only with a PVC in a warm up once before.  Today was the first time I did them with a bar and weight.  I did 55#, 65# and the last set with 75#.  They were okay.  I think they are a bit weird. 

After the Good Mornings we warmed up our cleans.  I like cleans.  Tonight we learned a bit of a different technique..not so much of a jump, shrug, high pull, but more pulling the bar into our hips and using our hips to lift the bar up.  It took a few tries to get this motion as it’s a bit different than what I’m used to, but once I figured it out, I really liked this new way.  The bar just seems to fly up to the rack position.  Anything to make these lifts easier is alright by me!

The Sumo Deadlift High Pulls were next.  I had only done these once before.  They are okay, a bit weird with the grip so close together.  I need to remember to use my “jump” to get the bar up on the high pull. 

After warming up the individual moves, it was onto the WOD.  I did the WOD Rx!  1 pood kettlebell and 65# for the hang cleans and SDHP.  I was worried about the kettlebell swings but they were actually okay.  I think I even may have done 5 extra swings because when I got to 50 I was done and no one else was, so I figured I must have counted wrong and did another 5 just to be sure!  I’m never the first one finished anything at CrossFit!  I managed to get through the 50 swings and 3 rounds +8 in the 9 minutes.  Then we had to take the weight off the bar and do as many push presses as we could do in a minute, with stripping the bar taking up some of the time.  I was able to get 17 push presses done, so a total score of 55 for the WOD.  Not great, but it is what it is.  I was just happy I could do the WOD given how sore I still was from Barbara on Monday. work hard

Tomorrow I have hockey and then I’m back to CrossFit on Friday.  I’ll find out what the WOD is tomorrow.  Hopefully it’s a good one and I can work hard.

Since the end of the Whole Life Challenge back on November 7, I haven’t been the greatest with my eating.  I enjoyed a few treats the first week after and then really wanted to stick to my new way of eating.  I felt good, had more energy and the scale was moving in the right direction. Last week was good since I had planned and shopped to eat clean/paleo, but this week I didn’t get to planning and didn’t shop to a menu and my week has been crap.  I’m eating too much of the wrong things…and feeling it.  I’m tired, hungry all the time, and my stomach has been a bit upset for the last 3 days.  I am definitely going to plan my menu and do a good grocery shop this weekend so next week I can be prepared for success. 

Happy Hump Day!
How has your week been so far?  Are you on track with your workouts and meals?

7 responses to “Back To It

  1. nicolemkurz says:

    Nice job. You know, when I did the Whole 30, I was gung ho to stay with that way of eating when I came off. I did for about a week, but then I ended up having a few days where I didn’t plan well, ate out, and it kind of fell apart from there. It’s it funny how easy it is to revert back to old habits?


    • cathyo says:

      I know, eh! So easy to erase all the hard work. I’m determined to clean up my act though and get back on track from now until Christmas. I’ll see how I do on my own and consider doing the next whole life challenge in January if I can’t keep on track myself. I was so good when I had to record things. I’m wondering about making my own point system and coming up with some reward it I stick to it until the holidays. Seems stupid that I need to do that but maybe it will help to keep me on track. Maybe a lulu shopping trip if I keep 95% of my points or something like that. Lulu is a good motivator!


  2. leannenalani says:

    When I eat unhealthy foods my body really lets me know. Luckily I’ve been super healthy the last 3 weeks. Maybe in preparation for Thanksgiving? :p Even though I’ve been sick I’m too stubborn to stop working out (plus I have the energy, how does that work?), so that’s been going well too.


    • cathyo says:

      The workouts aren’t a problem for me either. My CrossFit classes are booked for the week and I go. Food is much tougher. For me planning is key. If I have bust weekends and don’t get to menu plan and shop my week is crap. I guess I just need to book my menu planning and shopping and treat it like a scheduled event. Maybe then it will become a priority? Couldn’t hurt. Hope you feel better soon.


  3. goalinreach says:

    I wish I could do a Cross Fit. My doc’s have recommended none until after surgery so, until I’m fitter…I will live vicariously through these posts and have empathy for you!


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