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I’ve Been Doing This For Two Years!

on March 22, 2014

I realized the other day that I missed my 2 year blogiversary.  March 4, 2012 was my first post.  At that point, I wasn’t “public” yet. I hadn’t shared my blog or linked it to Facebook or Twitter yet.  I was just writing for me to keep track of my half marathon training and keep myself accountable as I tried to move to eating clean. 

Apparently I have published 476 posts. I was quite a bit more regular with my posts in my first year.  Lately I seem to be busy with work, home and CrossFit and just don’t get to posting as much as I did before.  Oh well…I can live with that!

So, onward with post 468!

I had a very busy CrossFit week:

  • Sunday: Open 14.3 WOD
  • Monday:  Regular class
  • Wednesday:  Regular class (learned how to do toes to bar!)
  • Friday: Open 14.4 WOD – good thing I learned how to do T2B on Wed! 
  • Saturday:  Regular class

Wednesday’s class was a good one with strength work of back squats and box jumps.  I didn’t push it too much on the back squats since I was still sore from the WODs on Sunday and Monday, but my back squats felt good and I got up to a few reps at 34 inch box jumps.  Thank god we have the soft boxes, otherwise I would have messed my shins up huge since I missed a few times!

The MetCon was a ladder of Toes to Bar and Shoulders to Overhead – 3, 3, 5, 5, 7, 7, etc.  Rx was 75 lbs for the S2O and I actually did RX.  I was thinking about just doing 65 but I asked Coach Sav what she thought and she said I should do Rx…so I did…and I could!  They were a challenge, but I did them solid for the whole WOD.  The T2B were a bit of a challenge, since I’ve never really been able to do them before. Most of the time when they were in a WOD I would do knees to elbows, which often deteriorated to knees to anywhere.  Wednesday something seemed to click and I finally got “the flick” that gets your toes up to the bar.  And by the end of the WOD I was even linking a few.  I think I got through the round of 7 and started on the round of 9, getting about 5 T2B. 

It’s perfect timing that I figured out toes to bar on Wednesday…because Open 14.4 was loaded with them:

I signed up for the Open Throwdown again and got to the gym early to warm up.  I also got there early because I just couldn’t sit around at home and wait anymore.  I was starting to panic a bit and was just getting so nervous, so figured I might as well just go and warm up and try not to think about it.  I ended up being in the second heat, so had time to watch other people do the WOD and stress some more! 

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to do on this WOD.  I was hoping to get to the wall balls, but since I just learned connected T2B, I wasn’t even sure I would finish those.  Then when I was watching the heat before me go, there were so many people who didn’t get very far on the T2B at all, which made me just want to finish the toes to bar.

The row went well and I was done 60 cals in around the 3.5 to 4 minute mark.  That left lots of time for the toes to bar.  I started out not too badly.  I linked a few sets of three T2B in a row together, but soon I became pretty tired and had a couple of no reps (which sucked HUGE) and I struggled to crank out singles. 

In the end, I was able to get 30 toes to bar, which gave me an overall score of 90.  Not great, but better than I would have been had this WOD been last week before I knew how to do good toes to bar!  Now I wait until score entry deadline to see how I start up against the world.  Hopefully we will do this WOD again at some point this year and I will be able to compare my scores and hopefully see some improvement. 

Since I bumped up to 4 CrossFit classes a week, and scheduling worked out, I was able to go to class again this morning.  Here’s what was in store this morning:
wod march 22

The strength WOD was great.  That was a lot of front squats with sets of 10.  Front squats aren’t my best since I tend to drop my elbows and pitch forward, so I really worked on getting my elbows high and keeping my chest tall.  They felt great!  I did 35-55-65-70-75 lb sets.  Not the most weight I’ve ever done, but every rep was done with great form. 

After each set of front squats we had to do max effort push-ups.  I was excited about this since one of my goals for the year was 10 unbroken RX push-ups and I haven’t been doing them that often.  For my 5 sets, I did all RX perfect form CrossFit push-ups and was able to do reps of 10-10-10-8-10.  I was super pumped to be able to check that goal off my list.  I felt strong and Coach Ryan even commented that they were “awesome” form, so that made me very happy. 

After the strength we moved right into the MetCon. I was pretty sure I couldn’t go RX since my back is still a bit tweaky from 14.3.  I set up my bar with 105lbs and did a few test reps.  They were okay, but I could feel my back.  I did my Air Dyne 10 cals (which didn’t suck as badly as I though it would) and then did the burpees, which also weren’t so bad since I learned the hip flick trick a few weeks ago.  The deadlifts were hard.  I got through about 5 and my back was killing. Ryan said not to push it.  Instead, he set up a rack for me and took some weight off my bar and I did back squats instead.  It was a great leg workout after all the front squats in the strength work earlier.  In the end it took me 14:40 to finish my 4 rounds.  Not the best time, but I felt like I had a great workout today.

Tomorrow is a rest day…wohoo!  I’m going to watch my son play hockey, do some menu planning and grocery shopping, and hopefully some shopping at the Adidas/Reebok employee store with a 50% coupon I got from CrossFit.  Hubby needs some new fairway woods and I’m always on the lookout for workout clothes. 

How was your Saturday?

How did you do on 14.4? 


3 responses to “I’ve Been Doing This For Two Years!

  1. j!b says:

    Great job on the T2B… I haven’t done 14.4 yet… not sure if I’ll get to it. It’s the hubby’s birthday today and I don’t know if he’d be too excited if I pushed out his birthday dinner so I could go to crossfit.. we’ll see… I may need to try and sneak out from work early so that I can go. I remember there was a time when I was able to do toes 2 ring.. but the bar.. it’s so much harder! hehe


    • cathyo says:

      did you get to do 14.4? those T2B were killer. What do you think they have in store for 14.5? I’m thinking Thrusters will make an appearance. ugh… 😦


      • j!b says:

        I didn’t get to do 14.4.. but I had done a 10 minute row as part of the WOD last Thursday, so my coach said I could enter that as my score. Definitely want to practice my T2Bs. I’m thinking thrusters and burpees for 14.5.


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