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Good Eats

on January 21, 2014

Well, my plan to blog at lunch time has not gone well so far!  Yesterday I didn’t have a lunch to bring to work, so I had to go out and grab something.  Today I got reading my latest book – Orange is the New Black – and just couldn’t stop reading to get to my blog.  The book is not quite like the TV show, but I am really enjoying it. 

Anyways, now as I sit watching True Detective on PVR, I will try to get a quick post written.  If you aren’t watching True Detective…you should, it is so good. 

My Whole Life Challenge is going really well.  I’m eating well, getting some daily physical activity, drinking loads of water, and feeling great.  I’m sleeping like a log, and although I’m not being driven by it, the scale is moving slowly downward, and that makes me happy! 

CrossFit takes care of my WLC workout 3 days a week, hockey takes care of another one.  That leaves 3 days that I need to do something on my own.  This past weekend, I actually ran on the treadmill for 10 minutes Saturday and 12 minutes on Sunday.  That is the first time I have run outside of a WOD in about a year.  I actually didn’t hate it.  I think knowing I only had a short time to run helped.  I can do anything for 10-12 minutes!  Both days, after finishing on the treadmill, I did some work on my double-unders.  I haven’t been doing this at home, so I need to get used to my own rope.  I think I have it cut down to the size I need.  Now I just need to skip at home more regularly so I can string together a good set.  I got to 25 or so this weekend, so I’ve got a ways to go to hit my target of 50. 

Part of the reason my WLC is going so well, is I’ve been organized on the food front. I am back to planning my weekly meals.  The whole family has been involved in picking our dinners for the week.  Last night we had cauliflower fried rice at the request of my 14 year old, and tomorrow we are having African Peanut Stew at the request of my little guy (he’s 12).  I have to say that I love that my kids are such great eaters. 

Tonight we had a recipe I chose:  Paleo Tex-Mex Casserole from Popular Paleo. I spotted this recipe a few weeks ago and saved it to my Pocket to make another day.  Today was the day.  Putting the dish together was fairly quick and easy (thanks to my food processor for shredding the sweet potatoes in seconds!)  It took a little longer to cook than the recipe suggests, but it was worth the wait…Delicious! 
photo (1)

While dinner was great, I think this might be the kind of dish that gets better as the flavours have time to sit together.  I will find out tomorrow at lunch, since there was a ton left!  I’ve got lunch for tomorrow and then either a number of other lunches, or dinner for all of us one night this week.  And as you know, I love leftovers, so this dish is a winner on multiple levels!

Tomorrow I am back to the Box for some Snatch work and a WOD with snatches, ring dips and thrusters.  Should be fun!
wod jan 22

I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing this RX.  I will try for maybe 65#. I’ll see how the strength part of the WOD goes and decide from there. 

Okay, I should sign off and get to bed…really I want to go read a few more chapters of my book!

Have you read Orange is the New Black?  Did you watch the show?  Do you have a preference?

Have you got any great Paleo recipes?


4 responses to “Good Eats

  1. My husband loves the TV show. I’ve been avoiding the TV like the plague because I always seem to eat chips while watching TV. I didn’t know it was based on a book.


    • cathyo says:

      Haha. As long as in have a big glass of ice water I don’t feel I need to eat while I watch tv. The book is a memoir of the real Piper who spent a year in prison. It’s really good and quite different from the show.


  2. j!b says:

    Actually never heard of the show/book. I swear I feel like I live under a rock.
    No exciting paleo recipes on my side to share but a new week is almost here and I’ve got a weekend of meal prep ahead of me so hopefully I’ll come across some awesome recipes I can post and share.


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