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on February 28, 2014

the open is upon us

After a long and nervous wait, the Open is finally here!

There are just over 100 people at my CrossFit who are competing in the Open. We have been split into 4 teams within the gym, each with a different Super Coach who has been checking in with us since the new year, and will continue to check in with us regularly to see how we are doing on our 2014 CrossFit goals. We’ve got team shirts that we wear for each Open workout (and at other team events that will be held throughout the year). I’m on Team Malloy/Super Woman, with Katrina as my super Coach (top right in the pic below). Once all the Open scores for our Box have been posted, they will figure out which team wins “The Belt” for Open 14.1


My prediction of some Prancercise being included in 14.1 did not come true.  That’s probably for the best!  This is what 14.1 actually was:

open workout 14.1

As far as WODs go, it could have be worse!  These are movements and weights that I can do RX, so I was very happy about that!  The double unders don’t bother me, but I was really hoping I was going to have a good double under day.  Some days I can string 45 or so in a row together, other days only 3 or 4.  I really just depends.  I only needed to get 30 each round, so I wasn’t too worried about that part of the WOD.

The snatch was going to be the tougher part. I can do a 55lb snatch no problem, but 15 in a row was going to get tough.  I was planning on starting with the snatch and then going to clean & jerks when I started to got tired.

My Box had a big “Open Throwdown” session from 6:30-8:30 Friday night.  There were a ton of people there, and we got put into heats based on when we arrived.  I got there early since I couldn’t stand sitting at home waiting any longer…my nerves were getting to me!  I ended up being in the first heat for my team, and the 2nd heat overall.  Since I was so early in the heats, I got right to my warm up to make sure I was ready to kick 14.1’s ass!  So, after some rowing, Frankensteins, inch worms, walking lunges, dislocators, around the worlds, snatch work with PVC and then some with an empty bar…I was warm and ready to go.

I was glad that I was going early in the heats, because I was a bundle of nerves waiting, but the energy in the Box was incredible as people did the WOD while others watched and cheered on. It really was something to be part of that environment.  I didn’t think I would like it…but I loved it!  Especially once I was finished!  My friend Jason got a few pics of me during the WOD.  Two of them I like…the third one isn’t pretty, but it was near the end of the WOD and that 55lbs was getting heavy!

I was so nervous about the Open.  In the end, it was just another WOD.  Once I picked up my rope and got the 3-2-1, I just started jumping and forgot about everything else.  It was awesome.  My double unders weren’t the best on Friday night, but they were okay.  I was amazed at how heavy that 55lbs felt on the snatch.  I kept trying to remind myself to use good form, which did make the lifts easier.  At the end I was just doing everything I could to get it overhead.  Not all the reps were pretty, but they all counted!  In the end…this is how it looked:

photo (8)

My goal was to get over 200, so I think 226 is awesome.

For me, the best part of the Open Throwdown on Friday night was watching the coaches do the WOD.  Once all the CrossFit members had done the workout, the coaches got ready to go.  The girls went first and it was absolutely amazing to watch.  They are just so good!  They all flew through the double unders, no problem.  And they threw that bar over their heads like it was nothing.  Of course, as they got further into the WOD, there were a few trips on the rope and the bar got heavier…just like it did for the rest of us…but they were able to push through it.  After the girls, it was time for the guys.  Their form was amazing and they were so FAST!  You could hardly see the rope when they were doing their double unders.  It was inspiring to watch.  One day, if I can be half as good as them, I will be a very happy CrossFitter!

Now, it is back to regular WODs  for me on Monday and Wednesday, waiting for the announcement of 14.2 on Thursday night, and then doing 14.2 on Friday.  I hope to be able to go to the Throwdown again, but that will all depend on how organized I am for my March Break ski trip to Vermont.  I leave Saturday morning, and may not have 3 hours to spend at the Box Friday night doing and watching the WOD.  I hope I can, since it really was fun.

Did you do 14.1?
How did it go?


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