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Psyching Myself Up For 14.5

I have pretty much been freaking out about tonight’s 14.5 WOD since it was announced last night.
14.5 wod

Thankfully I was able to distract myself with work for a good part of the day, but since I got home from work around 3:30, I have been getting more and more anxious about this killer WOD.

It’s just Thrusters and Burpees…but it’s lots of them, and the thrusters are at a weight that I’ve only done a few sets at 55# before.  I have been watching a few videos for tips on how to make the thrusters easier.  Hopefully some of them will have sunk in and I can put them into action when it’s my turn for the workout.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the burpees will be the best part of this workout!  and that is INSANE!

I have no expectation about my finish time.  I will be happy if I can actually make it to the end of the WOD.  I just have to remember…
I can do hard things

I’ll update later and let you know how it goes!

Wish me luck!



14.5 was announced tonight.  No great shocker it is thrusters and burpees…and lots of them.

No time limit!  I may be spending the whole night at CFNC trying to finish this bad boy.

I need to go to bed and pray to the CrossFit Gods that by 6:30 tomorrow night I can suddenly do a 65# thruster.

I’M FREAKING OUT!!!  I wish I was 55 years old…I might have half a chance.


I’ve Been Doing This For Two Years!

I realized the other day that I missed my 2 year blogiversary.  March 4, 2012 was my first post.  At that point, I wasn’t “public” yet. I hadn’t shared my blog or linked it to Facebook or Twitter yet.  I was just writing for me to keep track of my half marathon training and keep myself accountable as I tried to move to eating clean. 

Apparently I have published 476 posts. I was quite a bit more regular with my posts in my first year.  Lately I seem to be busy with work, home and CrossFit and just don’t get to posting as much as I did before.  Oh well…I can live with that!

So, onward with post 468!

I had a very busy CrossFit week:

  • Sunday: Open 14.3 WOD
  • Monday:  Regular class
  • Wednesday:  Regular class (learned how to do toes to bar!)
  • Friday: Open 14.4 WOD – good thing I learned how to do T2B on Wed! 
  • Saturday:  Regular class

Wednesday’s class was a good one with strength work of back squats and box jumps.  I didn’t push it too much on the back squats since I was still sore from the WODs on Sunday and Monday, but my back squats felt good and I got up to a few reps at 34 inch box jumps.  Thank god we have the soft boxes, otherwise I would have messed my shins up huge since I missed a few times!

The MetCon was a ladder of Toes to Bar and Shoulders to Overhead – 3, 3, 5, 5, 7, 7, etc.  Rx was 75 lbs for the S2O and I actually did RX.  I was thinking about just doing 65 but I asked Coach Sav what she thought and she said I should do Rx…so I did…and I could!  They were a challenge, but I did them solid for the whole WOD.  The T2B were a bit of a challenge, since I’ve never really been able to do them before. Most of the time when they were in a WOD I would do knees to elbows, which often deteriorated to knees to anywhere.  Wednesday something seemed to click and I finally got “the flick” that gets your toes up to the bar.  And by the end of the WOD I was even linking a few.  I think I got through the round of 7 and started on the round of 9, getting about 5 T2B. 

It’s perfect timing that I figured out toes to bar on Wednesday…because Open 14.4 was loaded with them:

I signed up for the Open Throwdown again and got to the gym early to warm up.  I also got there early because I just couldn’t sit around at home and wait anymore.  I was starting to panic a bit and was just getting so nervous, so figured I might as well just go and warm up and try not to think about it.  I ended up being in the second heat, so had time to watch other people do the WOD and stress some more! 

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to do on this WOD.  I was hoping to get to the wall balls, but since I just learned connected T2B, I wasn’t even sure I would finish those.  Then when I was watching the heat before me go, there were so many people who didn’t get very far on the T2B at all, which made me just want to finish the toes to bar.

The row went well and I was done 60 cals in around the 3.5 to 4 minute mark.  That left lots of time for the toes to bar.  I started out not too badly.  I linked a few sets of three T2B in a row together, but soon I became pretty tired and had a couple of no reps (which sucked HUGE) and I struggled to crank out singles. 

In the end, I was able to get 30 toes to bar, which gave me an overall score of 90.  Not great, but better than I would have been had this WOD been last week before I knew how to do good toes to bar!  Now I wait until score entry deadline to see how I start up against the world.  Hopefully we will do this WOD again at some point this year and I will be able to compare my scores and hopefully see some improvement. 

