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You Have To Try This Recipe

on January 28, 2014

I am always on the hunt for new clean, healthy recipes.  As I scour the various blogs I read or websites I visit, when I find a good recipe, I add it to my Pocket.  I know lots of people use Pinterest for this, but I like Pocket…it just seems easier to me.  I will post to Pinterest, but when I search for recipes I’ve saved, Pocket is where I head.

Anyways, I had saved a recipe a couple of weeks ago and finally tried it this past Saturday.  The recipe in question was PaleOMG’s Pizza Spaghetti Pie.  OH. MY. GOD!  This was delicious! 
photo (3)

The recipe said it would make an 8×8 dish, but I had a huge spaghetti squash, and I added in some extra veggies (green and red peppers), so I filled a bigger 10×12 dish.  I was very excited because I was going to have a ton of leftovers for lunch.  Instead, my sister and her family ended up staying for dinner and we ate all but a tiny piece!  I’m sure that piece would have disappeared had I let anyone have seconds!

I had that piece for lunch yesterday at work, and I think it might have even been better on day 2 after the flavours have even more time to blend together. I used the trick of putting it on a small plate to make it seem like there was more of it! 
photo 1

My picture does not do this dish any justice so be sure to head over to PaleOMG for much better images of this dish and to grab the recipe.

This probably won’t be a weeknight meal for me anytime soon, since it’s almost an hour to roast the squash, and then another hour to bake the final dish, but I will be making this again very soon. I bought all the stuff I needed when I did my shop for this week, so at some point this weekend, I will be eating this again.  I can’t wait! 

I will also be making these Oatmeal muffins from again. 
photo (2)They are to die for!  They are so moist and tasty and hit the spot for my afternoon snack at work.  It is scary how much I was looking forward to my snack today!
photo 2

And if truth be told, I’m actually enjoying one right now as I finish off this post.  I had a pretty light dinner (half a cup of spiced spinach and chickpeas and some raspberries and pineapple) so I don’t feel too bad about having an evening snack. 

Today was a day off from CrossFit. Instead I went for a massage.  It was awesome!  I’m back to the Box tomorrow.  WOD jan 28

Seems like it’s double under week as every day so far there has been a 2 minute double under practice to start the WOD.  It was on the board for Monday’s class, but for some reason my class didn’t do them.  I’m not sure I will get that lucky two classes in a row, so I am quite prepared to slash my arms and legs all up and see how many double unders I can do in 2 minutes.  Hopefully I can get 50 in a row at some point during that 2 minutes.

The rest of the WOD should be fun!  I’ll will see how I am feeling, but I would like to try to do the thrusters Rx, and hopefully I can do the burpee pull-ups Rx too. Fingers crossed!

Now, I need to be heading off to bed so I can get my 7 hours of sleep for this week’s lifestyle component of the Whole Life Challenge. 

Happy Tuesday.

Be sure to try the Pizza Spaghetti Pie recipe!


4 responses to “You Have To Try This Recipe

  1. j!b says:

    Definitely adding the recipe to my list for next week. I love anything that tastes even better the next day.


  2. Pizza Spaghetti Pie just sounds like it has to be amazing!


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