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Photo 101 Day 1: “Home”

on November 7, 2014

Slowly getting caught up on things.  I’m not exactly 100% satisfied with the images I captured today, but I will live with it.

One of our favourite spots at our house is our front patio.  We had it built the first spring we were in the house.  We spend lots of time out there when the weather is nice.  When the kids were little, we were able to keep an eye on them while they played.  Now we enjoy reading and just watching the world go by as we enjoy some time in the sun.

This spot looks much better in the summer when the bushes are in bloom and isn’t not so dull.

If you are ever in my neighborhood and you see us sitting out, stop in for a visit and a beer.  A nice cold Corona tastes just great in these Muskoka chairs!

Photo taken with Nikon D50 on automatic (i’m too afraid to take it off auto!)

2 responses to “Photo 101 Day 1: “Home”

  1. I Love the reflection of the clouds/sky in the windows. Very warm and friendly looking.


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