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The Friday Five – 15.1 Edition

on February 27, 2015


Happy Friday!  Another week down, and February is almost over!  Time is flying by.

This week’s Friday Five will all relate to the first WOD of the CrossFit Open.

1.  Workout 15.1 was announced last night.  I was playing hockey last night when the workout was announced.  (We won!  YAY!)  As soon as I got off the ice, I got on my phone and searched for the announcement.  Here’s what I found:

2.  At first, I didn’t think it looked that bad.  I can do all of those movements, not all well, but I can do them.  The biggest issue for me with this WOD is the 75# snatch.  I think the heaviest snatch I’ve done so far is only 65#.  At least that’s what it shows in my MyWOD app:

I may have gotten a bit higher than that (maybe 5#) since October…I will have to go back and check my WOD book I keep in my gym bag.   So, that 75# snatch makes me question my ability to do the RX version of the WOD.

3.  The scaled WOD looks very doable! The scaled WOD has a lighter snatch and ground to overhead is allowed, which makes it much more friendly.  Plus, I’m way better and knee raises than I am at toes to bar!
scaled 15.14.  My gym is doing the Open Throw Down again this year.  Between 6:30 and 8:30 everyone (or at least all the cool kids!) will be at the box to do 15.1.  We sign up for heats, get ourselves warmed up and when it’s time…we THROW DOWN!  People not in your heat cheer and it’s a great atmosphere.  Initially I was going to go to my regular 4:30 class and do 15.1 then, but I decided it would be more fun to do it with the group in the Throw Down, so switched my time.

5.  It’s now around 2 o’clock and I have a 4.5 hours to decide what level I will do – RX or scaled.  Right now I’m leaning scaled.  I will have a chat with my coaches and see what they say.  I’m not going to the games, so I don’t really need to kill myself with the RX version.  I’m pretty sure scaled will still leave me in a sweaty mess when I’m done!
liquid awesomeNow I’m off to have some lunch and then spend the rest of my afternoon trying to stay calm!

Are you doing 15.1?  RX?  Scaled?  Let me know how it goes!

Happy Weekend.

5 responses to “The Friday Five – 15.1 Edition

  1. j!b says:

    I can’t decide either. The smart thing would be scaled but at the same time I want to do Rx even though I would struggle with the toes2bar.

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  2. Leapin Lizardz says:

    Like you that 75# snatch would challenge me as would T2B. I may have been able to get ONE full round done! So I did it scaled and I stuck with all snatches even though they started to feel heavy! I am still a little sick and my lungs were on fire, had a lot of gasping for oxygen breaks but I got 139 reps in … and a 105# C/J for the finish! Good luck with which ever one you decide to do!

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  3. The 75# snatch had me opting for the scaled route as well. One of my coaches mentioned “I just don’t want to see you standing there staring at the snatch bar!”. That justified my choice. It was wicked fun! Hope you enjoy 🙂 (My hands still hurt though…) I got 178 reps and 105# c&j

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  4. Fat to Crossfit says:

    I’ve only been crossfitting three months, and obviously I do NOT do t2b, so I went scaled. I shocked myself at how many rounds I finished. I was hoping for 2, maybe three if a miracle happened. I got 4 plus 11 reps! And it was FUN! We had a throw down, too, with another box. That was the best time I’ve had in a while. I want to do it every Saturday!

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