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50 Way’s To Get Better At Crossfit?!? Bring them!

on March 19, 2014

Awesome, simple tips…can’t wait to apply them soon.



This was found at

Like normal when I find something random I like on the web I like to share with all my followers. I have the web-sight above if you want to check out more stuff from I can’t wait to start doing a handful of this stuff! 🙂


Your Task:
Read the list and choose tips that resonate with you. Next, implement hard and watch as you get better!

1.Gear up. Get oly shoes, some inov-8s or nano’s, a speed rope, some wrist wraps, and some good workout clothes

2.Lift heavy weights regularly. Don’t just stay in comfortable 70% zones. Push your limit…which leads perfectly to 3…

3.Use a spotter and FAIL. If you aren’t missing reps you aren’t training hard enough. Period.

4. Work mobility A LOT. Before, After, During

5. Take your training seriously.

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2 responses to “50 Way’s To Get Better At Crossfit?!? Bring them!

  1. mommygorun says:

    This is true of ANYTHING in life!
    What it boils down to to me is- get comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE!
    I especially liked “if you aren’t missing reps, you aren’t training hard enough”
    I think we get caught up in the “success” of doing things that we forget that in order to move forward and grow we really need to fail.
    Thanks for sharing this!


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