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Motivational Monday

on June 16, 2014

Happy Monday!

motivational monday

The start of another new week is here and I am still feeling my workouts from last week…especially Saturday’s. It kicked my ass.  It didn’t seem so bad on paper, but holy cow….it was tough…and awesome!  We started with some Romanian deadlifts that got my hamstrings firing, and then went into the met con:

june 14 WOD

I was so happy with this…I did Part A of the WOD Rx and actually made it all the way to the top of the rope 5 times!  Once when we were practicing and then 4 times during the WOD.  I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten all the way to the top before, and certainly never 5 times in one day! Awesome! 

For Part B, I subbed a blue .75 pood kettlebell for the yellow 1 pood bell since yellow is often just a bit too heavy for me and I knew we’d be doing a lot of swings.  Thank god I did, because holy crap, that 8 minutes was wicked!

I am still feeling it.  My shoulders and traps are still tender today….but you know what they say…

sore today strong tomorrow

And that’s what it’s all about!

I’m back to CrossFit tonight for some Bear Complex action….and then have a late 10pm ball hockey game.  No rest for the wicked!

Have you gotten to the top of the rope?  It’s pretty high up there, eh!

Happy Monday!


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