My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

Motivational Monday

I’m up at the cottage for the Canada Day long weekend and this quote seemed entirely appropriate.


Hope you find some time to relax!

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The Friday Five

Wohoo!  We made it to the weekend….and it’s an extra long one for me!  So, let’s get right to this long weekend version of the Friday Five!

1.  It’s an extra long weekend for me!  Canada Day (July 1) falls on a Tuesday this year, and we made the decision in our office to close for the Monday as well, and give everyone a 4 day long weekend!  Aren’t we great bosses! 
happy canada day

2.  I missed CrossFit today.  I was scheduled to go to the 1pm class, but I was too busy at work to leave early enough to get there for 1.  I’m a bit bummed, but not crushed.  The WODs this week have been killer, with so many pull-ups, push-ups, and kettlebell swings, that my arms are shot.  Today’s WOD had even more pull-ups and some handstand push-ups.  I’m sure it would have been awful, but I’m still a little sad to be missing it. 
bad workout

3.  My second week “in the Zone” has been much better.  As I mentioned before, I am doing a 6 week Zone Diet challenge with my CrossFit gym.  My first week was pretty much a complete failure.  I had a hard time balancing my protein, carb and fat intake to meet the block requirements and I was also just not getting enough blocks in.  I was feeling off and had little energy and was really noticing it during WODs.  I talked to one of the coaches and he suggested I push my blocks around a bit and eat bigger meals, since snacking was killing me, and see how that made me feel. I did that this week and it made a big difference.  I wasn’t hungry all the time and I’m starting to feel like I’ve got a bit more energy.  I do realize I need to get back to my menu planning and be sure I’ve got the right things in the fridge to ensure I get the right balance of blocks when I do eat.  I’m aiming for 4 block meals now, since I’m missing most of my snacks. Based on these examples, I will still be eating pretty well.
Zone meals

4.  I saw this video online this week.  It made me laugh as I always refer to organizing anything for my hockey team as herding cats…getting them all in the same place at the same time is nearly impossible.  Enjoy!

5. This will be my view this weekend! 
photo (34)

I’ve already asked my coach…a Corona is 2 carb blocks, so I need to be sure to balance it with 2 proteins and 2 fats.  Smile

Have a great weekend, everyone!’
Got any big plans?


Motivational Monday


Happy Monday, Peeps!  A new week has started and it’s leading into an extra long weekend for me.  I can’t wait for these next 5 days to fly by and then I am off to the cottage for a 4 day extra long Canada Day weekend!  Wohoo!

Despite the fact that I’m looking forward to the weekend, I have 5 days to get through and I want them to be good days…for diet and exercise.  Last week was a rough week food-wise for me. Many events (golf banquet, wedding reception, golf tournament) made my diet much less than perfect.

Today, I am recommitting to stay on track by eating clean, well-balance Zone meals, exercising every day, and staying focused on my goals.

commitment (1)
I’ve got some good motivation to help me stay committed…a romantic trip to St Lucia with my hubby for our 20th wedding anniversary at the end of August, and a family trip to Jamaica in September for a friend’s wedding.  I need to be bikini ready in 60 days!

Giddy up!

How do you stay committed after the mood has left?

Happy Monday!


The Friday Five

Another week down!  Wohoo! Let’s get right to it!

1.  CrossFit has been kicking my ass this week.  After last Saturday’s wicked workout, my arms hurt until Wednesday!  Then, just because they didn’t kill anymore, we did another WOD with kettlebells Wednesday night to fire them up again!   And just in case that wasn’t enough, here’s what today’s WOD looks like:
june 20 wod

Before the metcon we do some ring dips and pull-ups which should get my arms nice and tired before we even get to the KB swings and push-ups!  My friend Pam already did the WOD this morning and said it was rough…I can’t wait!

2.  I’m in a fun golf tournament tomorrow!  This will be our second time playing in this annual fundraiser tournament. There are 6 of us playing again, and it should be a fun day on the course.  This is a very casual golf event, with lots of Corona being consumed and we rock out around the course with our Bose blasting out tunes in our cart.  I can’t wait!
drunk golf
3.  I’m a Matchmaker!  In Sept 2012, I went to the Magna Hoe Down with a group of friends.  One of the gals in the group was single, so we were keeping an eye out for good looking men to introduce her to.  Well, I had a few drinks and went on a mission, cruising the tent for a hunky gentleman to introduce to my friend.  Now, the Hoe Down has a very big country theme to it.  There are more cowboy boots and plaid at this event than should be allowed in one room!  That being said, I did find a cute guy wearing a Roots sweatshirt, and after telling him he was very inappropriately dressed for the evening, I proceeded to drag him across the tent to meet my friend.  (apparently his girlfriend trailed along…i didn’t pay much attention to her!).  When I get said young man to my friend, imagine my surprise to find that they actually already know each other!  I won’t get into the details of that…but suffice it to say, the girlfriend didn’t last long and I am very happy to say that today they are getting married!  Happy wedding day, Nadine and Scott…can’t wait to celebrate with you later tonight!
nadine and scott

4.  The Whole Life Challenge is almost over!  And thank God for that.  I am not enjoying the challenge as much this time.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I love being accountable for exercising and stretching and I’ve even enjoyed the lifestyle challenges for the most part.  The one thing I’m not enjoying is the restrictions on what I can eat.  I know what good food choices are, and I would say I eat clean/healthy/paleo meals 90% of the time. Most of what is on the WLC “do no eat” list are things I rarely eat anyways, but for some reason, I’m not liking them telling me I can’t eat them.  i stuck to the challenge food guidelines pretty well, with the exception of some major events that I had going on and I knew going in I would lose all food points on those days.  But for the last week, I have been breaking rules all over the place and I just don’t care.  I am still eating healthy (see more in #5 below), but enjoying the odd piece of cheese or slice of bread.  It’s been great!

