My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

August Mile-A-Day Challenge–Day 6

on August 6, 2014


6 days in and still feeling good!

August Miles:

  1. August 1:  10:34
  2. August 2:  10:05
  3. August 3:  10:14
  4. August 4:  9:44 
  5. August 5:  9:41
  6. August 6:  9:43 (cottage route)

Today I ran a little bit later, but still in the morning.  We had quite a late night last night, so it took a little while to get things going this morning. 

I had company on my run today…my sister joined me for my mile.  We ran my usual cottage mile route and we did it in 9:43, so no new record, but I seem to have settled into a fairly steady pace.  Hopefully I can keep it in this range, or maybe even just get a little quicker.  I guess time will tell!

Now I’m off to sit by the fire and cook a few s’mores.  We are having a great week up at the cottage with friends.  I’ll fill you in on all the fun later…I’m off to the fire!

Did you run your mile today? 
How did it go?  Feel free to share your time in the comments below.


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