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The Friday Five

Despite wanting to post more often, I seem to be sticking to my once a month updates ūüė¶ ¬†Life is just too busy. ūüôā

Let’s get right to it.


1. ¬†Golf has started! ¬†I love golf. ¬† I am horrible, but I love it! ¬†I may be horrible at it, but I’m actually much better than I was when I first started back into it a few years ago. ¬†My handicap now sits at 27.7 (much improved over 33.3 that it used to be!) and my goal for the year is to get it to 25.0. ¬†I’ve whittled a few strokes off my handicap every year. ¬†Hopefully I’ve got a few more good shots in me to drop it to my goal. ¬†We played a scramble format this week, so I didn’t keep my own score, but I had a number of good shots, made some nice chips onto the green, and my putting wasn’t too bad at all. ¬†I’m looking forward to getting out there once a week and chasing the ball around the course.
golf fetch
2.  Ball hockey has started!  
I miss my skates. ¬†There is no coasting in ball hockey. ¬†If you don’t run, you don’t move! ¬†It was nice to see all the girls again. ¬†Most of them I don’t see over the winter, so there was a lot of catching up going on in the dressing room. ¬† We seem to remember how to play, and we won our first game 2-0. ¬†We had the 10pm game, so there was no parking lot tailgate action this week, but I’m sure once we get rolling, parking lot Beves and Coronas will be happening!

20130710 - Womens Ball Hockey 2013 - Lt Blue (1)

The 2013 team…most of us are the same, with a few new additions this year.

3. ¬† My back is still not 100% but is slowly getting better. ¬†I’ve been seeing my physio guy twice a week up until this week, as I’ve graduated to once a week treatments. ¬†I’ve been doing my exercises and it feels pretty good. ¬†Once in a while something will tweak it and I’m reminded not to push it. ¬† I was worried about ball hockey since running doesn’t feel the best, but for the most part it was okay. ¬†I just kept my shifts really short and if it started to hurt, I went off. ¬†I’ve modified most WODs at the gym and hopefully soon I can start lifting heavier again.
if nothing hurt
4. ¬†I’m doing the Whole Life Challenge….again! ¬†
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done the WLC. ¬† This time, it’s a little different. ¬†My CrossFit is calling it the WLC+ and they have designed eating plans for us based on our workout frequency, body weight, and goals. ¬†It is a macro based plan, with assigned requirements for grams of protein, carbs, and fats per day. ¬†They are teaching us about fueling for WODs and eating for recovery. ¬†It is all very interesting. ¬†Based on this, I have to eat MUCH more than I usually do…which is fun, and challenging. ¬† So far, I have yet to hit my macro targets for grams. ¬†I’ve come close once, but most days I am way under. ¬†I am working on gradually increasing my intake to meet my targets. ¬†Hopefully by next week I will be there. ¬†I am diligently tracking my food on My Fitness Pal and constantly searching for high carb/high protein/low-fat food. ¬†Since I’m focusing more on the macro part of this, I am only doing the Kick Start level for WLC which is not nearly as restrictive as the other levels, so I can still eat rice, corn, and sugar in some prepared foods. ¬†It’s pretty much no bread/flour/pasta, no sugar in baked goods/coffee/candy – no chai lattes for me ūüė¶ , no beer, no pop (regular or diet) and no junk food. ¬†I’m okay with that, and I’m looking forward to the next 8 weeks to see how my workouts and body improve.

5. ¬†I’m on vacation!¬†As of tomorrow afternoon, you will find me on the beach in Cayo Coco, Cuba at the Iberostar Mojito! ¬†We are off for a week of fun in the sun with some friends of ours. ¬†It should be a fun time. ¬†The kids are all so excited – there are 5 of them between the two families so they should have no problem entertaining themselves! ¬† I’m pretty sure I will lose all my WLC nutrition points, but I’m still going to try to hit my¬†macros while I’m there. ¬†I’m not going to beat myself up when things go off the rails..I’m on vacation!!! ¬†I’m looking forward to the heat (although it is finally nice here in Toronto), the beach, the cold beer and the Mojitos! ¬†So, don’t expect a blog post next week…but I will likely be updating my Instagram account, so feel free to follow along there!
ibstar_moj_ib_beach_d1310_004Happy Friday!

See you in a week!!! 

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