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The End Of NaBloPoMo

on November 30, 2015

It’s the last day of November, and that means it’s the last day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). While I didn’t post every day, I definitely posted a lot more this month than any other month this year.   

With this post, I will have posted 24 times in November. I’d only posted 41 times from January to Octover combined, so 24 in one month is quite an improvement!  

I think one of the reasons I posted more often was that I started posting from my phone – my new iPhone 6s Plus. (I’m loving the phone, by the way!).  This meant I could post from anywhere (like now from the hockey rink as I wait for my son’s game to start) and for some reason I felt like I could write shorter posts. It just seems to make (almost) daily posting feel like less work. 

While NaBloPoMo month is over, I’m hoping I can keep up the regular posts…even if it is just cute pics of my cats. 😺. Here they are enjoying the box that my sweet new Roots boots came in.  They really seem to like it!

Now I’m going to hit publish and enjoy my son’s game.  

How often do you try to post?  


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