Since I bumped up to 4 CrossFit classes a week, and scheduling worked out, I was able to go to class again this morning.  Here’s what was in store this morning:
wod march 22

The strength WOD was great.  That was a lot of front squats with sets of 10.  Front squats aren’t my best since I tend to drop my elbows and pitch forward, so I really worked on getting my elbows high and keeping my chest tall.  They felt great!  I did 35-55-65-70-75 lb sets.  Not the most weight I’ve ever done, but every rep was done with great form. 

After each set of front squats we had to do max effort push-ups.  I was excited about this since one of my goals for the year was 10 unbroken RX push-ups and I haven’t been doing them that often.  For my 5 sets, I did all RX perfect form CrossFit push-ups and was able to do reps of 10-10-10-8-10.  I was super pumped to be able to check that goal off my list.  I felt strong and Coach Ryan even commented that they were “awesome” form, so that made me very happy. 

After the strength we moved right into the MetCon. I was pretty sure I couldn’t go RX since my back is still a bit tweaky from 14.3.  I set up my bar with 105lbs and did a few test reps.  They were okay, but I could feel my back.  I did my Air Dyne 10 cals (which didn’t suck as badly as I though it would) and then did the burpees, which also weren’t so bad since I learned the hip flick trick a few weeks ago.  The deadlifts were hard.  I got through about 5 and my back was killing. Ryan said not to push it.  Instead, he set up a rack for me and took some weight off my bar and I did back squats instead.  It was a great leg workout after all the front squats in the strength work earlier.  In the end it took me 14:40 to finish my 4 rounds.  Not the best time, but I felt like I had a great workout today.

Tomorrow is a rest day…wohoo!  I’m going to watch my son play hockey, do some menu planning and grocery shopping, and hopefully some shopping at the Adidas/Reebok employee store with a 50% coupon I got from CrossFit.  Hubby needs some new fairway woods and I’m always on the lookout for workout clothes. 

How was your Saturday?

How did you do on 14.4? 


50 Way’s To Get Better At Crossfit?!? Bring them!

Awesome, simple tips…can’t wait to apply them soon.



This was found at

Like normal when I find something random I like on the web I like to share with all my followers. I have the web-sight above if you want to check out more stuff from I can’t wait to start doing a handful of this stuff! 🙂


Your Task:
Read the list and choose tips that resonate with you. Next, implement hard and watch as you get better!

1.Gear up. Get oly shoes, some inov-8s or nano’s, a speed rope, some wrist wraps, and some good workout clothes

2.Lift heavy weights regularly. Don’t just stay in comfortable 70% zones. Push your limit…which leads perfectly to 3…

3.Use a spotter and FAIL. If you aren’t missing reps you aren’t training hard enough. Period.

4. Work mobility A LOT. Before, After, During

5. Take your training seriously.

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My Achy Breaky Body

Hello there!

I’m back from March Break and right back into my hectic life.

Our week of skiing at Okemo was AMAZING!  We had the best conditions in years.  There was so much snow.  Wednesday there was a giant storm and there was at least 12 inches of new snow.  It was crazy.  It was snowing so hard, when the kids came in for lunch and took off their skis and left them beside the condo, when they went back out about an hour later, there was about 4-6 inches of snow burying their skis and boards.  It was insane!

I was so busy skiing and boarding that I didn’t even think about writing a blog post. And my dumb iPhone kept shutting down from getting cold so I couldn’t take any pics of us on the hill.  (I really need to go to the Apple Store and see what’s going on with my phone as I need to charge it at least twice a day or it dies…ugh).

One pic I did get was after I came off the hill on Wednesday at lunch time. I was boarding Wednesday morning and took a spectacular wipe out.  I have no idea how I did it, but I smashed my right knee something fierce. It brought tears to my eye, I hit it so hard.  Thank God I was wearing volleyball knee pads or I think I would still be on the hill or would have been hauled down in a toboggan by ski patrol.  Here is the aftermath of my wipe out:
photo (9)

It’s not the greatest pic…but you get the idea…it was a mess.  It still hurts today, not where the bruise is at all, but all to the left of the knee cap, down towards the bruise.  Hopefully it stops hurting soon…it’s impacting my CrossFit WODs..more on that later!

After 6 great days of skiing, we got home Saturday night…and then I was off to CrossFit Sunday morning to do 14.3 as it would be the only chance I had to do it before the deadline.  When the WOD was announced, I was happy to see it because I could do deadlifts and box jumps no problem.  What I didn’t take into account was how tired my legs would be from 6 days of skiing.  I was not happy with my score, but there was nothing I could do about it.  I’m pretty sure if my legs weren’t dead I would have done better…but it is what it is and I got 67 lousy reps Sad smile  I also got a very sore back, since my legs were so tired I had pretty shitty form.  Ugh…

Monday night I was back to my regular schedule and my usual 8:30 class.  I was feeling my back, so was happy we started class with lots of stretching.  We did some shoulder press strength work and I felt pretty good.  Coach gave us a tip to make everything tight – start at your toes and squeeze everything from there up.  It worked very well and I felt good working through the 5-5-3-3-1-1 adding weight every time.  I got up to 70# and think I could have done more, but ran out of time as we needed 20 mins for the MetCon WOD…Cindy!


