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The Friday Five

on August 1, 2014

Sorry this is late…This post was started on Friday and completed on Sunday…oh well….that’s life! 


Happy Friday, kids!  While I am always a fan of Friday, I’m especially excited today, since today I start a week’s vacation.  After work tonight, we pack up the car (or probably 2 cars since we have so much stuff to take with us) and head to the cottage for a week. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

1.  I’m so looking forward to spending a week looking at this view! 
dock sunsetcorona view

2.  I’m loving my new cookbook “The Paleo Kitchen”.  This is the book by paleo foodie bloggers George Bryant and Juli Bauer.  So far, I’ve made 3 dishes and they have all been amazing! 
paleo kitchen meals

3.  I am not built for speed!  I already knew this, but this past week at CrossFit has just reminded me of this.  We seem to have had lots of running in this week’s WODs.  Last Saturday and this past Monday both WODs had 1 mile runs in them. 
wod july 26july 28 wod

For the July 26 WOD I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it to the air squats since I can’t run a 10 minute mile.  Well, up to that point I couldn’t.  Saturday, I ran the mile in exactly 10 minutes!  I know that is still really slow, but i don’t care.  I was thrilled.  It was not easy and I disliked all 10 minutes of the run, but I finished in 10 minutes!  Wohoo!  It’s the small victories, right!

Monday’s WOD of the 1 mile run, rest 8 minutes, run 1 mile again (hopefully faster), was awful!  I did the first mile in 10:31 and it sucked.  My legs, especially my left calf, were so crampy, by the time I was done that mile, I really wasn’t sure I could do another mile.  I spent my 10 minute rest time foam rolling my calves and hamstrings and stretching out my calves as best I could.  My coach suggested maybe I only do the kilometer run for my second part, but I’m stubborn and wanted to stick to the plan. So,when my 10 minute rest time was up I headed back out the door for my second mile.  It was not fun.  It hurt and I wanted to stop many times, but I kept moving and finished my mile in 10:37.  Not faster than my first, but not all that much slower considering how hurting I was.  I got high fives from everyone left at the gym – many had already gone home before I got back from mile 2 – and although it was awful, I was happy that I did it.

3.  August Mile-A-Day Challenge. I’m thinking of trying to run 1 mile every day during the month of August.  I think I must be losing my mind to even consider this, considering how much I hate running, but I think this might be the only way I get better and faster at my mile runs.  It will suck, but really, it’s only about 11 minutes of my day that it will take.  It will mean taking my running gear to the cottage for my holidays and then again to St Lucia at the end of the month, but I think I’m going to do it.  I’m pretty sure I can convince my friends to run a mile with me when we are up at the cottage, so hopefully I can start on a good note and keep it going all month.  Who’s with me?
August challenge

4.  We are prepared for our cottage week.  Along with clothes, sleeping bags, food, beer and booze,  and all the basic life necessities that you need when you go on a cottage vacation, I was sure to pack up a few special items for our week up north:
photo 1 (5)

That’s right…we brought our waffle iron and the Vitamix.  One of the girls coming up during the week found a yummy Cinnamon & Apple Waffle recipe from PaleoLeap that she thought that we should try for breakfast this week:

and hub’s blender drinks were so good, we wanted to enjoy them again this week, so into the truck went the small appliances!

5.  We also had to bring the cats with us for vacation.  One of our cats was put on medication the day before we were leaving and had to be given it twice a day for a week.  So, into the cat carrier they went and they too came north. 
photo 2 (7)

Ovie, the one in front, is the one who needs the medicine, and we couldn’t leave Crosby home alone, so they both came.  It was their first road trip and it wasn’t all that successful.  About a half an hour into the trip Ovie barfed all over the place. Thankfully, we were near a little town and stopped to get some paper towel to clean it up the best we could.  If that weren’t enough, shortly after that the poor guy had it coming out the other end too!  We managed to get him cleaned up when we got to the cottage, and he seems to be on the mend, but I’m not looking forward to the drive home in a week!

Happy weekend! 

Have you got any good frozen blender drink recipes we should try this week?

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