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The Friday Five

on November 7, 2014

It’s Friday!  Phew!

Here are this week’s Friday Five:

1.  Today is the last day for the Whole Life Challenge!   It’s been a pretty good 8 weeks, but I am so ready for this challenge to be over!  I don’t want to feel guilty for having a latte or a piece of cheese.  I just found the food restrictions of the challenge a bit too much.  Dairy and wheat don’t bother me, so eating them once in a while won’t hurt me.  I generally don’t eat much sugar, but I’ve missed making recipes with honey and maple syrup.  So glad I can have some of my favourite recipes again.  Everything in moderation, right!

We have the final measurements and WOD tomorrow morning.  I know on the scale at home as shown movement in the right direction, but I’m more interested in my measurements.  Hopefully they’ve moved in the right direction too.  I will know tomorrow at 10am!

2.  I had a rough day at CrossFit yesterday.  I had a few medical appointments yesterday morning and since I was working from home I planned to attend CrossFit at noon.  My appointments, of course, ran late (sitting in a lab for an hour didn’t help that!), so I only had time to rush home and change into my workout gear and head to the gym.  I grabbed a banana to eat on the drive and off I went.

The strength portion of the WOD was 3×2 push jerk and 3×2 split jerk  After the warm up and stretching, my partner Joanne and I started working on our push jerks. We did a few warm ups with the empty bar and then started on the push jerks.  We did 65, then 85, then 95.  I managed the first rep of the 95 okay, and then didn’t quite make the second rep and dropped the bar. Together Joanne and I grabbed the bar to put it back on the rack…apparently I said something like “nope” as I got the bar up to the rack, so Joanne came over and grabbed the bar and I fainted and dropped to the floor.

I had no idea what happened and it was a little confusing when I woke up and there were 4 people hovered around me.  I guess the lack of food in my system, holding my breath during my lift and the quick movement of my head from down my the bar to up by the rack was just a bit much and down I went.   I was no worse for wear, just had a bit of a sore jaw from the fall and I bit my tongue a bit.  Needless to say I didn’t get to the split jerks and I didn’t do the MetCon.  Instead, I chilled on the gym couch, had a bottle of water and eventually ate a Larabar to get my blood sugar up a bit.

I felt okay, but just to be safe I skipped hockey last night.

3.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse,,, I get home from the gym and this happened:
sliced thumbYep, I came home to heat up my Eat Savage Butter Chicken, and sliced my thumb taking the lid off.  I was not impressed!  But the slice was totally worth it.  It was delicious.
eat savage butter chickenAnd their paleo naan bread it to die for.  If they sold it as a separate side dish I would totally buy it and make sandwiches with it.

4.  My husband sent me this video…it’s hilarious!

This is especially funny for me since I’ve been having a lot of large group conference calls lately.  It’s not quite as bad as this, but there is some truth in there!

5.  A month from today I will be playing in the first round of the EWGA Cup in Scottsdale!
ewga cup countdown

I really need to find some time between now and then to hit an indoor driving range.  Can’t let the swing get too rusty!

So glad it’s the weekend.

Got anything exciting planned?


2 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. Sandi says:

    Sorry about CrossFit incident and your thumb. Loved the video (as did my husband).

    Liked by 1 person

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