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Totally Random Tuesday

on November 26, 2013

Totally random tuesday 2

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Totally Random Tuesday, but today I seem to have a bunch of unrelated things to share, so it seemed fitting to bring it back today.

1.  In case you missed it, I hit a Clean & Jerk PR yesterdayFinally got 100lbs over my head.  My celebration was pretty subdued…a big smile and gave myself small little applause, then I unloaded my bar and got ready for Annie.  Today, I have a constant reminder of my epic feat of strength:  photo 1 (3)Pretty sexy bruise, huh!  It’s a bit tender.  I had a feeling I would have a bruise today since I could feel it last night as every clean pretty much landed in that one spot.  Still, it surprised me this morning when I saw it in the mirror as I got ready for my shower.  While it sucks to have the bruise, it tells me a few things about my cleans. 
-  The bruise is dead centre, so I’m pretty sure I am well balanced left to right on my lift. 
-  I think the bruise is a tad on the low side…I feel like I should be catching the bar higher.  I will try to remember to ask my coach when I’m back to CrossFit.  I’ve got a crazy week, so I’m not back to CrossFit until Friday.  Hopefully the bruise will be gone by then, although, if it’s still there it will be a good reminder for me to ask! 

2.  Today’s Elf For Health challenge is to Unsubscribe.  God knows we all probably get too much email.  I know I do.  While I can’t really cut back on the work-related email I get, I can for sure cut back on the other email that seems to clutter my Inbox.  To help me tackle this challenge, I went to  This is a nifty little site that gathers all your email subscriptions and then you decide if you want to keep it or get rid of it.  I did 2 of my non-work accounts.  In total I had 169 subscriptions!  I unsubscribed to 64 of them, and put another 25 of them into what’s called a “rollup” that will lump them all together into one daily email.  I’ll see how this rollup works and then might change it up a bit.  For now, it feels good to purge a little, and maybe I won’t have so many unread email cluttering up my inbox.
photo (42)Yes, that really is 870 unread emails in my Gmail account!  Maybe I need to be a little harsher in what I unsubscribe from..I’m obviously not reading most of what gets sent to me!

3.  Tuesday sucks…not as badly as Monday, but it still sucks!
photo 1 (4)

4.  Tuesday will suck a little less tonight at 6:15.  That’s when I will be getting a much needed and well-earned massage.  I’ve got a few aches and pains from CrossFit and hockey, and I can’t wait until my massage therapist Alaina works her magic on my poor old bod.  Here’s a neat infographic I found about massage:
Benefits_of_massage_Infographic_600 (1)
How’s Tuesday going for you so far?

Do you need to de-clutter your Inbox? 


6 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. 100 pounds!!!! That’s awesome!!! That’s a killer bruise you got there too—-nice work!


  2. j!b says:

    Woo hoo! Awesome job on the Clean & Jerk PR! I can’t even imagine being able to do 100lbs.. I think my current goal, which I think is ambitious is 85lbs.. now that I’m feeling a little more comfortable with the technique, maybe I can try to go heavier.. we’ll see… I have a slight bruise as well from the cleans.. I definitely need to bring my elbows up higher so that the bar lands on the front of my shoulders as opposed to my collar bone.. hehe.. but I’m still proud of every single bruise I get from Crossfit 🙂
    Wow! that’s alot of mail! I should try the site you used… I tried to unsubscribe to some emails by clicking on the “If you wish to no longer receive emails…” but somehow it doesn’t seem to work.. GRR! Enjoy your massage!


    • cathyo says:

      Thanks. I’m slowly getting better at the lifts. I really wanted the 100 yesterday so just told myself I would do it. Can’t wait until we do them again. I’m shooting for #125 as my new goal.

      My gmail is the worst. It’s my default for subscribing to things I don’t really want coming to my work address. I take a glance at what’s new and pretty much never read any of it. I’m interests to see how the thing works. Even if it stops half of it, it will be an improvement.


  3. leannenalani says:

    Wow that bruise is a beaut! Battle scar for sure…


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