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Things From The Web

on December 18, 2013

I’ve been a very lazy blogger…more like an MIA blogger.  Life has been busy and when I get a few spare minutes I don’t have any desire to turn on my laptop and write a post.  Instead, I’ve been eating poorly and sitting on the couch getting caught up on The Americans (click here if you are in Canada or here if you are in the US to see what the show is all about.  Not sure if either of those will work elsewhere around the world, but give them a shot!)

In keeping with my laziness, here are two cool things I found on the web.

things from the web

1.  Do you ever wonder about the structure of an ant colony.  I will admit I’ve never given it much thought.  But, after watching this, there is a lot going on under that pile of dirt.  This is insane and produces some crazy-ass art.

A very cool result

2.  GoPro cameras really are amazing.  This video is not for the faint of heart.  I cringed many times watching this.  He suffered a few broken bones and needed some stiches.  It could have been a LOT worse.  I will add this to my long list of reasons why I will never jump off a cliff, or out of a plane.

I will never try this!

Sorry for being so lame with my posts lately.  Hopefully with some time off from work over the holidays I will find my blogging mojo again.

Until then, I will try to find some more cool things that I can lazily post!

Come on Friday and the start of my Christmas vacation!!!


6 responses to “Things From The Web

  1. Leapin Lizardz says:

    That ant colony art was awesome! Who knew? Thanks for posting! 🙂


  2. I feel you—I’ve been a lazy blogger lately too!


  3. leannenalani says:

    It’s the holidays. People are busy and stuff happens. Yay for Christmas vacation!


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