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Photo 101-Day 5: “Solitude”

on November 7, 2014

I still need to do Day 1: Home and Day 4: Bliss, but here is today’s image for Solitude.

jack fishing cropped

It’s not the sharpest picture since it was taken with my iPhone pretty much shooting directly into the sun and I’ve cropped it to try to make use of the rule of thirds.  Still, I really like this picture.  Jacko is a fun loving kid who loves to be the centre of attention, but he’s also happy just hanging by himself.

This picture of him fishing off the end of the dock at the cottage summer 2013 just makes me smile.

3 responses to “Photo 101-Day 5: “Solitude”

  1. I quite like the fact it’s not a sharp picture, I think it really works for the atmosphere of the photo!


    • cathyo says:

      Thanks. I thought so to. I like this cropped version better than the original. Hioefukky i can try to apply the ruke of thirds when im actualky taking pictures. Ive turned the grid on in my iphone cameras so hopefully seeing that is a good reminder.

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