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Weekend Update

on May 4, 2014

Another weekend is coming to an end Sad smile.  Back to reality tomorrow, but before then, it’s time for another instalment of…
weekend roundup

FRIDAY:  I love Fridays.  It is the best day of the week!  The prospect of having 2 days off from work puts a smile on my face and the day seems to fly by.  This past Friday was no exception.  Work was good, I crossed lots of things off my to do list, and I even got home from work early enough to go to the 4:30 CrossFit class instead of my usual 5:30 time. 
wod may 2

I like push press and I like knees to elbow, so I liked the first part of the WOD.  The second part, however, sucked balls!  Wall balls are not my friend.  I don’t know what it is about them, but they are pure torture for me.  And I only used a 1 pood kettle bell for the swings.  I was the last one done, by a longshot.  Not that I care if I’m last, but I’m feeling like I’m sort of stalled or moving backwards with CrossFit.  I think  a lot of it has to do with my diet.  I’ve been eating like crap lately and I can feel it.  I’m not sleeping well, I hit “zombie mode” at 3pm again, and I just feel off.  Hopefully that get’s a kick in the right direction this weekend…more on that in Saturday’s summary.

SATURDAY:  I was back to CrossFit Saturday morning for a 9:30am class.  More good stuff:
wod may 3

I’m really liking our new programming that includes a tempo for every lift we do.  It really makes you think and regardless of how much weight you lift, you are getting a great workout.  Which is good, since as I mentioned above, I don’t feel like I can lift as much lately.  So, rather than get too bummed about it, I just lift what I can and focus on the tempo. 

The MetCon was killer…20 long awesome minutes!  I felt good at the end of this one.  I only used 55 for the Clean & Jerk, but I did the rest of it RX.  All pull-ups done without a band, and they felt good.  I’m getting better at my kip, getting through the bar with my shoulders…the “superman” part of it.  For the first few rounds I was able to do 5 in a row.  For the last few, I broke them into sets of 3+2.  I got through 6 rounds, plus 13 squats.  I was a sweaty mess at the end, and felt pretty good about how many rounds I did. 

After CrossFit, I was home for a quick shower and then we were off to Jacko’s lacrosse game.  His team played well, despite only having 7 players again, and managed a tie against a team with a full bench. 

Saturday also was the start of the next round of the Whole Life Challenge.  So, this means, I am back to eating clean, ditching sugar, dairy and alcohol, taking a supplement, working out and mobilizing daily.  We also have a lifestyle challenge that will change weekly.  For both challenges that I’ve done so far, the first lifestyle challenge has been to drink half your body weight in ounces of water.  This time they changed it up and we are starting with meditation.  So, I’ve got the mediation app back on my phone, and will take 10 minutes a day to try to clear my mind.  This challenge has come at a perfect time.  Hopefully it will be the kick in the pants I need to get back on track.

So far, it’s working.  We went to a friend’s place last night and I stuck to water and carrots while everyone else enjoyed crackers and cheese, finger foods and lots of wine, beer and some wonderful smelling liqueurs.  It wasn’t even too hard to stick WLC compliant…hopefully the next 8 weeks go as smoothly.

SUNDAY:  Today was a pretty laid back day.  I did meal planning and grocery shopping and even did a bit of food prep.  I’ve got breakfast lined up for the week.  I made some mini prosciutto wrapped frittatas.  They smelled amazing while they were cooking, so hopefully they taste great too.  I also made some sweet potato hash, which I haven’t had for quite some time.  Can’t wait for tomorrow morning so I can try them out.
photo 1 (6)photo 2 (6)photo 3 (4)
photo 4 (1)photo 5
My spiralizer got a good workout today…first with the sweet potato hash, and then with dinner tonight.  I made zucchini noodles with a meat/veggie sauce.  It was pretty tasty and I have some leftover for lunch tomorrow!
photo (10)

Now, as usual, it’s late and I really should get to bed.  I need the sleep lifestyle challenge to come up to force me to get to bed earlier.  Until then, I’ll just continue to be tired all the time.  It’s okay…I’m used to it! 

I’ve got a busy week ahead.  Ball hockey starts tomorrow, and golf starts Tuesday.  Can’t wait!

How was your weekend? 
Are you ready for a good week ahead? 


5 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. leannenalani says:

    Time to start thinking about the new week. I’m kind of excited because I have Thursday off as a personal day, but don’t feel fully prepared for tomorrow. Oh well, it all works out in the end.


  2. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy says:

    Whooaa! I LOVE this post! I love the pictures of the noodles and egg muffins and I love how much work you put into your blog title pictures(is that what it’s called?)

    Would you be interested in a blog hop/link up with me and maybe a few other bloggers?


    • cathyo says:

      Hi Linda..thanks! and I’m glad you liked the post. I have no idea what a blog hop/link up is, but it sounds interesting. Can you give me some details about what’s involved. My posts haven’t been to regular lately, and i”m not sure if there are daily requirements?? you can email me at happinessandskinnyjeans @


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