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My journey to a smaller jean size


on October 6, 2015

if you read yesterday’s post, you know I was very excited about doing some planning last week to help me get through this week.

planning chaos

Hubs picked up my Eat Savage lunches from the gym fridge on his way home from work yesterday, and Grocery Gateway was at our front door at 6am on the dot this morning.  I had food for the week and all was good in the world.

I had egg whites, English muffins, light cream cheese and ham slices to take to work to cook a yummy breakfast each day:


and I had my Eat Savage meals to work to enjoy as lunches for the week.  Today I had the butter chicken with Paleo naan bread:

eat savage butter chicken

This was delicious!  The naan bread is so good.  Every time I eat it, I’m amazed it’s Paleo.

After lunch I went into MyFitnessPal to log my meal.  I typed in Eat Savage into the search line, hoping by some chance it would have already been entered into the MFP database.  I was lucky.  It was there.  But I was shocked when I saw the nutritional info:

butter chicken naan

That’s 1010 calories and 67 grams of fat for the meal.  That’s actually more calories and fat than in a Big Mac Combo!

big mac meal

My lunch did have more protein (49g vs 30g in the Big Mac Meal) and less carbs (48g vs 94g), which likely makes it a better choice.  But that fat!  I was stunned.  This meal alone has put me over my fat macros for the day.  I’m only allowed 40 for the whole day!  This is going to make sticking within all of my targets for the day a bit of a challenge.  Here’s what my macro breakdown looks like so far today:

macros oct 6

I’ve only got 133 calories left, but still need 111g carbs and 29g protein.  I don’t see that happening.  I’m not 100% sure what’s for dinner tonight, but I can guarantee it’s going to put me over my calories, make my fat consumption even worse and probably not hit my carb or protein targets.  I actually think I should probably skip dinner and just have my post workout shake and dates to try to salvage the situation.


This will still put me over for calories, but only add minimal fat.

This was an eye-opener.  I ordered the meals thinking they would be better than going out for lunch.  Guess I should have checked the nutritional info before I ordered.  All the ingredients in the dish are good, it was just a little more calories and way more fat than I was expecting.  After discovering this, I looked up the other meals I ordered and they are all around what I was expecting (about half of this meal), so they should be okay.  I did order 2 of the butter chicken since it’s so good, so have to figure out when I can eat that without sabotaging my day.  Likely Thursday, when I have a killer CrossFit WOD and hockey on the same night, and don’t really have time to eat before I go to the gym.  That could work.  It will still be too much fat for the day, but I will need the calories since dinner will probably be a protein bar after my WOD on my drive to hockey.

So, seems like a bit of my planning has come back to bite me in the ass.  Oh well…I tried!  And I really do like the butter chicken meal.  I will think twice about ordering it again, though.

Has any of your planning ever come back to bite you in the ass?


4 responses to “Yowza!

  1. I find planning takes a lot of experimentation. It really depends on goals and lifestyle. Kudos to you for being so prepared for the week. That breakfast looks so delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! That’s crazy!

    Did Eat Savage input the data in MFP? It might be worth looking into. Thats a crazy amount of calories – way too many!!!


    • cathyo says:

      They did or someone did but it matches what they have on their own website for nutrition so I’m guessing it’s right. It must be the coconut milk and the almond flour.


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