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The Friday Five: V-Day CrossFit Competition Edition

on February 14, 2014


1.  Last night was the big V-Day Partner Competition at CrossFit Groundworx.  This was my first CrossFit comp and I did it with my friend, Marina, who is a member of the CrossFit where the comp was held. 

To say I was a bundle of nerves all day yesterday would be an understatement. All day I worried if I was eating enough, of the right things, to make it through 3 tough WODs.  I felt like I ate all day!  Good breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, another snack, quick dinner and then off to the comp. Of course, after dinner I was worried that I ate too much, too close to the first WOD.  In the end it was okay..Pukie did not make an appearance. 

There were 11 teams in total and Marina and I were in the 3rd and final heat, so we had lots of time for things to settle before it was out turn at each WOD.

2.  WOD #1:
vday wod #1

This WOD was TOUGH!  Initially I was worried about the person carry, but we just did piggy backs and that was actually the easiest part of the WOD.  The wheelbarrow was awkward, but not too bad.  The burpees were the worst!  If the burpee didn’t suck enough, holding the plank while the other partner jumped over you and did the burpee was hard too.  (I really need to work on my core!)
dear burpees
Marina’s husband and daughter came to watch the first WOD and got a few pics of us in action:
person carry 1wheelbarrowperson carry 2burpee

We didn’t finish all 5 rounds before the time cap ran out.  I think we got through 3 and a bit???

3.  WOD #2:
vday wod #2

This WOD was FUN!!  We killed the partner deadlifts.  135# felt like nothing with the two of us on the bar.  I’ve got a nice bruise on my knee where it got whacked by the bar on the way up a few times since we were going so fast and I didn’t move my knee out of the way in time!  The box jumps were good…I even jumped down, which I never do – normally I would step down, but I wanted to get down as quickly as possible so Marina could jump up.  The abmat sit-ups were good too.  We got in a good rhythm and just kept moving.  I think this was my favourite WOD of the night.

4. WOD #3:
comp wod 3

This one had both of us worried all night.  It seemed like so many things to get through before the wall balls, which were the only thing that counted towards our score.  In the end, we killed this one too.  We both had a good row and since Marina did the first row, she started the lunges and gave me a chance to catch by breath after the row.  I finished up the lunges and she started on the hand release push-ups.  We broke these into sets of 10 and alternated doing them.  We seemed to get these done very quickly.  Then it was onto the wall balls.  Marina started and was a total beast!  I took over when she got tired and went until my throw started to get weak, then it was back to Marina, back to me, and Marina finished up until the 7 minutes was over.  In the end we managed 77 wall balls!  I think we were both shocked by this – I know I was!  I was totally impressed since before the first heats started, I was wondering if we would even make it to the wall balls!

5.  The results:
vday wod scores

We came 5th overall!  I think that’s awesome!  They actually called the top 5 teams up when it was results time…so, while we didn’t officially make the podium, we got to stand beside it for the awards pic!  Don’t we look cute in our pink tops!
vday comp results

This was such a fun night.  I really had no idea what to expect of a competition and I think this was a great one to get my feet wet with competitive CrossFit as this was a very friendly competition.  My gym, CrossFit Newmarket Central, had a partner competition at Halloween, but I was too nervous to join.  If they have another in-box competition, I think I will sign up!

Overall, I would have to say I really enjoyed the competition.  The fact that it was a partner competition took a lot of the pressure off…especially since Marina is a BEAST and does not stop! She kept me motivated to keep moving…especially during those damn burpees! 

It was also nice to finally meet so many of the people who I have been communicating with during the Whole Life Challenge.  Many of the people doing the challenge also did the competition, so I could finally put a real person to the Facebook and WLC profile pics I see beside everyone’s posts.
Here’s the whole comp group at the end of the night.comp group shot

I will say that the comp took it out of me.  When it was over I went home, showered, stretched, did my meditation for the WLC, and then crashed hard.  I was too tired to even read.  I slept like a rock.  I guess 3 WODs in one night takes it’s toll on a body. 

Today I feel great…and ready to get back to the Box for today’s WOD.  This is what I have waiting for me at 5:30:
wod feb 14

More double unders – yay!  Some days I have these, and some days I don’t.  On the days they work, I’ve gotten 75, 84, 92 and 95.  My goal is to get to 100 in the two minutes.  Maybe today is the day!

The rest of the WOD should be okay…although things that look okay on paper often suck huge when you actually do them!  I like box jumps and I am working on my HSPU, so I’m excited to see if I can do 3 sets of 15.  I’m sure I will need to break the 15 up each round…but that’s okay!

I think after CrossFit, I will get hubs to take me out for a very romantic chicken wing dinner at a local sports bar, where we can watch Olympics and pig out!  After that, if I can stay awake, maybe we can finally watch Love Actually.  Sounds like a nice, low-key Valentine’s date to me!

happy vd

Have you ever done a CrossFit competition?

Got big plans with your honey for Valentine’s Day?

Happy weekend!  It’s a long weekend for us here in Ontario…wohoo!


6 responses to “The Friday Five: V-Day CrossFit Competition Edition

  1. Bezzymates says:

    Congrats on your first competition. What an achievement!


  2. j!b says:

    I’m still too nervous to do a competition. Maybe later this year once my shoulders are ok and I can get back to all Olympic lifts.
    Hubby is working tonight so it’s just me and the kiddies. Quiet evening at home.
    Woo hoo! It’s a long weekend for us too.


    • cathyo says:

      I hope your shoulders get better soon. It’s been so long that you’ve been having problems with them. The competition was really fun. Nervous before but once we got going it was just another WOD. CrossFit Open is next. Yikes!


  3. Wow! That’s all I can say 🙂 Way to go!!


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