We had done Cindy in the summer so I had a benchmark to go against.  Back in June I used a thick green band, did push-ups from my knees and did 10+25.  Last night I used a thinner purple band for the pull-ups and used a thin black band off a rack for the push-ups.  I would have done them off my knees again…but I couldn’t put any weight on my knee without it hurting.  Both I think we tougher options than back in June and I got 2 more rounds!  Last night my score was 12+25.  I did that last round of squats as fast as I could, but still didn’t manage to finish them. Bummer!

All of this exercise – the skiing, 14.3 and Cindy – has left my body full of aches.  So it was great timing that I had a massage tonight!  It was awesome…I only wish it was for more than an hour.  It was a good hour and I do feel better.  Only 3 weeks until my next one!

Now, I’m watching “House of Cards” and thinking I really should go to bed. I’m back at the Box tomorrow and need all the energy I can muster…it’s gonna be another tough one!
march 19 wod

Are you sore from 14.3?

Any predictions for 14.4?  I have a feeling we will see wall balls and burpees.


The Friday Five

Hello all.  Happy Friday, happy weekend, and happy vacation for me!


Let’s get right to it!

1.  I am officially on vacation!  Wohoo!!!!!  We are off to Vermont for our annual March Break ski trip to Okemo.  This will be our 6th or 7th year going.  We’ve got a great group going that may even be getting bigger as I type as friends of ours are seeing if they can book something last minute and come too.  It is going to so much fun.  This is one of our best weeks of the year.  The hill is awesome, we have a fantastic room, the hot tub is just outside our building, and the snow is going to be the best we’ve had for a few years. We are packing the truck and loading everything up so we can head out bright and early tomorrow morning.  We start skiing Sunday afternoon and I CAN’T WAIT!!!  It’s #OkemoTime! 
okemo time
2.  Today was the last day of the Whole Life ChallengeThe GroundWorx group will be doing the final WOD tomorrow morning.  Since I will be heading to Vermont, I did the workout this morning.  It was the same workout we did 8 weeks ago:
wlc wod

In the preliminary WOD, my score was 238.  My final score was 247…so a slight improvement.  My calories weren’t as good time on the bike (my legs were still feeling the squat WOD I had on Wednesday night).  Last time I got 44 cals, this time just a few shy. This time I was able to do more reps of the rest of it though.  Prelim WOD I made it to 69 push-ups.  Today I got to some improvement there.  By the end of the 11 minutes, my shoulders were toast…they were burning like mad.  Overall I’m pretty happy with the WOD.  I improved, not by a huge amount, but a little bit better, which is going in the right direction.  We also had to take our measurements – waist and hips. I lost 3 inches off my waist, and 2 off my hips…and I think that’s fantastic! 

Overall, I’m happy with how my Challenge went.  I was very good with my eating, found lots of great new recipes, resisted temptation MANY times, and saw improvements in my workout, measurements and even dropped 8 lbs on the scale. 

Now, the trick will be to keep going with these new, healthy habits now that we aren’t checking in online daily.  I know with our March Break trip, my eating will not be perfect and I will be enjoying a few cold Coronas when I come off the hill each day, but I will do my best and not stress over it.  I will get back to clean/paleo/challenge eating when we get back home. 

3.  I did 14.2 tonight.  This WOD was not meant for me:

I have never done 10 reps at 65lbs in total, let alone in a row, and I can’t do C2B pull-ups.  We spent a good part of class stretching and warming up for the WOD.  In warm-up I did try 65lbs and was able to do it with good form.  I only did 2 in warm-up since I didn’t want to use my good reps when they didn’t count.  We also warmed up our pull-ups.  I attempted some C2B in the warm-up, but barely got my chin over the bar.  I wasn’t too worried about it.  My goal for the WOD was to get through the first 10 OHS.

