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Who Wore It Best?

on November 23, 2013

Happy Saturday! 

Not much happened in my world today…but for lack of anything else to write about, I’ll fill you in on my day!  Smile

It’s Saturday, so that means hockey in my world.  Senior kid had a game at noon, and Junior kid had a practice at 2:15…and this is what happened in between:
photo 2 (1)

Yep, that’s a Quarter Pounder with Chees meal, no pickles, add tomato and lettuce.  i know it’s not good for me, but it sure was tasty.   Especially those fries!  Love them.  Oh well, I’m going Clean on Monday, so I’m not going to feel guilty about this little treat.

After hockey not too much happened.  Ran an errand for my sister, picked up a few things so I could make a new dish for dinner, and then I’ve been watching the Leafs game while writing this post. 

I found a new recipe yesterday that The Paleo Parents featured on their Facebook pageSpaghetti Squash alla Carbonara.  I had a spaghetti squash sitting on the counter, but didn’t have any bacon or full fat coconut milk, so after my sister’s errand, we hit the grocery store to pick up the things I needed to try this recipe.  This was a pretty easy dish to prepare and within 20 minutes or so, we were sitting at the table, enjoying a delicious meal. 
photo 3

This was a hit with the whole family.  Hubs had seconds and the boys cleaned their bowls.  I’m happy because there was enough leftover for a lunch this week. 

It got a bit cold in our neck of the woods today, and snowed quite a bit tonight.  The kids were looking for hats and mitts and they found some headbands.  Nick rocked his headband all afternoon.  Of course, we teased him quite a bit, and then hubs hit Google to find some other headband sporting dudes. What do you think?  Who wore it best?
photo 1 (2)

Nick was on a role with the style today.  His track pants got wet while he was out playing in the snow, so in typical kid fashion, just stripped and left them in a heap on the floor.  But then he wanted a hot chocolate from Timmie’s.  In another typical kid move, he was too lazy to get new pants, so went to Timmie’s in his boxers, ski jacket, hat, headband and runners.  Fashion disaster!
photo 5

To make up for my unhealthy lunch, I’m having a healthy snack while watching the Leafs shootout. 
photo 3 (1)

Reimer just made a great save, and the Leafs just beat the Washington Capitals 2-1. Way to go boys!

I mentioned it snowed today…just a bit.  This morning the backyard was green grass.  Now the Muskoka chairs look out over a sea of white. It’s quite pretty! 
photo 2 (2)

Now that the Leafs game is over, we are going to watch The Life of Pi.  Nick has seen it and says it’s really good, so that’s our pick for family movie night.  Hopefully we can all stay awake long enough to watch the whole thing!

Did you do anything exciting today?
Can you name all the hunky headband-toting dudes in the pic above?


5 responses to “Who Wore It Best?

  1. goalinreach says:

    I watched Newsies! And…I love spaghetti squash, I’ll propose that recipe to hubs!


  2. Don’t know who they are, but I will take the guy in the upper right photo…tennis anyone?? YUM!


    • cathyo says:

      haha… top left is tennis player roger federer, top right is bjorn bog (old school tennis), bottom left is ben stiller from the movie dodgeball and bottom right is my kid! while my kid is cute, roger federer is FINE!!! bjorn was a hottie back in the day too.


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