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I’m Off To Michigan!

on August 14, 2014

You may remember that my scramble team won our EWGA Chapter Championships back in July…if not you can read all about it here

Well, today we leave for Michigan and the next round of the Championship.  We are playing in the Upper Mid East Semi-Finals this weekend at Twin Lakes Golf Club
twin lakes 2
twin lakes
I’m sure we will have a great time, and hopefully play some good golf.  Just as long as we can stay out of these monster bunkers!
twin lakes2

But, seeing as we are scramble, the chances of us having to play out of the sand, or any other crap, is significantly reduced.  Out of 4 shots, one of us should be able to get us a decent next shot!  Fingers crossed!

We are meeting up at 4 to drive down together.  We  have the rules meeting tomorrow at 1pm and we don’t play our practice round until tomorrow at 3:30, but we are going down tonight so we can enjoy a few cocktails and have some fun before we need to get serious about things tomorrow! 

Aside from my golf clubs, I am also packing my running shoes.  I’m hoping to get out and run my mile each day.  Saturday will be the tricky day as we tee off at 8:31 for our competition round and won’t finish up with lunch and awards at the course until late in the afternoon.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a run before we head out for dinner Saturday night (assuming we haven’t celebrated too much and I can still run!  LOL) If not, I will have to run 2 miles on Sunday when I get home.  (Which does not sound like a lot of fun!)

I ran today’s mile after my CrossFit class at noon.  I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed to run this morning before starting work.  Here’s how the last few days have gone:


August Miles:

  1. August 1:  10:34 (CrossFit route)
  2. August 2:  10:05 (cottage route)
  3. August 3:  10:14 (cottage route)
  4. August 4:  9:44 (cottage route)
  5. August 5:  9:41 (cottage route)
  6. August 6:  9:43 (cottage route)
  7. August 7:  10:10 (cottage route)
  8. August 8:  9:54 (cottage route)
  9. August 9:  9:30 (cottage route)
  10. August 10:  10:00 (Treadmill – set at 6mph)
  11. August 11:  10:00 (Treadmill – set at 6mph)
  12. August 12:  9:45 (through the neighbourhood in the rain.  I just couldn’t face the treadmill again)
  13. August 13:  10:05 (neighbourhood route:  not feeling the love on this one.  My poor old body is tired!)
  14. August 14:  10:04 (CrossFit route, after the WOD: squat 3Rep Max strength test and Death by Thrusters…my legs were NOT happy.  It felt brutal….but it’s done!)

I’m not sure I will get a chance for a blog post over the weekend, but I’m pretty sure I will post a few instagram pics, so be sure to follow me over there I see a beer on a golf course pic in my future!  LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Please be sure to send positive vibes to me and my teammates at the semi-finals! Smile

4 responses to “I’m Off To Michigan!

  1. j!b says:

    Sending positive vibes your way. Have a fun weekend! And awesome job on the mile a day challenge!


    • cathyo says:

      Thanks! I’m lying in bed in our hotel in Michigan trying to convince myself my legs aren’t killing from yesterday’s squats and thrusters and to go run. So far my bed is winning!


  2. leannenalani says:

    Positive vibes comin’ right to ya!


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