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Happiness Update

on September 13, 2015


I’ve been officially working on my Happiness Project for a little over a week now, so I figured it was time for an update.  As I mentioned in my Happiness Project kick-off post, I started my project with two simple things:  Making my bed every day, and setting an alarm for bed.  Here’s how I’ve been doing with these daily tasks this past week.

Making my bed:  A+  I have been faithfully making my bed since I started thinking about my Happiness Project.  It is such a simple thing to do and it does make me happy to see the nicely made bed each morning as I head off for my day.  Now, I’m getting the kids involved in this one and getting them to make their beds each day too.  They really aren’t too good at this, but we’ve had a chat, and starting tomorrow, they are going to make their beds every day too. This will likely make them slightly unhappy at first, but I’m hoping that they will get the same happiness boost that I’ve been getting when I see my nicely made bed.  I’m pretty sure having them make their beds every day will also make me happier since instead of looking into their rooms and seeing a disaster area, I will be greeted by a nicely made bed.

make your bed

Setting an alarm for bed:  A+
Actually going to bed when the alarm goes off:  A
Getting my goal of 7 hours of sleep a night:  

Every night my alarm goes off.  Most nights I’ve been heading upstairs, getting ready for bed, reading a bit, and then turning the light out by 11:30, which was my goal.  The problem with getting 7 hours, is that I have been having the crappiest  sleeps!  Check out the sleep I had Tuesday night (my Fitbit calls it the sleep I got Wednesday).  I went to bed on time, got up on time, but actually got less than 6 hours of sleep with all the tossing and turning I did.  UGH.

crappy sleep
Part of the reason my sleep was so crappy Tuesday night was hubby.  He was snorting and snoring like crazy and I just couldn’t block it out.  Anyways, I had a horrible sleep and Wednesday was a rough day.  Thursday I still didn’t hit my goal of 7 hours, but i had a much better sleep (perhaps going to CrossFit and having a hockey game on the same night helped!).  Weekends are the best.  Not having to get up at 6:30am pretty much guarantees I get more than 7 hours.  I guess I need to win the lotto so I can quit my job and make every day a weekend.  Since that is not likely to happen any time soon, I need to keep trying to find a way to get at least hours of sleep EVERY night.

While I continue to work on these first two happiness tips, I am adding in a third of Gretchen Rubin’s Try This At Home Tips.  This was actually the first TTAH tip she gave in her first podcast: The One Minute Rule:

one minute

If a task can be completed in one minute, do it “without delay”.  Taking care of the little things will allow you to better deal with bigger things.  This is another tip that seems like it should be fairly easy to implement.  Anything that only takes a minute to do can’t be that bad, right?  Little things like emptying the garbage or recycling bin when they are full instead of trying to keep cramming more stuff in, hanging up a coat instead of throwing it over the back of a chair, putting things back where they belong instead of just leaving them wherever you finished with them.  I’m hoping this is another TTAH tip I can get my family involved in, since they all seem to be fans of leaving crap all over the place!  Hopefully if we all start doing this our home will be a little more tidy and organized, which will definitely make me happier!

Do you have any tips on how I can get 7 hours of sleep a night?  


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