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Motivational Monday

on July 28, 2014


Happy Monday, Peeps!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I know I did!

Saturday:  cruise with hubby and my son.  Hubs on his motorcycle and the kid and me in our Miata…lots of fun.  We had lunch in Beaverton and then headed over to take a look at the Kirkfield Lift Lock.

photo 1photo 2

Saturday afternoon spontaneous blender drink party!
photo 4photo 3

Sunday:  menu planning from my new cookbook the Paleo Kitchen (I did go pick up a copy at Costco and got Practical Paleo too!)  Can’t wait to eat this week!  So many great recipes!!!
photo 5

Today’s Motivational Monday has to do with running.  If you’ve been following along since the beginning, you will know that I used to run…a lot. Then I discovered CrossFit and finally admitted to myself that I don’t like running, so gave it up.  The only running I do now is whatever we do for warm up (usually 2 laps around the gym building) and occasionally in a WOD. Well, tonight’s WOD has running.  We do this MetCon after doing the strength WOD of overhead squats and GHD sit-ups:

july 28 wod

I don’t cherry pick my workouts, so even though I won’t have fun, and it will be hard, I will do it.  We did a mile run on Saturday’s WOD too.  That was a 2 part WOD with Part 1 being 3 rounds for time of 400m run, 20 T2B, 10 back  squats…then rest 10 minutes and in a 10 minute window complete a 1 mile run and as many air squats as possible with whatever was left in the 10 minutes. Since my previous fastest mile was 10:31, I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting to the squats.  Well, when my 10 minute rest time was up I headed out the door and just did my best.  I ended up finishing my mile in exactly 10 minutes!!!  I didn’t have time for the squats, but I didn’t care.  I took 30 seconds off my mile time and I was ecstatic!  Now, tonight I get to run that mile twice and hopefully can keep that 10 minute pace and maybe even beat it.  Regardless, I will just be happy to finish and know that …

just as far

I won’t beat myself up when I am the last one done my mile.  I will just be happy I survived!

What’s your fastest mile?

4 responses to “Motivational Monday

  1. leannenalani says:

    What kind of cruiser does your husband ride? Mike used to have a blue cruiser looked like yours, I think it was an M50, Suzuki or something. Looks like fun!


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