When it came time for the WOD, I did 8 great OHS in a row.  Number 9 was dicey, and I didn’t get low enough so it was a no-rep.  I dropped the bar and regrouped.  I didn’t want to try snatching that much weight up, so I cleaned and pressed overhead, then lowered to behind my head, adjusted my grip to the wider snatch grip and them pressed up into the overhead position.  I kept thinking “keep it all tight” and managed 2 good, clean OHS to get to my 10!  I had about 1:45 left to try to get a C2B.  I got close, but it didn’t happen Sad smile.  After the time was up, I kept trying and on my third or 4th extra try I GOT IT!  I felt the bar touch my chest!  It was awesome!  Smile I tried to do another one, but never quite got it again.  That’s okay.  At least now I can say I’ve done 1 Chest to Bar pull-up.  It’s too bad I didn’t get it during the 3 minutes of the WOD as I’m thinking that 1 C2B rep will be a big rep in the scores.  Oh well.  I’m happy with my 10.

4.  I’m on vacation!

5. I’M ON VACATION!!!  For the next week, you can find me on one of these trails…if in doubt, check WarDance.  It’s my favourite trail on the mountain.  It’s often closed for racing, so whenever it’s open I’m on it!

Now I need to go finish packing.  We head out tomorrow morning at 8am. 

I will try to post a bit while I’m away, but no guarantees. If you want to see what I’m doing, be sure to follow me on Instagram @collerhead as I’m sure I will be posting pictures…it’s just so easy!

Did you do 14.2?  How did it go?


CrossFit Open 14.2 Announcement

Tonight was the big announcement for 14.2.  Like everyone else competing in the games, I was anxious to see what this week’s Open WOD would be.

Tonight was also my hockey night, so I didn’t get to watch the announcement live, or watch Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Talayna Fortunato go head to head with the workout.  But, as soon as I walked in the door, I headed straight to my laptop to see what the 14.2 WOD would be..and here’s what I found:


I have to say…this is not a good WOD for me. I should be able to do the overhead squats, but it won’t be easy. 65lb is the max OHS I have ever done and I’ve only done 10 of them in total at that weight.  I’m hopeful that tomorrow I will be able to do 10 in a row.  And that might be the end of my workout.  I have never done a chest to bar pull-up without a band.  The only pull-up I can do unassisted is a kipping pull-up, but I don’t get my chest to the bar.  I guess tomorrow will be an interesting WOD…if I can get just one C2B pull-up I will be thrilled.  I guess I will spend some time tomorrow searching for YouTube videos about how to do a C2B pull-up. 

Aside from tomorrow being the day I will do 14.2, it will also be the last day of my Whole Life Challenge.  Since I will be away when the group is doing the finale WOD on Saturday, I will be doing mine tomorrow morning.  I was a bit worried that doing the WLC finale WOD might impact my performance on the Open WOD that I will do later in the afternoon.  Now that I’ve seen the Open WOD, I won’t have to worry about that being a problem.  I’m pretty sure I will be taking a 10 as my score for the Open WOD, and the WLC WOD in the morning isn’t going to change that.

Are you looking forward to 14.2?
Can you do C2B pull-ups?


March Blogging Challenge #2

Happy Hump Day!  Once I make it through today, I only have one more day of work before I am on vacation!!!

But, before vacation time, I have a few things to do…one of them being write this post for the 2nd topic in Fitness Cheerleader’s March Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Challenge.  Today’s topic:

Share 5 tips to fit fitness into your life.

I’m no expert about this topic, but here’s what has worked for me:

1.  Schedule it:  Put your workout into your calendar and treat it like an appointment or meeting.  I am able to book my CrossFit classes up to one week in advance.  Based on my family’s schedule and other things I have going on, my CrossFit routine has been 8:30pm Monday &, Wednesday, and 5:30pm Friday evening for quite some time. It’s in my calendar and I know not to book other things at those times if I can avoid it.  My family also knows that at those times, I’ll be at the Box.

workout meeting


2.  It doesn’t have to be a long workout, just get moving:  One thing I’ve learned doing the Whole Life Challenge, is it’s okay if your workout is quick, or even if it doesn’t feel like a workout.  The challenge had us to do at least 10 minutes of activity every day.  This can be anything that gets you moving.  On days when I don’t have CrossFit I try to walk for at least 10 minutes, or do 10 minutes of light exercise – things like squats, hip bridges, sit-ups, push-ups or anything else that gets me moving.  Other things you can do could be: go for a walk at lunch, park farther away from mall or store entrances so you have to walk further to get to the door, take the stairs instead of the elevator.  These are all little things, but if you do enough of them in a day, they all add up.
small steps, big changes

