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My Achy Breaky Body

on March 18, 2014

Hello there!

I’m back from March Break and right back into my hectic life.

Our week of skiing at Okemo was AMAZING!  We had the best conditions in years.  There was so much snow.  Wednesday there was a giant storm and there was at least 12 inches of new snow.  It was crazy.  It was snowing so hard, when the kids came in for lunch and took off their skis and left them beside the condo, when they went back out about an hour later, there was about 4-6 inches of snow burying their skis and boards.  It was insane!

I was so busy skiing and boarding that I didn’t even think about writing a blog post. And my dumb iPhone kept shutting down from getting cold so I couldn’t take any pics of us on the hill.  (I really need to go to the Apple Store and see what’s going on with my phone as I need to charge it at least twice a day or it dies…ugh).

One pic I did get was after I came off the hill on Wednesday at lunch time. I was boarding Wednesday morning and took a spectacular wipe out.  I have no idea how I did it, but I smashed my right knee something fierce. It brought tears to my eye, I hit it so hard.  Thank God I was wearing volleyball knee pads or I think I would still be on the hill or would have been hauled down in a toboggan by ski patrol.  Here is the aftermath of my wipe out:
photo (9)

It’s not the greatest pic…but you get the idea…it was a mess.  It still hurts today, not where the bruise is at all, but all to the left of the knee cap, down towards the bruise.  Hopefully it stops hurting soon…it’s impacting my CrossFit WODs..more on that later!

After 6 great days of skiing, we got home Saturday night…and then I was off to CrossFit Sunday morning to do 14.3 as it would be the only chance I had to do it before the deadline.  When the WOD was announced, I was happy to see it because I could do deadlifts and box jumps no problem.  What I didn’t take into account was how tired my legs would be from 6 days of skiing.  I was not happy with my score, but there was nothing I could do about it.  I’m pretty sure if my legs weren’t dead I would have done better…but it is what it is and I got 67 lousy reps Sad smile  I also got a very sore back, since my legs were so tired I had pretty shitty form.  Ugh…

Monday night I was back to my regular schedule and my usual 8:30 class.  I was feeling my back, so was happy we started class with lots of stretching.  We did some shoulder press strength work and I felt pretty good.  Coach gave us a tip to make everything tight – start at your toes and squeeze everything from there up.  It worked very well and I felt good working through the 5-5-3-3-1-1 adding weight every time.  I got up to 70# and think I could have done more, but ran out of time as we needed 20 mins for the MetCon WOD…Cindy!


We had done Cindy in the summer so I had a benchmark to go against.  Back in June I used a thick green band, did push-ups from my knees and did 10+25.  Last night I used a thinner purple band for the pull-ups and used a thin black band off a rack for the push-ups.  I would have done them off my knees again…but I couldn’t put any weight on my knee without it hurting.  Both I think we tougher options than back in June and I got 2 more rounds!  Last night my score was 12+25.  I did that last round of squats as fast as I could, but still didn’t manage to finish them. Bummer!

All of this exercise – the skiing, 14.3 and Cindy – has left my body full of aches.  So it was great timing that I had a massage tonight!  It was awesome…I only wish it was for more than an hour.  It was a good hour and I do feel better.  Only 3 weeks until my next one!

Now, I’m watching “House of Cards” and thinking I really should go to bed. I’m back at the Box tomorrow and need all the energy I can muster…it’s gonna be another tough one!
march 19 wod

Are you sore from 14.3?

Any predictions for 14.4?  I have a feeling we will see wall balls and burpees.

3 responses to “My Achy Breaky Body

  1. leannenalani says:

    Wow that is one epic bruise! I got one like that from snowboarding, except it was it a different place that I would not choose to photograph. :p


  2. […] x-rays taken first thing this morning.  I hurt my right knee snowboarding last year during our March Break ski trip.  This pic was taken when I got off the hill shortly after my fall: Well, it’s a year later […]


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