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Totally Random Tuesday

on May 20, 2014

Happy Tuesday everyone!   Here are a couple of totally random things from the awesome long weekend that I just had.


1.  I had ice cream not once, but twice this weekend!  And it was awesome!  Despite the fact that I am doing the whole life challenge and dairy and sugar are both no-no’s, I didn’t care, took the hit on the points, and enjoyed a couple of ice cream cones with my kids.  I am a sucker for Kawartha Dairy Death by Chocolate ice cream.  A scoop in a waffle cone makes me a happy girl!

photo 1photo 2

2.  My kid is too funny!  Sunday afternoon while hubs was golfing with some buddies, the kids and I met up with his buddy’s wife and kids in  Bobcaygeon.  We had lunch (I stayed WLC compliant Smile), wandered around the shoe store, enjoyed ice cream number one of the weekend, and then went back to pick up the guys from the golf course.  The kids still wanted to hang out, so we went over to our friend’s cottage so the kids could spend some more time together.  While we were over there, Jacko found an old bike and started riding around the yard.  The next thing you know, he has accepted a dare and this happened:

This was a profitable little adventure for Jacko as quite a few people said they would give him money if he did it.  Little do they know he would have done it for free!  In the end he made out with $28.  Not a bad afternoon for the little guy!  (Don’t worry, someone went in and got the bike out for him!)

photo (2)

How was your weekend?  Did you ride a bike off a dock?

Hope your Tuesday is Totally Random!


2 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. That was totally awesome!! Hahaha


  2. Brian_87! says:

    Oh my goodness this is crazy 😀
    Well, I am going to have a chocolate truffle today: just got motivated..!
    Plus will not try that stunt; the kid did that with quite perfection, Loved it 🙂


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