5.  My CrossFit is doing a 6 week Zone Diet challenge.    This is part of the reason why I’m not so into the WLC anymore…I’ve joined the 6 week Zone Diet challenge at my gym.  The zone diet is a way of thinking that has you eat protein, carbs and fats at every meal and snack.  Based on your body composition, you get so many “blocks” of each.  The majority of your protein should be lean cuts, your carbohydrates low glycemic, and your fats should be high in Omega-3/low in Omega-6. 
This is supposed to help reduce inflammation in the body and help improve performance.  I started  following this approach to eating on Monday and I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve had a few events (office lunch, golf banquet, the wedding tonight, the golf tourney tomorrow) that will make my first week in the Zone less than perfect, but I’m okay with that. That’s life, right!  Next week should be better as there isn’t as much going on.

Now, i just got home from CrossFit and I am exhausted.  There was so much arm stuff this week, it is all I can do to lift my arms to my keyboard and type.  I actually cancelled my class for tomorrow morning at 9:30.  I figure between being sore from today, probably having a late-ish night tonight with the wedding, and playing golf tomorrow afternoon, my body could probably use a sleep in and some extra rest. 

What’s on your plate for the weekend?

Happy Weekend!

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Motivational Monday

Happy Monday!

motivational monday

The start of another new week is here and I am still feeling my workouts from last week…especially Saturday’s. It kicked my ass.  It didn’t seem so bad on paper, but holy cow….it was tough…and awesome!  We started with some Romanian deadlifts that got my hamstrings firing, and then went into the met con:

june 14 WOD

I was so happy with this…I did Part A of the WOD Rx and actually made it all the way to the top of the rope 5 times!  Once when we were practicing and then 4 times during the WOD.  I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten all the way to the top before, and certainly never 5 times in one day! Awesome! 

For Part B, I subbed a blue .75 pood kettlebell for the yellow 1 pood bell since yellow is often just a bit too heavy for me and I knew we’d be doing a lot of swings.  Thank god I did, because holy crap, that 8 minutes was wicked!

I am still feeling it.  My shoulders and traps are still tender today….but you know what they say…

sore today strong tomorrow

And that’s what it’s all about!

I’m back to CrossFit tonight for some Bear Complex action….and then have a late 10pm ball hockey game.  No rest for the wicked!

Have you gotten to the top of the rope?  It’s pretty high up there, eh!

Happy Monday!

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Motivational Monday


Monday…a fresh start.  I can put my weekend of too much food and too many Coronas behind me and get back on track.  Today is a fresh start to eat right, train hard, be healthy, and keep working towards my goals.

today is your day

Be proud, everyone.

Happy Monday!

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Things From The Web

Hi all. It’s Thursday and we can see the weekend from here!  Wohooo! 


I’ve seen quite a few cool things on the web lately, here are just a couple that caught my eye this week. 

1.  I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page.  Coca Cola has invented 16 different caps that can be used with an empty Coke bottle to give the bottle new life after the beverage is gone.  Some of these look cool – too bad I gave up drinking pop in January.  Not sure if we in Canada, or North America for that matter, will get to try them since the campaign is launching in Vietnam to encourage recycling, and then will roll our across Asia.  Check out the article in AdWeek here

2.  One of my Alma Maters, Nipissing University,  is giving RUSH an honorary degree at this year’s convocation ceremony. How cool is that?   I actually didn’t go to my undergrad convocation ceremony.  I went to Canada’s Wonderland instead.  Looking back, I probably should have gone to convocation.  I was the first one in my family to go to university and my parents likely would have wanted to see me graduate, but I was young and dumb and thought a day of roller coasters would be more fun.  I did go on to get two more degrees and did go to both of those ceremonies, so my parents did get to see me walk across the stage in my cap and gown.  I suppose if RUSH would have been at my undergrad ceremony I probably would have gone to Wonderland the next day! 

that's Dr RushDr. RUSH!  Source:  Nipissing University Website.

Have you found anything interesting on the web lately?

Happy Thursday!

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Motivational Monday

Happy Monday, everyone! 
motivational monday

I had a fantastic girls’ weekend away where I ate too much, drank too much, and had way too much fun. I did not stick to clean eating or the whole life challenge rules, and I’m okay with that.  I knew when I signed up for this round of the challenge that I had a few events where I would lose all of my nutrition points.  Life is all about balance and I’m not going to torture myself and miss the fun because of this challenge.

I’m also not going to let a bad day or a bad weekend side track me from the bigger picture.  I’m going to put my bad weekend behind me a get right back on track with my healthy eating and lifestyle. 

This phrase captures it perfectly.


I’m eating clean today and making my comeback!

Happy Monday!
Are you making a comeback today?


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