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The Friday Five

on July 25, 2014

Another week is done, and it’s time for…

1.  Joyanne finished 9th at The Games!  Friggin’ AMAZING!!!  If you don’t know who I’m referring to, see yesterday’s post Joyanne’s Games to get caught up.  The Day 3 events were tough, but Joyanne did great and represented CrossFit Newmarket Central, and Canada, like a champ.  Congrats, Joyanne!  You are my CrossFit hero!
Games finals

2.  I’m going golfing in Michigan in August.  Last weekend was my EWGA Chapter Championships.  I played on a scramble team with 3 friends and we won the division!  We actually had both Low Gross and Low Net scores, but it’s only the net that really matters, since that’s the score that takes our handicaps into consideration.
scramble C

So now, we are off to Michigan August 15/16 to play in the Semi-finals for the region. 

Not only did we win at the golf, but I’m pretty sure had there been a “Best Dressed” award, we would have won that too!  Don’t we look cute in our matching outfits!
chapter champions scramble

3.  I’ve discovered a new beverage – The Bevé!

During my ball hockey season, we all took turns bringing drinks after the game.  One of the girls was raving about the Bevé and when it was her turn, she brought a cooler full of them!  I’m not usually a cooler fan as I find they are too sweet, but OH. MY. GAWD!  These things are amazing.  Nice and refreshing and just a hint of sweetness.  I discovered these just in time, since my golf course no longer carries Corona Sad smile thankfully they do carry Bevé, so all is good on the course again! Smile 

4.  I’m checking out a new cookbook.  I’ve seen tons of reference to The Paleo Kitchen on blogs and pages I follow, and all reviews have been great.  Before I bite the bullet and buy it, I borrowed it from the library. 
paleo kitchen
It’s written by Juli Bauer (of PaleOMG) and George Bryant (the Civilized Caveman).  I’ve had a quick flip through the recipes and they all look delicious.  I’m thinking I may need to buy my own copy.  I’ve heard they have it at Costco, so I will stop in there at some point this weekend and see if I can grab one.

5.  I’m hoping for a relatively quiet weekend.  Last weekend I was busy on both Saturday and Sunday and it felt like the weekend flew by.  This weekend, other than CrossFit this afternoon and tomorrow morning, I don’t have anything else planned.  I’m hoping to get some menu planning done, go grocery shopping, and maybe do a bit of food prep.  I imagine I will watch a bit of the CrossFit Games at some point too!  Other than that, the big plan for the weekend is to relax.  I can’t wait!

Happy Weekend!

Got anything exciting planned?


3 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. Congrats! I love the matching outfits.


  2. […] You may remember that my scramble team won our EWGA Chapter Championships back in July…if not you can read all about it here.  […]


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