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Totally Random Tuesday

on November 4, 2014

It’s Tuesday.  Let’s get caught up on the random stuff going on in my life.


1.  We bought a new car last week and picked it up on Thursday.  It is a bright and shiny 2015 Mazda CX-5. 

It’s hard to tell it’s bright and shiny since it has been so dull and dreary since we got it!  Hubs has been driving it for the most part.  The CX-5 is a nice little SUV and definitely an upgrade from our old 2007 Mazda3.  Our 15 year old is quite excited about his prospects of driving the CX-5 in 10 months…oh boy!

2.  I wish my name was Elizabeth Gallagher and that I had some vacation time!

Basically a guy has split with his girlfriend and he has an around the world ticket in her name – Elizabeth Gallagher – that he is willing to give away.  He’s currently “interviewing” the Elizabeth’s to try to find one able to use the ticket.  Crazy, eh!

3.  I am addicted to zombies!  Hubs and I just started watching The Walking Dead.  We can’t believe we are watching a show about zombies, but it is so good.  Thanks to Netflix we are binge watching and are half way through the 3rd season.  I am dying to know what happened to set the whole zombie thing in motion and I really hope at some point we get the back story, but for now, I’m enjoying watching the group figure out how to survive from day to day.
4.  I signed up for WordPress’s Photo 101cropped-class-seal_seal-class-of-november-photography-2014The course started yesterday so I’m a picture behind already…and I’m not sure when I will get to do today’s picture either.  Yesterday was “Home” and today’s is “Street”.  I have ideas for both, but it’s dark now when I get home from work, so not ideal picture taking conditions, especially since I was planning on using my iPhone for the pics…although, maybe I should dig out my DSLR and maybe this challenge would get me to actually figure out how to take some decent pics with it!  Seems like a waste to have that fancy camera and always just use it on automatic. 

Hopefully i can get my pictures taken and start participating.  It seems like fun and a great way to find some interesting blogs to read.

How was your Tuesday?

I hope it was totally random!


2 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. j!b says:

    Nice new car! My tuesday wasn’t so random, it was work, home and crossfit.. oh and more work.. Well maybe it could be considered random… we had to buy a new washing machine 😦 That was random and definitely unexpected!

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