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The Friday Five – 5 Recipes I Want To Try

on September 25, 2015


Happy Friday!  I thought I would do a Friday Five, since I haven’t done one in forever!

This Friday Five is going to be 5 recipes I want to try.  I follow many food blogs and Facebook pages and constantly find awesome recipes that I save to my Pocket account so I can easily find them when I’m ready to cook.  Here are 5 recipes that I’ve recently saved, but haven’t tried yet.  (NOTE:  all photos come from the websites of the recipe creators)

1.  Slow Cooker Cheesy Mexican Quinoa from Chelsy’s Messy Apron
cheesy quinoa casserole

2.  Slow Cooker Cranberry Apple Chickenfrom the Lean Green Bean

3.  Spiralized Mexican Sweet Potato and Chicken Casseroleby Skinnytaste
Mexican spiralized sweet potato casserole-3

4.  Butternut Squash and Chick Pea Coconut Curryby Tasty Yummies
butternut squash chick pea curry

5.  Crock Pot Coconut Peanut Curry Chickenby Cara’s Cravings
crockpot coconut chicken curry

Looking at this list I realize two things…I seem to be getting ready for crock pot season, and I have a strange attraction to casseroles!

I’m thinking I need to add at least one of these to this week’s menu plan.  I just need to decide which one…they all look so good!

If you were making one of these recipes, which one would it be?
Do you have any great recipes you think I need to try?


One response to “The Friday Five – 5 Recipes I Want To Try

  1. […] I don’t have an exact menu plan for the week, but with what we’ve ordered, I know we will eat well.  I’m excited to get cooking!  I think I will try one of the casseroles that I mentioned here. […]


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