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Stop Snacking on CRAP!

on April 17, 2014

I have been busting my ass at CrossFit, going to class 4 times a week, and adding in a mobility session each week.  I am finally getting used to my extra class each week.  The first few weeks of 4 classes a week my body was achy and tired.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still sore and tired, but it’s all good!

My main meals have been pretty good lately…especially this week. 100% clean and mostly paleo…and totally delicious.  So, that’s good too.

But…I can’t seem to stop snacking this week.  A giant bag of chocolate covered almonds showed up in the office kitchen and I have eaten WAY too many of them.  I nibbled on cheese bread while making dinner last night and tonight.  I’ve had more than one Nutella wrap when I walk in the door after work.  And I practically ate a whole bag of sweet potato chips while watching Grey’s tonight.

I need to stop snacking…or at least stop snacking on CRAP.  I’m working so hard in the gym, and then ruining all my hard work by eating too much crap.  This has to stop!


5 best ab exercises

Hopefully I find some will-power soon.

Have you got any tips for how to control bad snacking?


11 responses to “Stop Snacking on CRAP!

  1. j!b says:

    I’ve got the same challenge. I’m starting my second whole 30 on Sunday and I’m hoping it’ll help. I definitely need to reset.


    • cathyo says:

      I’m starting another round of the whole life challenge may 3rd. It can’t come soon enough! I seem to so really we’ll if I have a list of yes and no foods. Not sure why I can’t stick to it when not on the challenge. ???? The crap just tastes so good!


  2. but but but crap’s the best thing to snack on!!!


  3. jeklcox says:

    I hear ya! The last 8 weeks (since our challenge started) have pretty much been the only time in my life when I HAVEN’t had that problem! Do you maybe need to eat more, since you’re exercising more? I’ve just started my skating dryland season and I know I need to eat more now than I did when I was in “recovery mode” with just 2 CrossFit’s a week. So I made some “fun” healthy snacks. I know you have some good Paleo snack personal fave is the chewy granola bars from paleomom’s website…and (shhh, don’t tell anyone) I put chocolate chips in them. I also make paleo choc chip cookies, and keep both of those items in the freezer–they’re always there if I want them, but not right in sight. Of course, take this with a grain of salt…for 49.2% of my 50 years I’ve sucked at avoiding crap snacks! Good job on the increased workouts, though!


    • cathyo says:

      Yah, I wondered if I might need to eat more although most meals I feel stuffed…and then dig into crap shortly after anyways. Ugh. I just need to find some self control! I should get back to making healthy snacks that offer a treat without all the crap.


  4. I wish I had some words of wisdom here……buuuuuuut I got nothing! I ate half a bag if mini eggs last night :(! I blame it on the Easter Bunny!!


  5. I hear ya completely. I’m generally really good, but when the treats are accessible, my willpower SUCKS. I knew exactly what your post would be about after reading the title, but being at my moms today for Easter, I knew exactly where the cranberries and walnut were hiding and stuffed some in my mouth before sitting to read your post. Arg.


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