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So Many Pull-ups!

on October 16, 2014

I went to CrossFit last night for the first time since the weekend.  I was planning to go on Tuesday, but I was just not feeling it.  I was tired and had some stuff that needed to get done at home.  Plus, Tuesday is usually a day off from CrossFit for me, and I decided that even though I wasn’t there on Monday, since the gym was close for Thanksgiving, I would stick to my usual routine and take Tuesday as a CrossFit rest day.

That meant yesterday’s class was my first one in 4 days.  I was a bit nervous since I haven’t been feeling the best in classes lately.  I’ve been feeling like I’m stalled and not making any progress….and I hate that. 

Last night’s workout was:
wod oct 15

My back has been a little sore – I tweaked it at my first hockey game of the season picking up my bag after our game – so I haven’t been going too heavy on deadlifts lately.  I’ve just been focussing on good form and not stressing my back.  It’s getting better, but I don’t want to push it. 

For the MetCon last night, I used 85# for the deadlifts.  I probably could have done heavier, but didn’t want to risk it.  The part I was more concerned about was the pull-ups.  I haven’t been doing very well with them lately.  I’ve been needing to use a band after only a few reps.  Not good. 

When it came time to set up our stations for the WOD I grabbed a couple of black bands and got them ready on the bar for my pull-ups.  I tried a few unassisted kipping pull-ups and they felt okay, but I wasn’t sure how many I would be able to do in total.

When it came time for the WOD, I did my deadlifts without too much difficulty and then headed to the rig.  I hopped up and did 4 pull-ups (without the bands) and they felt okay.  I dropped and took a short rest and then hopped back up.  In the end I did the 21 reps all without a band!  I was exhausted but super pumped.  I don’t remember the last time I did more than 5 pull-ups without a band, so this was great.  I used the 400m run around the building to recover a bit and then back to the barbell for 15 more deadlifts.  For the 15 pull-ups, I actually moved the bands completely out of the way and just tackled them kipping 3 or 4 at a time.  I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing them RX.  Insane!  Another 400m run and then the final set.  Deadlifts were no problem and then it was back to the pull-ups.  Only 9, done in 3 sets of 3. They were not fast, but they were solid.  One last 400m run and I was done. 

Once again I was last in the class to finish, and based on times I saw on the board, the slowest person of the day….but I don’t care…

I DID 45 RX PULL-UPS!!!  Woohoo!


Tonight I’ve got hockey, so won’t be going to CrossFit.  I’ll be back at it tomorrow, when I see the has more pull-ups in it – chest to bar this time.  I can’t do C2B yet, but hopefully I will be able to keep it going and do kipping RX again.  Fingers crossed.

Does accomplishing something at the gym make you as ridiculously happy as it makes me?


2 responses to “So Many Pull-ups!

  1. Leapin Lizardz says:

    Congrats on the RX!!!!!!!

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