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March Blogging Challenge #1- Happiness

on March 3, 2014

Hi Peeps!  How was your Tuesday?  Mine wasn’t too bad.  I am in serious countdown to vacation mode.  I even decided to take Friday off to get in vacation mode a little early, so only 2 more work days for me this week!  Wohoo!

So, Janice over at is hosting a March Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Challenge.

Fitness Cheerleader

I going to participate in the challenge in hopes that it will help me blog a bit more regularly. Janice has the topics outlined for the month so I’ve got a set topics to blog about for the next month! Also, this is a Monday/Wednesday/Friday challenge, so only 3 posts a week are required.  This sounds like it is perfect. It will get me blogging more regularly, but the 3 times a week posts seem like they will be manageable.  I guess we will see! 

All that being said, I’m already a day behind in the challenge!  Yesterday’s kick off topic was:  Today (yesterday) is National I Want You to be Happy Day – What brings happiness to your life?

I’ve actually been thinking about happiness quite a bit lately.  Things in my life have been a bit stressful lately and I’ve been a bit bummed.  So, this is perfect timing for this post. 

Obviously, my husband and kids make me happy.  They are the 3 best guys in the world. 

Aside from them, and the rest of my family and friends, here are some things that make me happy:

  1. watching my kids play hockey – I look forward to their games every week.  The games are exciting and I just love watching them.
  2. CrossFit – it is hard and always challenging, but I love it.  My hour at CrossFit is one of the toughest but best hours of my day.  I can forget about everything else that is going on in my world and just focus on the workout.  Plus it is making me fitter and stronger and that makes me very happy. 
  3. our cats – they are crazy and they make us all smile.  I actually want to come back as a cat in my next life..they have it pretty good.
  4. skiing my favourite trail Wardance at Okemo….and I will be doing just that on Sunday when we kick off our Vermont ski week. Everyone in our house is so looking forward to this trip.  This will be our 6th or 7th year going to Okemo.  We go with a big group of friends/family and it is one of the best weeks of the year. 
  5. Starbucks Chai Latte – I haven’t had one in nearly 8 weeks…ever since my Whole Life Challenge started.  I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to that first sip when we hit the drive-thru on our way out of town Saturday morning!
  6. reading – I really like reading, but until quite recently, I wasn’t taking the time to do it.  One of my 2014 goals was to read 24 books this year.  Since I set that goal, I have been reading every day.  I just finished my 9th book earlier this evening and I will start my 10th in a few minutes when I head up to bed and read for a bit before I go to sleep.

There are many other things that make me happy, but since it’s late and I need to get to bed, I’m stopping here. 

What makes you happy?

Have you heard of #100happydays?  I’m going to look into it.  It sounds kind of neat and anything that helps us be happier sounds like a good thing.


3 responses to “March Blogging Challenge #1- Happiness

  1. Oh have a great ski vacation! That sounds like a lot of fun!


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    Thanks 🙂

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