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EWGA Cup Road Trip In Pictures

on September 24, 2015

If you’ve been following along, you know that this past weekend I headed to Connecticut to play in the EWGA Cup North East Regional Qualifier with my Grip It & Sip It Match Play team.  We had a fantastic time. Here’s a picture summary of our trip.

The plan was to meet at 3pm at one of the girls’ office close to the highway.  Well, as you can imagine, getting 7 ladies to show up on time is impossible (are a team of 8, but one of us had to work so flew to Connecticut Friday).  We had time for a parking lot beverage while we waited for everyone to show up and at 4:30 we were all loaded and ready to hit the road.


7/8 of Team Grip It & Sip It…about to hit the road.

We planned to stop in Lee, MA Wednesday night and do some shopping Thursday, before heading down to Connecticut. After a long, but good drive (crossing the border at Queenston/Lewiston, driving all the way across I-90 in New York State, and a brief stint on the Mass Pike), we arrived just after midnight at the Black Swan Inn, in Lee, MA.  Since I was the driver, I had some catching up to do, so I pretty much cracked my first beer as soon as I walked into our room!

black swan

Nothing like a nice, cold beer after an 8 hour drive!

While we waited for the other car full of ladies to arrive we enjoyed a few many cocktails, took a few selfies, and when the other ladies arrived around 2:30am we were not quite ready to go to bed…so many more cocktails were enjoyed and we finally shut things down around 5:30am…someone tried to go to sleep earlier, but they were unsuccessful!


Practicing for the 19th hole!

The morning/afternoon after:  looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to play tourist.


After partying until 5:30 in the morning, we didn’t quite get up as early as planned, so we decided to skip the outlet mall and just head down to New Haven and tour around Yale.  It was back in the cars for a relatively short drive to New Haven.  We ended up losing the other car as they stopped for gas and lunch, so we went right into New Haven and found a pub for lunch.   We all  enjoyed a burger, fries and a beer (well, since I was driving I had a diet Coke).
IMG_5232After fueling up we were ready to tour Yale.  It was pretty cool.  I was kind of expecting it to have its own campus separate from the town, but it’s right in the heart of the town of New Haven.  The buildings were very old and big! (Yale was founded in 1701!)  Outside one of the dining halls was a monument dedicated to Yale students who lost their lives in the war.  The dining hall was amazing inside.  All dark wood and row after row of tables for the students to eat at. It reminded us of scenes from Good Will Hunting or Dead Poet’s Society.  I’m guessing this would be a pretty noisy place at meal time with a couple hundred students in there all talking at the same time.

yale 2

We wandered around for a while and did what tourists do…took a bunch of pics and selfies!
yale 1We met up with our other team members in the Yale Bookstore.  I got t-shirts for hubs and the kids, and although I have a picture of the Yale Golf t-shirt, I ended up getting myself a Yale Hockey hoodie and a Yale ball marker, which I used all weekend in the competition.

After everyone had finished shopping we decided we needed to see the ocean, so back into the cars we went and we headed to West Haven and Sea Bluff Beach.  The water was really low so we saw some interesting creatures on the ocean floor, and we thought it was a sign that we saw a golf ball sitting there too!
sea bluff 1


The team, clockwise from top left: Cathy (me), Anne, Jennifer, Jane, Jacqui, Michelle, and Andrea. Just missing Kendall who was flying in later.

After we were finished at the beach, it was back into the cars to drive up to Wallingford, CT to the hotel we were staying at for the rest of the weekend.  It wasn’t too far away, check in went smoothly, and soon enough we were all gathered in a room having another cocktail.  Are you starting to understand why we are called Grip It & Sip It!  🙂

Friday we were playing a practice round at the course – Lyman Orchards.  It was a pretty nice course, with a few rows of apple trees between the 11th and 12th hole.  We all picked and enjoyed a few apples…and we may have enjoyed a few cold ones on the course!  I did not play my best game.  Shot a 113, but that’s with 12 – yes 12!! penalty strokes. UGH!
lyman 1Saturday we played the 4 ball matches.  Our team won 2 of 4 matches, earning us 2 points for the day.  Sunday was the singles matches.  We won 4 and a half singles matches, giving us a total of 6 and 1/2 points. (I did not win either of my matches, but they both went the full 18 holes, so I put up a good fight!)

A total of 6 teams out of the field of 16 got to go on to the finals in Kissimmee, FL in November.  At the end of the day, we were tied for 6th place.  They ended up going by quality of wins, where we ended up being the 2nd place team out of the 3 of us tied for 6th, so we aren’t going on to Florida.  😦 We were all disappointed, but we came close and had a damn good time trying!  And if there were a prize for best dressed, we would definitely have won it!


Kendall, Cathy, Jennifer, Jane, Andrea, Jacqui, Anne, Michelle. The best looking and best dressed team in the field! 🙂

The lunch and awards ended around 4pm Sunday afternoon.  No one was really looking forward to the drive home, but it went very smoothly.  As Jane said, I might have had lead inserts in my Converse, and we were home shortly after midnight.  It was a long drive and a pretty tiring weekend overall.  I feel like I’m still recovering!

Although we didn’t qualify for the EWGA Cup Finals, the weekend was a HUGE success.  I had a great time with some great friends.  We had more laughs than we could count, and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!


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