3.  Get friendly with a foam roller.  This was another thing with the Whole Life Challenge.  They wanted us to do 10 minutes of stretching a day.  I got into the habit of foam rolling for 10 minutes before I went to bed.  This was one of the things that I actually kept doing after my first WLC ended.  Every night, before I climb into bed, I roll around on the floor with my foam roller.  It hurts, I creek and crack, but it feels awesome.  I think the fact that I do foam roll every day help my muscles recover from my insane CrossFit workouts so I am ready to go next time I’m at the gym.  Check out this link or click on the image to be taken to the full infographic for how to foam roll like a pro from Greatist:foamroll

4.  Find something you love.  If you find a workout that you love, you will be more likely to do it.  I used to run…quite a bit actually.  But I never really liked it and every training run felt like a chore.   As soon as the race I was training for was over, I would stop running, because I didn’t like it and it was so hard for me.  Then, when I was time to train for another race, I would have to start from ground zero again, and that made it even harder.  It really wasn’t fun ever.  Eventually I decided that life was too short to spend that much time doing something I didn’t like.  Thankfully, that was right about that time that I discovered CrossFit…and I’ve never looked back!  I absolutely LOVE CrossFit and I look forward to every class.  I’m actually sad and miss it on days when I don’t go to the Box.
do-what-you-love-love-what-you-do-22978858 (1)Crossfit-heart-words

5.  Do it with a friend.  If you know you have to meet someone, you are less likely to skip out.  Or, if it is something you really don’t like all that much, having someone to do it with will make it better.  When I did run, the best part of it was the training runs that I did with my sister.  We are both busy with work and families, but we generally ran together twice a week – once for hills and once for our long run.  Hills suck…plain and simple. But, knowing when I got to the top of the hill, I got to run casually back down and chat with my sister, made them suck not quite so badly.  Long runs were just that…LONG!  We would regularly run for 2+hours.  They were hard, but we made the time pass by talking non-stop for the whole time. So, find a pal and get out there and do it!

Hopefully these tips will help you fit fitness into your busy schedules.

Do you have any tips on fitting fitness into your life?

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March Blogging Challenge #1- Happiness

Hi Peeps!  How was your Tuesday?  Mine wasn’t too bad.  I am in serious countdown to vacation mode.  I even decided to take Friday off to get in vacation mode a little early, so only 2 more work days for me this week!  Wohoo!

So, Janice over at is hosting a March Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Challenge.

Fitness Cheerleader

I going to participate in the challenge in hopes that it will help me blog a bit more regularly. Janice has the topics outlined for the month so I’ve got a set topics to blog about for the next month! Also, this is a Monday/Wednesday/Friday challenge, so only 3 posts a week are required.  This sounds like it is perfect. It will get me blogging more regularly, but the 3 times a week posts seem like they will be manageable.  I guess we will see! 

All that being said, I’m already a day behind in the challenge!  Yesterday’s kick off topic was:  Today (yesterday) is National I Want You to be Happy Day – What brings happiness to your life?

I’ve actually been thinking about happiness quite a bit lately.  Things in my life have been a bit stressful lately and I’ve been a bit bummed.  So, this is perfect timing for this post. 

Obviously, my husband and kids make me happy.  They are the 3 best guys in the world. 

Aside from them, and the rest of my family and friends, here are some things that make me happy:

  1. watching my kids play hockey – I look forward to their games every week.  The games are exciting and I just love watching them.
  2. CrossFit – it is hard and always challenging, but I love it.  My hour at CrossFit is one of the toughest but best hours of my day.  I can forget about everything else that is going on in my world and just focus on the workout.  Plus it is making me fitter and stronger and that makes me very happy. 
  3. our cats – they are crazy and they make us all smile.  I actually want to come back as a cat in my next life..they have it pretty good.
  4. skiing my favourite trail Wardance at Okemo….and I will be doing just that on Sunday when we kick off our Vermont ski week. Everyone in our house is so looking forward to this trip.  This will be our 6th or 7th year going to Okemo.  We go with a big group of friends/family and it is one of the best weeks of the year. 
  5. Starbucks Chai Latte – I haven’t had one in nearly 8 weeks…ever since my Whole Life Challenge started.  I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to that first sip when we hit the drive-thru on our way out of town Saturday morning!
  6. reading – I really like reading, but until quite recently, I wasn’t taking the time to do it.  One of my 2014 goals was to read 24 books this year.  Since I set that goal, I have been reading every day.  I just finished my 9th book earlier this evening and I will start my 10th in a few minutes when I head up to bed and read for a bit before I go to sleep.

There are many other things that make me happy, but since it’s late and I need to get to bed, I’m stopping here. 

What makes you happy?

Have you heard of #100happydays?  I’m going to look into it.  It sounds kind of neat and anything that helps us be happier sounds like a good thing.


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