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The Sunday Seven

on December 1, 2013

I had good intentions of writing a few posts between my last one on Tuesday and this one now, but things seemed to be busy and it just didn’t happen. So, I’m dumping a lot into this post and going for another Sunday Seven!

1.  The first week of Elf for Health is over.  Of the 7 challenges that we had to do this week, I completed 6 of them. 

I went meatless for a few meals on Monday, I unsubscribed from a bunch of emails that I never really read, I played telephone tag with my mom, I drank tons of water, I treated myself to new sunglasses (more on that later), and I did 100 burpees today (more on that later too!).  I did not do a new workout.  Well, I sort of did, since every CrossFit workout is new, but I didn’t get to it on Wednesday and I had planned on doing a kettlebell workout on my own.  It didn’t happen.  Maybe one day this week I will squeeze it in to get caught up.

2.  Last night we went to see Pink.  We surprised the kids with tickets to the Pink concert yesterday. 
photo 1 (4)

We had tickets to her last show when she came to Toronto, but it was on March Break and we were going to be in Vermont skiing, so we sold them to my friend.  Hubs found out she was coming back to town and we got tickets off of StubHub.  They were okay seats – first row of the third level, straight out from the stage.  No close, but not in the nose bleeds.  We did almost get up close and personal during the last song as Pink flew around the arena on some crazy contraption.  Here ‘s a pic and a little video I took with my phone – so not the best quality.
photo 3 (1)

I really need to learn how to take video with my phone!

The concert was great. Jacko asked if we could go see her show tomorrow night too.  Funny kid! 

3.  Speaking of funny kid….check out Jacko’s photo bomb. 
photo 4 (1)

I guess while I was in line in the women’s washroom, a bunch of ladies were taking their picture near the Raptor’s dancers picture.  Apparently one of them was/is an Argo’s cheerleader and they wanted a pic with the dancer picture.  Jacko just jumped right in and looked right at the camera.  They thought it was hilarious and were talking to Rory when I finally finished in the washroom.  (holy post concert line up!).  Anyways, they loved Jack (and who doesn’t!), and thought it was funny that he jumped into their picture, and they offered to email it to us.  The kid knows how to make friends!

4.  I stumbled into new sunglasses this weekend! Hubs asked me to go with him to help him pick out new glasses since he recently had his prescription updated.  We found him a great pair of Oakley frames that look very sharp on him.  While he was doing measurements for fitting, I was taking a look around at the various frames and sunglasses.  I usually wear sporty sunglasses – plastic frames and not very expensive.  I’ve been thinking I need a pair of “grown up” sunglasses for a while, but never found any that I liked.  Until Saturday!  I found a pair of Ralph Lauren aviators that I thought looked pretty good, and we on sale for $50 off.  Hubs and the woman helping us with hubby’s frames agreed that they looked okay, so I bought them.  Not the greatest pic…selfies suck!
photo (32)
Now I just need it to be sunny so I can wear them! 

5.  Burpees SUCK!  As you can see above, the Elf for Health challenge today was 100 burpees.  I put it off all day, but finally after dinner it was time.  I convinced hubs and the kids they should do them with me.  No one was really excited about the thought of 100 burpees, but they finally caved!  They all started….but they didn’t finish!  They got about 22-25 burpees in and decided that was enough!
photo 5

I made it all the way to 100 in 9:24.  So I was faster than my 100 burpee time from a month ago at CrossFit when I was 9:39.  And my 9:24 today includes about 15-20 seconds when I paused to put on my running shoes.  I was finding my socks too slippery on the carpet.  Not that I’m rushing into another 100 burpees anytime soon, but next time I will start with shoes on and hopefully finish in under 9 minutes.

6.  My goal for the week is to get more sleep.  I’m tired of always being tired, so my goal for the week is to go to bed earlier.  Normally I finally go up to bed close to midnight and usually don’t go to sleep as soon as I go up – damn you Candy Crush, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!  This week I am going to aim to have lights out by 11:30 – still too late, but I’m being realistic.  Here’s an infographic with tips for getting better sleep. 

Now, it’s 11:20 and I should get my butt up to bed. 

Here’s to a good week ahead.  I’ve got 3 CrossFit classes, a hockey game, and 3 Christmas parties!  Gonna be another busy week!

How’s your week looking?
Have you got any tips to getting a better night’s sleep?


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