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August Mile-A-Day Challenge–Day 7

on August 7, 2014


Another day, another mile!

August Miles:

  1. August 1:  10:34
  2. August 2:  10:05
  3. August 3:  10:14
  4. August 4:  9:44 
  5. August 5:  9:41
  6. August 6:  9:43
  7. August 7:  10:10  (cottage route)

Day 7 and I’m starting to get used to this!  Today I had even more company on my mile run. This time, my sister and one of our friends joined in for the mile.  We chatted the whole route and it was a nice easy mile.  Did I just say that…an easy mile!  God, this might just be working!

This wasn’t my fastest mile, but it was a nice easy run and I wasn’t even huffing and puffing when we finished.  Today’s time:  10:10. 

Now, everyone else is off doing something – playing at the park, picking up a seadoo, or dropping a kid back off to his parents – and I’ve just finished cleaning the cottage between rounds of guests, and I’m about to go outside and enjoy a nice cold Bevé. 

Cottage life is good!

Did you run your mile today? 
How did it go?  Feel free to share your time in the comments below.


2 responses to “August Mile-A-Day Challenge–Day 7

  1. Way to go!! I’m FINALLY onboard with ya 🙂 Pledged my commitment near the start of the month, but then my stupid back protested. Good on ya for sticking with it even while at the cottage! You’re my inspiration, no doubt.


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