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Motivational Monday

on June 2, 2014

Happy Monday, everyone! 
motivational monday

I had a fantastic girls’ weekend away where I ate too much, drank too much, and had way too much fun. I did not stick to clean eating or the whole life challenge rules, and I’m okay with that.  I knew when I signed up for this round of the challenge that I had a few events where I would lose all of my nutrition points.  Life is all about balance and I’m not going to torture myself and miss the fun because of this challenge.

I’m also not going to let a bad day or a bad weekend side track me from the bigger picture.  I’m going to put my bad weekend behind me a get right back on track with my healthy eating and lifestyle. 

This phrase captures it perfectly.


I’m eating clean today and making my comeback!

Happy Monday!
Are you making a comeback today?


6 responses to “Motivational Monday

  1. bezzymates says:

    Hey, life happens. Enjoying good food and friend’s company is a part of healthy living too I believe.


  2. j!b says:

    I planned on making a comeback but then 2pm happened and I ate a huge apple turnover. Ugh… rest of the day was pretty good. Trying again tomorrow.


  3. Jordina says:

    I did and keeping it clean so far 🙂


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