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Motivational Monday

on August 11, 2014


Hey kids!  Happy Monday!

I am just back from a week of vacation and I will say that working for a living sucks! The only thing that makes going back to work bearable is knowing that in 12 days I’m off to St Lucia with my honey for our 20th wedding anniversary trip! 

This week’s Motivational Monday quote is a good one.

will you

This one really hits home with me.  If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve given myself the August Mile-A-Day Challenge.   A mile isn’t that far and I know I can run a mile a day, no problem, but will I?  The tough part is actually getting out there and doing it.

I was doing great while at the cottage on vacation. There was no schedule and nothing that really had to get done each day except sitting in the sun, hanging with friends, and enjoying a few cocktails.  Plus, I had company most days on my mile, which made it easy to get out there.

Yesterday we spent all day cleaning the cottage, getting it back in shape after a busy week with lots of guests, and I didn’t get a chance to run while we were up there.  Then we came home and I had zero motivation to run.  Thankfully, my hubby and kids got on me just before dinner (we ordered pizza!) and made me go run.  I ended up just going down to the treadmill in the basement, but I got it done!  I ran today’s mile this morning on the treadmill too, since I had a massage schedule for right after work and didn’t want to have to run after that…no sense wasting a good massage!


The last mile that I posted was Day 7…here’s how my miles have gone since then:

August Miles:

  1. August 1:  10:34 (CrossFit route)
  2. August 2:  10:05 (cottage route)
  3. August 3:  10:14 (cottage route)
  4. August 4:  9:44 (cottage route)
  5. August 5:  9:41 (cottage route)
  6. August 6:  9:43 (cottage route)
  7. August 7:  10:10 (cottage route)
  8. August 8:  9:54 (cottage route)
  9. August 9:  9:30 (cottage route)
  10. August 10:  10:00 (Treadmill – set at 6mph)
  11. August 11:  10:00 (Treadmill – set at 6mph)

I will need to run tomorrow’s mile either first thing in the morning or I will be forced to run it after CrossFit at 9:30pm or so, since I’ve got my golf league tomorrow after noon at 4:30.  I am really hoping I can get my act together and actually get outside to run tomorrow’s mile since I really don’t like running on the treadmill.  For me, running the mile on the treadmill was way harder than running it outside.  Not sure why, but it is.  Maybe that’s why treadmills are often referred to as dreadmills!

Anyone out there running with me?
How are things going?


4 responses to “Motivational Monday

  1. j!b says:

    Awesome job with the running. Treadmill running is never fun. I think because you’re not going anywhere. No change in scenery. I still can’t believe the time i ran a half marathon on a treadmill. Never again! Hehe


  2. leannenalani says:

    I already can’t wait to see pictures from your future trip! St. Lucia sounds like such a beautiful place.


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